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Be Great In 8

VGCC decided to become a predominant 8-week institution to help students succeed, complete their degree and enter their career faster!

This 8-week model is scheduled to begin in January, Spring 2022.

The college will offer more 8-week courses beginning January, Spring 2022. Students will be able to register for 16-week courses that are available, as it aligns with their program of study. However, offerings will be limited. Please see your Advisor for more information.

8-week Courses will be redesigned to allow students the opportunity to gain the necessary student learning outcomes within 8-weeks, while not forcing the students to complete the same number of assignments/projects as required in a 16-week course.

Students are encouraged to take no more than 2 courses per 8wk term (4 courses per academic semester).

The Instructional time in a 16-week course is the same for an 8- week course. Therefore, face-to-face meeting time may be increased.

Yes, with successful completion of courses and with regular meetings with your Advisor or Early College Liaison to manage your class schedule/plan for completion. Students will have the opportunity to continue taking up to 4 courses within a semester; 2 during the first 8-weeks and 2 during second 8-weeks. In addition, courses taken in a sequence can be completed within the same semester which can allow one to complete faster.

Financial aid may only be disbursed according to what you are eligible to receive (based on enrollment at the time of disbursement). After the semester begins, It is strongly recommended that students contact the Financial Aid Office before making registration changes, i.e., add, drop, withdrawal, etc…

Comparison Chart: 8-Week vs. 16-Week

8-Week Course 16-Week Course
Course content will be more focused Content is delivered over a longer time frame
Shorter time frame; can focus on 2-3 courses at a time Typically have to juggle more courses at a time, 4 to 5
Flexible schedule for students who may have other commitments Less flexible due to the amount of time required in completing 4 course or more at the same time.
Statistics have shown a higher student success rate Statistics have shown that students are more likely to withdraw from a 16-week course
Part-time over two eight week sessions-considered full time for the semester Full-time each semester
Can add a course during the second 8 weeks (mid-semester) Unable to add a course mid semester