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343 VGCC Students Named to President’s and Dean’s Lists for the Fall 2023 Semester

VGCC Academic Lists for Fall 2023

Vance-Granville Community College is proud to announce that 154 students earned President’s List academic honors and another 189 earned Dean’s List academic honors during the Fall 2023 semester, which ended in December. Congratulations to these students for all their hard work!

The President’s List recognizes students who achieved a perfect 4.0 quality point average while carrying a full load (12 credit hours or more) in 100-level or higher courses leading to a diploma or degree. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student must earn a quality point average of at least 3.5 but less than 4.0 and have no grade lower than “B,” while carrying a full load of courses as described above.

Fall Semester President’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence. The Dean’s List follows the President’s List.

Accounting & Finance:
Shannon M. Currin-Wilkerson and Paige Nixon, both of Henderson;
Deanna C. Gordon of Norlina;
Delbar Sarwari of Youngsville

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology:
Marvin Y. Alvarado Romero of Henderson

Associate in Arts:
Saylor M. Gray of Bullock;
Noah B. King of Butner;
Brenda G. Euceda-Colindres, Ethan W. Frank, and Natalie R. Panganiban, all of Creedmoor;
Spencer R. Addison and Jena S. Schneller, both of Franklinton;
Launtica H. Brown, LauNtina H. Brown, Jiya C. Davis, Christina A. Dobbs, Aliayah D. Superville, Kayla U. Terry, and Alexandria J. White, all of Henderson;
Macie E. Fleming and MacKenzie R. Stallings, both of Macon;
Yahir Hernandez-Garcia of Oxford;
Madison V. Eaton, Anna A. Fields, and Caitlyn L. Lister, all of Wake Forest;
Kristen K. Labra-Franco of Warrenton;
Kayla A. Puca of Youngsville

Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts:
Abigail G. Shaeffer of Franklinton;
Abigail E. Atkinson and Yandel Hernandez-Garcia, both of Oxford

Associate in Science:
Alexandra K. Brantley of Bunn;
Lydia M. Lewis of Butner;
Leilah R. Allen, Isabella C. Bechtel, McKenzie S. Chamberlain, and Brooke M. Woodcock, all of Creedmoor;
Alaija N. Alexander, Damian Daniel, and Christopher T. Grainger, all of Franklinton;
Jeremy S. Ivey, Matthew M. Lamey, and Marie P. O’Donoghue, all of Henderson;
Kitt M. Story of Louisburg;
Clariza Ramirez of Macon;
William X. Short of Norlina;
Andrew M. Arnott, Bryan M. Bautista, Evan S. Daniel, Grayson B. Gaul, Emma B. Powers, and Declan E. Sellers, all of Oxford;
Brady C. Eaton of Wake Forest;
Aubrey R. Campbell and Allison D. Sandell, both of Youngsville;
Haley J. Jones of Zebulon

Automotive Systems Technology:
Austin E. House of Henderson

Automotive Systems Technology Diploma:
Marcus D. Pierce of Franklinton;
Nicholas P. Wincovich of Louisburg

Business Administration:
Caden S. Klick of Raleigh;
Holder A. Mills of Wake Forest;
Logan Kurth of Youngsville

College Transfer Pathway:
Kathryn C. Folger and Logan M. Hite, both of Bullock;
Delaney M. Lowery, Karen V. Lucas-Rebollar, and Margaret G. McIlroy, all of Franklinton;
Kendall Ayscue, Noah A. Bean, Kaylan A. Blackwell, Chevy Chiem, Cassidy G. Hicks, Carly N. Howard,
Thuy P. Nguyen, and Lauren N. Taylor, all of Henderson;
Destiny S. Wilkerson of Kittrell;
Heba M. Issa and Adam W. Saleh, both of Louisburg;
Soha A. Algathi, Elizabeth A. Jones, Jacquelin Jose, Maya J. Lloyd, Marleigh G. Swanner, and Hannah T. Twisdale, all of Oxford;
Gracie A. Bullock of Stem;
Celeste V. Nugent, Rebekah F. Speier, Niles Tuttle, and Addison S. Wieberg, all of Wake Forest;
Ashtyn R. Turner and Caleb T. Wilson, both of Youngsville

Bianca Spies of Creedmoor;
Akyvia Alston and Jamaica N. Tuck, both of Henderson;
Alexis K. Perry of Louisburg;
Raina M. Hershberger of Oxford;
Liana G. Boyd of Raleigh;
Kailani J. Rivera of Wake Forest;
Casey N. Elliott and Jazsmin L. Kearney, both of Warrenton;
Kirsten Breeding and Samantha R. Westra, both of Youngsville

Criminal Justice Technology:
Markeith T. Ragland of Henderson;
Nicholas A. Bankert of Littleton;
Michael W. Sledge of Roanoke Rapids

Early Childhood Education:
Jessica M. Herman of Creedmoor

Early Childhood Education Diploma:
Adia M. Ford-Alston of Louisburg

Electrical System Technology:
Lucas K. Bohannon, Braden K. Cooper, James L. Hunt, and James W. Matthews, all of Henderson;
Matthew J. Reynolds of Louisburg;
Anthony J. Cujas of Oxford;
Brian D. Goss of Stem

Electronics Engineering Technology:
Daniel I. Randolph of Butner;
Jarrett L. Webster of Creedmoor;
Jaylen T. Bridges of Oxford

General Science AGE Degree:
Davis O. Orang’i of Apex;
Emily A. Sanchez of Butner;
Bailee Robinson of Henderson;
Leah M. Twara of Knightdale;
Odessa E. Johnson of Mebane;
Asia K. Prillaman of Oxford

Amarachi F. Eze of Franklinton

Human Services Technology — Substance Abuse
Christina M. Chiappette of Zebulon

Information Technology:
Chelsea A. McIntosh of Creedmoor;
Spencer A. Merrett of Durham;
Geoffrey S. Horton and Christian T. Oakley, both of Franklinton;
Kaitlyn M. Harris and Jacob D. Peace, both of Henderson;
Christopher L. Hawkins of Louisburg;
Sierra L. Ross of Norlina;
Owen C. Pienkosz and Keithia S. Rainey, both of Oxford;
Aaron M. Comer of Rougemont;
Tyson W. Carpenter and Christopher R. Deitz, both of Stem;
Bryan T. Fuller of Warrenton

Information Technology — Cyber Security Support:
Samantha L. Diard of Raleigh

Information Technology Diploma:
Christian Sanford of Henderson

Mechatronics Engineering Technology:
Malcolm T. Brownson and Christopher S. Dominguez, both of Henderson;
Colby C. West of Norlina

Medical Office Administration:
Terri W. Perkinson of Clayton;
Tiara D. Riggs of Warrenton

Paralegal Technology:
Ashanti D. Alston of Norlina

Paralegal Technology Diploma:
Jasmine R. Parker of Henderson

Public Safety Administration:
Jeffrey T. Cannady of Durham;
Christopher S. Pendergrass of Henderson;
Aaron D Porterfield of Wake Forest

Jenna M. Curry of Stem

Welding Technology:
Brett A. Freeland of Creedmoor;
Harrison L. Nash and Thomas F. Turner, both of Henderson

Fall Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Accounting & Finance:
Diamond N. Matos of Franklinton;
Zachary Vick of Oxford

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology:
Caleb A. Hicks of Oxford

Associate in Arts:
Hunter C. Bailey, Leidy S. Chavez, Bobbie D. Cooper, Mark J. Panganiban Jr., Ayden J. Koonce, Audrey R. Leap, Savannah A. Moore, and Adalia A. Stephan, all of Creedmoor;
Liza L. Sneed-Adams of Durham;
Sienna W. Armani, Micah Jones, and Connor M. Thompson, all of Franklinton;
Annette Gomez Mancilla, Lisa R. Hayes, Aiyanna U. Jones, Calvin A. Kinyon, Nakirah B. Martin-Watson, Timyra D. Nicholson, William D. Parrott, Kadarrius Peace, Deja K. Perry, Terry T. Perry, Trinity F. Williams, and Charlotte R. Wortham, all of Henderson;
Sydney T. Hockaday and Ermelinda Z. Sanchez-Tehan, both of Kittrell;
Praise Austin and Adrianna K. Wilson, both of Littleton;
Rianne E. Mitchell, Hailey N. Murphy, Mathilda Nieto, and Skylar L. Watkins, all of Louisburg;
Raleigh E. Pierce and Bailee M. Willis, both of Macon;
Chandler N. Kearsey of Manson;
James L. Bowen of Norlina;
Selena E. Moretz-Cruz and Julianna M. Williford, both of Oxford;
Jadalynn F. Rivas of Spring Hope;
Hailey S. Anderson, Keira L. Enloe, Allen M. Garcia, Kyndal B. Satterfield, and Maycee B. Thompson, all of Stem;
Jonah N. Dela Fuente of Wake Forest;
Shakira S. Bryant, Eder L. Galindez-Martinez, Ziquan D. Hymon, Ayana Phillips, Devon E. Taranto, and Gabriela Vela-Leos, all of Warrenton;
Mia K. Reavis and Victoria Z. Sema, both of Youngsville;
Alicia C. Bennett and Elizabeth R. Miranda, both of Zebulon

Associate in Science:
Jasmine Holland of Chapel Hill;
Joydan N. Johnson and Kayla B. Ortiz-Vargas, both Creedmoor;
Helen E. Carter and Yadiel R. Cruz, both of Franklinton;
Emad Alashmli, Anahi Carreno Serna, Melonique A. Lewis, Chania O. Miller, Madison L. Richardson, Katlyn N. Singleton, and Antavious E. Terry, all of Henderson;
Bryce L. Tilghman of Kittrell;
Zaccary A. Coombs, Abigail M. Griffin, and Jazlyn A. Usher, all of Louisburg;
Madison R. Hetrick and Caleb Willis, both of Norlina;
Annabelle K. Arness, Cristian Fierros-Cheluca, and Ciara G. Jones, all of Oxford;
Beatrice N. Chavis of Raleigh;
Anadelia Rodriguez Guerrer of Stem;
Caleb S. Ferrell of Timberlake;
Kurtis Kline and Zachary W. Novak, both of Youngsville;
Victoria A. Pereda of Zebulon

Bioprocess Technology:
Alan A. Ascencio of Bullock;
Iryonna Richardson of Louisburg

Business Administration:
Hailey A. Lynch, Caleb C. Shumate, and Karah N. Vaughn, all of Franklinton;
Josalyn D. Brandon, Keyasha R. Cheek, Jacqueline D. Jones, and Victoria A. Markham, all of Henderson;
Rineesha D. Burrell of Oxford;
Christopher D. Hutchings of Rougemont

Business Administration — Business Management:
Adam T. Sultan of Rolesville

College Transfer Pathway:
Brisa S. Bello Sifuentes and Emmalee D Hicks, both of Creedmoor;
Serenity D. Jordan of Franklinton;
Reem M. Alashmaly, Colby T. Bargfrede, Harlie A. Culbreth, and Hunter W. Woodlief, all of Henderson;
Alaina F. Bullock, Cadence G. Hoyle, Taylor R. Stancil, and Emily G. Wilkinson, all of Oxford;
Allie E. Currin of Rougemont;
Luannie Arreola of Stem;
Ashley E. Anglade and Frank Debelak, both of Wake Forest;
Ayden J. Franklin of Youngsville

Caleigh A. Murphy of Castalia;
Taylor H. Sullivan of Franklinton;
Michelle Lopez of Henderson;
Laquitta R. Marrow, Sinia S. Smith, and Darcel A. Thornton, all of Oxford;
Lauren N. Kennedy and Ayanna C. Rivera, both of Wake Forest;
Anita R. James and Jimisha Parham, both of Warrenton

Criminal Justice Technology:
Michael C. Lane and Jade A. Latta, both of Creedmoor;
Franchester D. Isreal of Manson;
Katelynn L. Hart of Oxford;
Kaitlyn B. Elliott of Stem

Early Childhood Education:
Tokie Barrie of Creedmoor

Electrical System Technology:
Ryan D. Arnott and Brooks O. Finch, both of Oxford

Electronics Engineering Technology:
Benjamin A. Portillo of Creedmoor;
Samuel H. Dickerson of Henderson

General Science AGE Degree:
Allyson L. Alfano of Franklinton;
Kyasia O. Harrington, Brenda E. Juarez, and Jonathan A. Marrow, all of Henderson;
Sienna R. Howes and Michelle Morales, both of Louisburg;
Rebecca K. Short of Norlina;
Rachel O. Perez of Oxford;
Danna M. Frederick of Raleigh;
Sydney P. Adkins of Roxboro;
Dorothy A. Bell and Jessica P. Jordan, both of Wake Forest;
Janet G. Fagan of Warrenton

Human Services Technology:
Beatrice A. Green and Tabitha E. Williams, both of Henderson

Information Technology:
Shane B. Hope of Creedmoor;
Nathan O. Daniel, Pilar P. Furlow, and Christopher S. Lopez, all of Durham;
Nathan T. Preddy of Franklinton;
Victoria S. Hunt and Jaylen M. Wilson, both of Henderson;
Caraisiah C. Russell of Kittrell;
Andrew Nanfro of Louisburg;
Allea J. Hobgood of Oxford

Mechatronics Engineering Technology:
Ethan P. Jones of Bullock;
Brian T. Guarino of Butner;
Zachary A. Davis of Henderson

Medical Assisting:
Normalejandra Avila-Velazquez of Oxford

Medical Office Administration:
Madison N. Yorks of Durham;
Katelin L. Bolton of Franklinton;
Raven J. Howard and Kayla R. Penny, both of Henderson;
Cierra N. Strickland of Roxboro;
Nakia C. Green and Ashley M. Rogers, both of Youngsville

Office Administration:
Cheyenne M. Brogden of Henderson

Office Administration Diploma:
Brenda I. Hernandez Malpic of Butner

Office Administration Technology:
Ashley M. Robinson of Henderson

Public Safety Administration:
Raymond D. Finch of Franklinton;
Olivia P. Harrell of Oxford

Melanie D. Salmon of Bahama;
Adtler S. Lake of Creedmoor;
Vanika R. Gary of Durham;
Ashly C. Arias and Camden J. Spain, both of Henderson;
Kimberly L. Evans of Oxford;
Kailey G. Mangum of Rougemont;
Madison E. Dunkley of Roxboro

Teacher Preparation:
Courtney S. West of Louisburg;
Kelsey C. Blake and Skylar N. Mulhollen, both of Oxford;
Lily J. Young of Wake Forest

Welding Technology:
Ava G. Simpson of Louisburg;
Michael Hart of Youngsville

Welding Technology — Basic Welding Certificate:
Cristian I. Trejo-Trejo of Oxford