Warrenton Presbyterian Church endows VGCC scholarship


To the glory of God, Warrenton Presbyterian Church recently endowed a scholarship at Vance-Granville Community College, and the historic congregation is making history again with the size of its gift. By donating $60,000 to the VGCC Endowment Fund, the church has established this scholarship at the “Presidential Excellence Award” level, the highest at the college. That means that future student recipients will receive a scholarship of $3,000 per year to cover tuition, books and fees at the college. This will be just the second VGCC scholarship at that level.

Rev. Candice White, who pastors the church, said that the scholarship was envisioned after the session had explored how best to address social justice issues on the local level and looked to the community college for a possible partnership.

In awarding the new scholarship, preference will be given to students from Warren County, students of color, and students with significant financial need.

White added “the church membership understands the importance of an education – the difference it can make in a person’s life.” “However, for so many, the cost of pursuing education beyond high school is not possible. And in this case, that is where Warrenton Presbyterian Church comes in – we have been ‘blessed to be a blessing’ to young women and men of color and need for many years to come.”

The church is housed in a building that was built by Jacob Holt in the mid-1800’s on North Main Street in Warrenton’s historic district.

“We are grateful to Rev. White and the members of Warrenton Presbyterian Church for supporting education in this special way,” said Eddie Ferguson, VGCC’s endowment fund director. “After a year in which students and our community have been impacted by the pandemic, the church’s generous gift is a source of tremendous encouragement and joy to us all.”

“This new scholarship will help generations of students to achieve their dreams and will carry on Warrenton Presbyterian Church’s long history of service,” said Dr. Rachel Desmarais, the president of VGCC.

Through the Endowment Fund, VGCC has awarded more than 9,700 scholarships to students since 1982. Scholarships have been endowed by numerous individuals, industries, businesses, civic groups, churches and the college’s faculty and staff. Tax-deductible donations to the VGCC Endowment Fund have often been used to honor or remember a person, group, business or industry with a lasting gift to education. For more information, call (252) 738-3409.

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