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VGCC names 239 students to President’s and Dean’s Lists

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Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 116 students earned President’s List academic honors and another 123 earned Dean’s List academic honors for the spring 2021 semester, which ended in May.

The President’s List recognizes students who achieved a perfect 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) while carrying a “full load” (of at least 12 credit hours) in 100-level or higher curriculum courses. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to earn a GPA that was at least 3.5 but less than 4.0, and have no grade lower than “B,” while carrying a “full load” of such courses.

Spring Semester President’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence. The Dean’s List follows the President’s List.


Accounting & Finance:

Jessica G. Whitley of Louisburg;

Isaac A. Saleh of Oxford.

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology:

David K. Glover of Henderson.


Associate in Arts:

Bryce E. Garrett of Bullock;

Zoila M. Martinez of Creedmoor;

Rebecca G. Currin, Wendy M. Portillo, Aysha Saleh, Jesse C. Sawyer and Anna B. Weaver, all of Henderson;

Zachary G. Biggs of Oxford;

Caitlyn Williams of Youngsville;

Tomas J. Olivares-Beddoes of Zebulon.


Associate in Fine Arts – Visual Arts:

Rachel R. Hughes of Creedmoor;

Larry G. Dupree, III, of Franklinton;

Tyler R. Potter of Youngsville.


Associate in Science:

Christy L. Brogden, Felicia M. Douglas and Sarah K. Elliott, all of Creedmoor;

Terrance J. Gowan of Franklinton;

Heveen N. Issa, Rolando Rosado, Isaac D. Sutton and Macyia A. Waller, all of Louisburg;

Nakira M. Bullock of Macon;

Lindsey R. Burwell, Mark A. Ebrahim, Leah M. Parrott and Nagi A. Saleh, all of Oxford;

Gerardo Lopez-Villa of Roanoke Rapids;

Ethan A. Clausen of Wake Forest;

Victoria L. Dorge of Warrenton;

John E. Moore of Youngsville.


Automotive Systems Technology:

Alan A. Rueda Zepeda of Henderson;

Lucas Overby of Oxford;

Jacob S. Dean of Zebulon.


Bioprocess Technology:

Regina R. Pena of Creedmoor.


Business Administration:

Gadiel A. Ogaz of Franklinton;

Vanessa L. Crabtree of Kittrell;

Diane D. Franks of Louisburg;

Natalie L. Qamou of Macon;

Willard D. Edwards, Jr., of Manson;

Kai Z. Doege of Oxford;

English A. Stowe of Ruffin.


College Transfer Pathway:

Christian W. Horton, Daniel B. Hoyle, Isaac C. Watkins and Samuel J. Young, all of Oxford;

Colson A. Benfer and Nicole K. Walston, both of Wake Forest;

Alexander C. Aycock of Youngsville;

Michal Hall of Zebulon.



Maura Surles of Butner;

Yolanda D. Ragland of Henderson;

Dasha R. Frazier of Louisburg;

Megan A. Godsey of Oxford;

Hannah L. Holder of Wake Forest.


Criminal Justice:

Ricardo L. Ellis and Timothy W. Kapp, Jr., both of Creedmoor;

Justin M. Wilson of Durham;

Crystal J. Collins, Eyana L. Hargrove and Daniel S. Watson, all of Henderson;

Donald R. Roberson, Jr., of Kittrell;

Janet R. Leonard and Dylan J. Moore, both of Louisburg;

Hyson W. Ferguson of Manson;

David A. Elliott and Jessica M. Wiles, both of Norlina;

Angela C. Smith of Oxford;

Wyatt D. Mote of Wake Forest;

Devin Y. Steward of Wise.


Early Childhood Education:

Danielle C. Benton of Castalia;

Lastacey D. Burwell and Mary D. Ferguson, both of Kittrell;

Alana D. Fagan and MacKenzie M. Pulley, both of Louisburg;

Elaina M. Pendergrass of Oxford.



Benjamin P. Eales of Raleigh;

Natalie A. Bedard of Wake Forest.


Human Services Technology:

Ronan T. Celia of Creedmoor;

Sabrina J. Krohn of Henderson;

Pattie E. Harrison of Manson.


Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:

Serena Aycock of Butner;

Toya L. Carter of Creedmoor.


Information Technology:

Megan N. Smith of Louisburg;

Julian W. Causey, III, Nicholas C. Parker and Roberto H. Smith, all of Oxford;

Jason A. Tucker-Hill of Stem.


Mechatronics Engineering Technology:

Larry P. Card of Franklinton.


Medical Assisting:

Victoria Dupree of Franklinton;

Megan A. Stainback of Henderson;

Jaleka L. Alston and Brittany L. Faulkner, both of Warrenton;

Mario J. Gilmore of Zebulon.


Medical Office Administration:

Nancy L. Manzano of Creedmoor;

Bambi F. Coleman of Durham;

Tracy L. Robinson of Oxford;

Juliet R. Thrush of Warrenton.


Office Administration:

Eunice T. Duque and Shirley L. Person, both of Henderson;

Brianna V. Snelling of Youngsville.


Paralegal Technology:

Amanda L. Johnson of Franklinton;

Megan L. Finch of Kittrell;

Sarah H. Borden of Oxford;

Kristin Pressley and Christina M. Vaysse, both of Youngsville.


Pharmacy Technology:

Richard S. Kudayah of Durham.



Starr J. Matthews of Bahama;

Josie M. Roberson of Henderson;

Alexis G. Oothoudt of Louisburg;

Cody M. Greene of Oxford.


Welding Technology:

Ethan D. Hughes of Creedmoor;

Jenae Burk of Wake Forest;

Ryan M. Gilliam of Youngsville.


Spring Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.


Accounting & Finance:

Jonathan A. Marrow of Henderson;

Aaron W. Rettig of Oxford.


Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology:

Ausencio Maldonado-Alvarez of Henderson.


Associate Degree Nursing:

Heidi C. Fields of Zebulon.


Associate in Arts:

Madison Daniel, Kristin L. Dickerson, Leslie G. Moran-Parra          and Citlaly Vargas-Arias, all of Creedmoor;

Emma M. Cascino and Kaelin A. Thomas, both of Durham;

Ashleye H. Reagan of Franklinton;

Seth H. Boone, Hannah P. Foster, Yazi Majette, Cecilia Rivera and Shamaria I. Zackery, all of Henderson;

Matthew M. Demeule, Chance S. Hayes and Brandol J. Pahuamba Hernan, all of Louisburg;

Patricia M. Donnell of Norlina;

Sophia B. Williford of Oxford;

Henry J. Pahl and Jonah W. Pahl, both of Raleigh;

Kristin W. Zimmerman of Stem;

Hailey P. Newcomb of Timberlake;

Serenity C. Hester of Wake Forest;

Paul W. Scott of Warrenton.


Associate in General Education – General Science:

Hannah N. Hester of Bullock;

Ariya Thompson of Franklinton;

Cynthia Hernandez and Rielly A. Wortham, both of Henderson;

Sai’vonne Davis of Norlina;

Callie G. Englebright of Oxford;

Chelsea A. Linhardt of Raleigh.


Associate in Science:

Sara R. Burns and Jordan W. Long, both of Franklinton;

Brandon Nunez, Cameron K. Overton and Anna C. Ventura, all of Henderson;

Brenton A. Bullock of Louisburg;

Sha’da Bullock of Manson;

Victor J. Hermida and Anna L. Just, both of Oxford;

Makayla G. Debolt and Jessica R. Harder, both of Stem;

Julia A. Scheurich of Wake Forest;

Bessie L. Alexander and Caitlin M. Pollock, both of Warrenton;

Bryson W. Bridges of Zebulon.


Automotive Systems Technology:

Joshua Antel of Henderson.


Bioprocess Technology:

Katrina E. Watson of Henderson;

Brianna C. Kornegay of Smithfield.


Business Administration:

Hunter P. Barbrey of Creedmoor;

Laura E. Compton and Tekkia C. Cooper, both of Durham;

Jasmine G. Brummitt of Henderson;

Shonetta S. Alston and Hailey D. Privette, both of Oxford;

Latasha R. McWilliams of Roanoke Rapids;

Maggie L. Powell of Spring Hope;

Katlynn C. Price of Zebulon.


College Transfer Pathway:

Christopher Hayes and Trinity L. Swartz, both of Bullock;

Layla Brewer, Jaci D. Crute and Carla Rodriguez, all of Oxford;

Elizabeth P. Engel of Youngsville.



Anna E. Hope of Henderson.


Criminal Justice:

Adam S. Eldridge of Bunn;

Coley C. Campbell of Creedmoor;

Torrance D. Terry of Henderson;

Dakota C. Toms of Landis;

Kenneth L. Richardson of Littleton.


Culinary Arts:

Michael J. Stephens of Henderson;

Maryellen H. Fouts of Kittrell;

Brandon M. Schultek of Louisburg.


Early Childhood Education:

Carsyn P. Swain of Creedmoor;

Lee Christine Bennerson and Antoinette A. Williams, both of Henderson;

Nancy E. Crumpler of Louisburg;

Samantha G. Quick of Oxford;

Lauren N. Keith of Wake Forest.



Lisa M. Lowell of Cary.


Human Services Technology:

Brianna E. Robinson of Warrenton.


Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:

Heidi M. Kulhawik Angelini of Franklinton;

Jennifer L. Garsky of Oxford.


Information Technology:

Sherif H. Mansour of Creedmoor;

Ariel M. Kearney of Franklinton;

Joshua R. Jones of Goldsboro;

Marvion A. Criddle and Joshua T. Norton, both of Henderson;

Anthony K. Brown of Kittrell;

Sean I. Kemp and Sandy D. Richardson-Hicks, both of Louisburg;

William T. Kittinger of Wake Forest;

Marsha S. Musick of Warrenton.


Information Technology/ Networking & Security Track:

Brendan P. Webb of Oxford.


Information Technology/ Simulation & Game Development Track:

Adrianne M. Young of Wake Forest.


Mechatronics Engineering Technology:

Benjamin E. Sanford of Henderson.


Medical Assisting:

Juliea D. Harward of Butner;

Alkia R. Johnson of Louisburg;

Lasherra S. Alston of Oxford.


Medical Office Administration:

Taylor L. Barham of Franklinton;

Christie K. Matthews, Melanie A. Slaton and Ingrid D. Terry, all of Henderson;

Laci A. Davidson and Spencer T. Huff, both of Oxford.



Jason A. Murphy of Franklinton;

Hannah R. Brummitt, Jill A. Massimiani-Bland, MacKenzie F. Pendergrass and Katie L. Testerman, all of Henderson;

Jessica M. Goodwin, Alexis P. Hobgood and Nilrey Rose, all of Stem;

Kylie M. Blackwell of Timberlake;

Ashley M. Rogers of Youngsville.


Technical Special Student:

Alexis M. Young of Creedmoor.


Welding Technology:

Jose L. Outhouse of Franklinton;

Christopher Queen of Louisburg;

Gustavo Jimenez of Oxford;

Bradley D. Hill of Youngsville.