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VGCC names 235 students to President’s and Dean’s Lists

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Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 106 students earned President’s List academic honors and another 126 earned Dean’s List academic honors for the spring 2019 semester, while three earned such honors for the summer 2019 term.

The President’s List recognizes students who achieved a perfect 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) while carrying a “full load” (of at least 12 credit hours) in 100-level or higher curriculum courses. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to earn a GPA that was at least 3.5 but less than 4.0, and have no grade lower than “B,” while carrying a “full load” of such courses.

Spring Semester President’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Accounting & Finance:
Trina M. Leapley of Louisburg;
Aidan Colvin of Raleigh.

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology:
Hubert T. McDonald of Bahama;
Zavious D. Oakley of Oxford.

Associate in Arts:
Clay T. Boyd and Rickelle T. Harrison, both of Creedmoor;
Sarah R. Frizzle and Kimberly Ross, both of Franklinton;
Mason B. Boone, Emani’ D. Foster, Emily Y. Isidro, Angelica N. Montano, Caroline A. Nutt, Joseph E. Penny, Brian Ramirez, Josie M. Roberson, Alondra M. Torres-Ornelas and Hannah D. Wells, all of Henderson;
Ashley E. Bolling of Kittrell;
Christian L. Jamgochian of Louisburg;
Christy L. Beasley, Spencer B. Boyd, Jacob N. Carver, Ker’Telian S. Fields and Alexander C. Wilkinson, all of Oxford;
Brittany L. Petrimoulx of Stem;
Kamiyah E. Wiggins of Townsville;
Luc Henry of Wake Forest.

Associate in General Education – General Science:
Kyra E. Corrigan of Wake Forest.

Associate in Science:
James Geary of Franklinton;
Amanda J. Cease, Tanisha Davis and Evin F. Swilley, all of Henderson;
Monica A. Botros and Isaac A. Saleh, both of Oxford;
Quavion C. Basyden of Willard.

Automotive Systems Technology:
David D. Bragg of Franklinton;
Toby J. Bradsher, III, of Henderson;
Xavier Durham of Warrenton.

Business Administration:
Charlene A. Kearney of Creedmoor.

College Transfer Pathway:
Michael E. Slaton of Henderson;
Jillian Hanchey of Louisburg;
Erica L. Evitts of Oxford;
Jacob A. Comer and Kristina K. Durham, both of Rougemont;
Paige B. Biallas, Jillian Stegemann and Eric Walston, all of Wake Forest;
Rose M. O’Malley of Warrenton;
Rebecca Lynam of Youngsville;
Micah D. Hall of Zebulon.

MacKenzie D. Hutson, Irina Z. Letts and Skylar N. Mulhollen, all of Henderson;
Kristen L. Smith of Raleigh;
Janice P. Shehata of Warrenton;
Kelley R. Oakley of Youngsville.

Criminal Justice:
Tanya Beal Smith of Butner;
Alexis R. Lincoln of Franklinton;
Brooke T. Bendel of Louisburg;
Mikayla Pendergrass of Stem.

Early Childhood Education:
Courtney Crute of Bullock;
Stephanie L. Griffin of Creedmoor;
Milena F. Nelsen of Franklinton;
Lakee’ D. Steed and Rochelle D. Williams, both of Henderson;
Catherine A. Mendell of Oxford.

Melissa B. Anderson of Butner;
Michael A. Parziale of Cary;
Linda J. Livingston of Louisburg;
Rawia Dafalla of Raleigh.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:
Christian A. Hargrove of Oxford.

Information Technology:
Robert D. Osborne of Franklinton;
David B. Ayscue, Jr., and Koty R. Glover, both of Henderson;
Ebony Thomas of Kittrell;
Spencer B. Duncan of Louisburg;
Emily Durling of Oxford.

Medical Assisting:
Destini L. Foster of Butner;
Katie A. Fuller, Danielle B. Groves and Kaylor M. Lawrence, all of Creedmoor;
Briana T. Barnwell and Crystal C. Williams, both of Louisburg.

Medical Office Administration:
Beverly Fearrington of Chapel Hill;
Margaret Avery, Kelsey B. Ivey, Maryjo M. Parks and Jerri L. Wilson, all of Henderson;
Robin E. Dorsett, Shalinda L. White and Elizabeth L. Wiggins, all of Louisburg;
Felicia B. Fuller of Oxford.

Paralegal Technology:
Evelyn Nolasco and Brandol J. Pahuamba, both of Louisburg;
Jennifer C. Norton of Wake Forest.

Paige D. Snider of Creedmoor;
Kacie L. Gann of Durham;
Kimberly Henderson of Raleigh;
Jesslyn E. Bader and Megan T. Whitman, both of Youngsville.

Supply Chain Management:
Jerome W. Richardson of Oxford.

Welding Technology:
Sean M. Stephenson of Creedmoor;
Lacy E. Hidalgo-Gato of Franklinton;
Sarah L. Fowler of Oxford;
Jacob K. Cash of Raleigh.

Spring Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Accounting & Finance:
Joseph Sill of Louisburg.

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology:
Christian A. Dockum of Creedmoor;
Tyrell Terry of Henderson;
Russell W. Hinnant of Youngsville.

Associate in Arts:
Amir L. Branch of Creedmoor;
Randi A. Bowen, Brittney A. Smith and Ashley L. Woods, all of Franklinton;
Areli Clemente, Danielle Daniels, Alejandro Duran, Jorge Alberto M. Gomez, Kaitlyn M. Harris, Aaliyah S. Jackson, Isaiah A. Johen, Jadyn M. Jones, Wendy H. Jordan, Evan A. O’Geary, Nychelle M. Robinson, Jessica A. Steed, Saray Trejo-Vega and Cristian J. Ventura, all of Henderson;
Robert J. Holovnia, Bethany R. Lee and Kaleb M. Pulley, all of Louisburg;
Chance P. Taylor of Omaha, Nebraska;
Savannah L. Brogden, Daniel F. Burnette, Calli S. Massey, Alyssa M. Thorpe, Erin P. Whitt and Hunter S. Wilkins, all of Oxford;
Tyshii L. Scarborough of Rose Hill;
Lily R. Averette of Rougemont;
Conner G. Bryant of Warrenton;
Ashlynn Basnight and Christopher D. Peace, both of Youngsville.

Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts:
Naomi Harrison-Carder of Henderson;
Samantha T. Marchese of Wake Forest.

Associate in General Education – General Science:
Autumn J. Julian of Henderson;
Carly M. West of Littleton;
McKenzie B. Howerton of Rougemont.

Associate in Science:
Joshua N. Meader and Astrid Portillo-Granado, both of Creedmoor;
Jacklyn C. Stanley of Durham;
Galen J. Day of Franklinton;
Fatima N. Hawter, Dylan T. Jackson, Shadi M. Nagi, Penny Phan and Charne A. Robinson, all of Henderson;
Ethan A. Cole and Brichelle K. Wright, both of Kittrell;
Amber E. Newton of Louisburg;
Keon D. Fogg of Manson;
Emily P. Willis of Norlina.

Business Administration:
Gadiel A. Ogaz of Franklinton;
Tara L. Burwell and Jennifer S. Crabtree, both of Kittrell;
Joseph H. Abbott of Stovall.

College Transfer Pathway:
Emma M. Cascino of Durham;
Mira M. Patel of Henderson;
Abigail D. Dickerson of Oxford;
Lilly A. Day of Youngsville.

Kandace N. Rutter of Creedmoor;
Shanquia M. Coward of Franklinton;
Cannon G. Bigham of Louisburg;
Logan B. Breedlove of Oxford;
Jazmin L. King of Rougemont;
Laura E. O’Hara and Samantha J. Tackema, both of Wake Forest.

Criminal Justice:
Christy P. Valerio of Durham;
Keyla Lewis of Henderson.

Culinary Arts:
Noah O. Hendrick of Oxford.

Early Childhood Education:
Seham H. Mansour of Creedmoor;
Mia B. Harrison of Henderson;
Selita E. Taylor of Louisburg.

Human Services Technology:
Emili J. Hernandez Gaona of Butner.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:
Grace A. Ohlandt of Franklinton;
Noah D. Yeargin of Oxford.

Information Technology:
Douglas Boulia of Creedmoor;
Benjamin A. Johnson and Elizabeth H. Wonsetler, both of Henderson;
Timon W. Bailey of Louisburg;
Lewis K. Carr of Raleigh;
Christopher R. Deitz of Stem;
Cody Brandenburg of Youngsville.

Mechatronics Engineering Technology:
Derek K. Gay of Franklinton;
Herbert H. Davis of Henderson.

Medical Office Administration:
Yamileth D. Portillo of Creedmoor;
Savannah N. Jones of Durham;
Sarah M. Cassell, Ashley A. Hedgepeth, Raeann Johnson, Denise M. Woodard and Roslyn C. Wynn, all of Henderson;
Holly R. Heston of Louisburg;
Lisha T. Harris, KeShonda A. McMannen and Kirstyn S. Woodall, all of Oxford.

Office Administration:
Tonya N. House of Henderson.

Paralegal Technology:
Lastacey D. Burwell of Kittrell;
Megan B. O’Quinn of Oxford;
Monica N. Woodlief of Wake Forest.

Pharmacy Technology:
Katelyn M. Cooper of Henderson;
Dawn C. Irby and Diana Aparicio Rodriguez, both of Oxford.

Shanice D. Alleyne, Karene K. Anderson, Matthew S. Battistel, Dwayne D. Huneycutt and Yvonne A. Stills, all of Creedmoor;
Michelle A. Matthews, Amber D. Peoples and Brooklyn Rooker, all of Henderson;
Angela J. Basili of Hillsborough;
Shayla A. Cash of Louisburg;
Megan I. Proctor of Macon;
Crystal G. Sorrell of Oxford;
Samantha Pierce of Raleigh;
Rubi J. Coyote Baizabal and Treva D. Gordan, both of Roxboro;
Marina E. Rombout of Stem;
Sabrina E. Bedard of Wake Forest.

Welding Technology:
Alexander-Ali M. Khafaga of Louisburg;
Dylan P. Lawson of Oxford.

Summer President’s and Dean’s List honorees are listed below.

President’s List: Spencer B. Boyd of Oxford (Associate in Arts) and Mary W. Wanjiku of Cary (Practical Nursing);
Dean’s List: James Geary of Franklinton (Associate in Science).