VGCC introduces new technology platform for students


Vance-Granville Community College recently announced plans to launch a new technology platform for student services, in partnership with software company ConexED. The ConexED technology is intended to promote student success, whether students are taking classes in virtual, in-person or blended environments.

ConexEd provides a unified student services platform, eliminating the need for multiple platforms and logins while reducing “roadblocks” for students, so they can reach the appropriate college personnel. The faculty and staff at VGCC will likewise benefit from new ways to facilitate communication with students while handling scheduling, reporting and support services.

“The college is proud to partner with ConexED to enhance the student experience by utilizing technology that helps us to better connect with the modern learner,” said Dr. Levy Brown, VGCC’s Vice President of Learning, Student Engagement & Success. “This technological upgrade is a positive step that will help VGCC students achieve their goals.”

VGCC offers classes at four campuses, as well as online. ConexED will help all students, regardless of location, to, for example, schedule appointments and conduct meetings over video-conferencing.

“Enhancing technology for students has become even more important since the pandemic began, so we are excited to implement new solutions that can help VGCC students access a number of different resources, no matter where they are or how they’re attending classes,” said Dr. Ken Lewis, the Vice President of Institutional Research & Technology for the college.

Advising and registration for the college’s Spring 2022 semester are currently ongoing. For more information on enrolling at VGCC, visit and click on “Admissions.”

Over 210 educational institutions and 1,100 tutoring centers across 12 countries use ConexED. For more information, visit

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