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Student Engagement Rewards Program

Attend. Scan. Earn. Win!


Vanguard Rewards is the BRAND-NEW student engagement incentive program at VGCC! Attend a variety of student events, on campus or virtually, or join a club to earn points for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

What is the Student Rewards Program (SERP)?

A program that rewards students who actively participate in VGCC events. This applies to all students on campus and online. To recognize our involved students and provide opportunities for engagement in our community, we have initiated the Vanguard Student Rewards Program. Attending any event listed as “SERP” earns you points which qualifies you for a grand prize drawing at the end of the semester.

How Do I Earn SERP Rewards Points?

By attending any Vanguard Student Rewards Program event. Events that are eligible for reward points will be tagged and sent via email. Simply connect with an event staff member and check into the event using the provided QR codes and form. Students cannot earn rewards points without check-in and participation in events.

How Do I Check In As An On-Campus Student?

very event will have a QR code where you can check in using your mobile device. If you are unsure where it is or how to use it, the event organizer will be happy to help you.

How Do I Check In As An Online Student?

Some of our events will be live-streamed events. Before the presentation begins, there will be an open image on the screen for you to check in with your mobile device.

What Prizes Can I Get By Participating?

Prizes such as t-shirts & water bottles will be distributed at key signature events throughout the semester. Top point earners will be entered into a drawing for one of several grand prizes.

What Is The Year-End Drawing?

The Year-End Drawing is a bigger prize for our most involved Vanguards. Reach the grand-prize threshold for a chance to win the grand prize. Keep an eye out for more information. Go VANGUARDS!

Reward Thresholds & Prizes Available

500 point tier
1 VGCC Nylon Jacket

400 point tier
1 Crewneck sweatshirt

350 point tier
1 VGCC clear umbrella

300 point tier
1 VGCC T-shirt
Entered into the Drawing

200 point tier
1 VGCC Rollup Fleece Blanket

150 point tier
1 VGCC Water Bottle

100 point tier
1 VGCC Memo Book with Pen

50 point tier
1 Vanguard Rewards stainless key ring