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Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Program Description

This curriculum is designed to prepare students through the study and application of principles from mathematics, natural sciences, and technology and applied processes.

Course work will prepare students to use basic engineering principles and technical skills in developing and testing automated, servomechanical, and other electromechanical systems. The program includes instruction in prototype testing, manufacturing and operational testing, systems analysis and maintenance procedures.

Graduates should be qualified for employment in industrial maintenance and manufacturing including assembly, testing, startup, troubleshooting, repair, process improvement, and control systems, and should qualify to sit for Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI) mechatronics or similar industry examinations.

Department Chair, Applied Tech/Program Head, Mechatronics Engineering
SOUTH CAMPUS - Creedmoor
(252) 738-3541

Program Details

Discover the specifics of our programs, including required courses, course sequence, pathways, and learning outcomes.

Students enrolled in pre-approved continuing education training courses may request awarded credit in corresponding curriculum programs. They must first register, pay, and pass the continuing education course with a grade of satisfactory. In order to request awarded credit, the student must be enrolled in the corresponding curriculum program.

The credit will be awarded by the appropriate department with a grade of “PR”, Credit for Prior Learning. The credit hours of the course will count toward graduation at VGCC but may not transfer to other colleges or universities.

For a more comprehensive list of Continuing Education courses and their corresponding curriculum programs, please visit Approved CE to CU Prior Learning Credits.

Approved Prior Learning Equivalencies

CE Course Taken Equivalent CU Course Credit Hours Awarded Effective Date
ATR 3115A Mechatronics, 6.4 CEUs MEC 130 Mechanisms 3 September 22, 2022
ATR 3115B Mechatronics, 8 CEUs ATR 112 Intro to Automation 3 September 22, 2022
DFT 3100 Auto CAD, 8 CEUs DFT 154 Introduction to Solid Modeling 3 September 22, 2022
ELC 3014D DC/AC Electricity, 14.4 CEUs ELC 112 DC/AC Electricity 5 January 1, 2015
ELC 3014K Circuit Analysis I, 9.6 CEUs ELC 131 Circuit Analysis I 4 September 22, 2022
ELC 3014L Circuit Analysis II, 9.6 CEUs ELC 133 Circuit Analysis II 4 September 22, 2022
ELC 3119E Commercial/Residential Wiring, 12.8 CEUs ELC 113 Residential Wiring 4 October 26, 2020
ELC 3119 Commercial/Residential Wiring, 12.8 CEUs ELC 114 Commercial Wiring 4 October 26, 2020
ELC 3014E Industrial Wiring, 12.8 CEUs ELC 115 Industrial Wiring 4 January 1, 2015
MEC 3138B Motors and Controls, 12.8 CEUs ELC 117 Motors and Controls 4 January 1, 2015
ELC 3014K Circuit Analysis I, 9.6 CEUs ELC 131 Circuit Analysis I 4 January 1, 2016
ELC 3014L Circuit Analysis II, 9.6 CEUs ELC 133 Circuit Analysis II 4 January 1, 2016
MNT 3065G Electrical Maintenance, 8 CEUs ELC 215 Electrical Maintenance 3 January 1, 2016
ELN 3025I Analog Electronics I, 9.6 CEUs ELN 131 Analog Electronics I 4 September 22, 2022
ELN 3025H Digital Electronics, 9.6 CEUs ELN-133 Digital Electronics 4 September 22, 2022
HYD 3607A Hydraulic/Pneumatics, 8 CEUs HYD 110 Hydraulic/Pneumatics 3 September 22, 2022
ISC 3036A Industrial Safety, 3.2 CEUs ISC 112 Industrial Safety 2 September 22, 2022