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Seaman, Dr. Anna

Our Associate Degree Nursing Program, which leads to licensure as a Registered Nurse, admits students each Fall.  Unfortunately, we do not have a Spring admission at this time. 

Important: Effective for the Fall 2017 admission, the ADN program will now have a NUR course in the Summer semester.  Please see the Course Sequence for more information.

The ADN program is a selective admission program and therefore has it's own admission process in addition to the college application.  Students are advised to apply early! 

There are two deadlines to be aware of in the admission process.  A college application must be complete by the end of January of the desired admission year.  Students completing college applications as of February 1st, will be eligible for the following year's admission.  Once a college application has been completed, an Eligibility Checklist is due at the end of March and will be completed with a pre-health advisor.

Start communicating with a pre-health advisor today! Please email a pre-health advisor below to set up an appointment to discuss the admission process.  You can meet with a pre-health advisor at a campus that is closest to you. 

Main Campus: Tonya Waddle 252-738-3317

South Campus: Seletha Pherribo 252-738-3518

Franklin Campus: Veta Pierce-Cappetta 252-738-3603

Please see the Resources tab to the left for the current Admission Requirements. 

Note: Health Insurance is required for all students enrolled in the Nursing Programs.  It is recommended that students obtain Health Insurance prior to being accepted into the program as the Open Enrollment Dates do not correlate with our admission dates.  Students without health insurance at the start of the program will be unable to remain enrolled in the program.  For information on obtaining health insurance, please see the Resources tab.

Started in 1983, the Associate Degree Nursing Program has graduated many successful RN's who provide safe, quality, and professional care to our community's residents. The program provides strong clinical experiences as well as challenging didactic class work.

Courses are taught by a team of instructors using a variety of teaching strategies in order to meet the learning needs of all our students.  The program utilizes a concept-based curriculum with each semester building on the previous.  Clinical experience takes place at local as well as large healthcare facilities and includes rotations in long term care, med-surg, pediatrics, maternal-newborn, mental health, and leadership.  During the final semester, students participate in a preceptorship rotation in which they work one-on-one with an assigned nurse preceptor. Upon graduation from the program, students are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN.

Our NCLEX-RN pass rates are as follows: 2016: 90% (National Average 85%); 2017: 88% (National Average 87%).  Further information about NCLEX pass rates can be found at

We truly believe in professional development and life-long learning for our students.  Students are encouraged to join the VGCC Student Nurses' Association (in association with the National Student Nurses' Association and the North Carolina Association of Nursing Students).  There are also opportunities for students to join professional nursing organizations at the student level.  VGCC has partnered with NC A&T State University and Chamberlain College to facilitate our graduates obtainment of a BSN degree.  Please see additional information under Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Nursing Admissions