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Employee Update 2-27-20

CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 badge

Yesterday, the Governor’s Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Task Force issued a statement about increasing preparedness measures for the COVID-19 virus. While there are still no confirmed cases of the virus in North Carolina, preparation is highly encouraged/b>. Specific requests have been made of Individuals, Businesses, Healthcare, and Educational institutions.

To that end, the President’s Cabinet will be reviewing VGCC’s absenteeism policies and procedures and suggesting temporary alterations. In the event of an outbreak, we may need to alter the way we conduct class, such as moving to more online, temporary instruction. Faculty, please think of ways you can make assignments more remotely accessible for students who may need to miss class because of illness. Cabinet members encourage all faculty and staff to suggest ways to balance between quality instruction, attendance rules, and illness prevention practices.

Tomorrow, I will be sending a communication to our students advising them of the specific precautions advised for individuals, families, and communities to prevent the spread of respiratory illness. I will also be asking them to make sure they are able to log onto Moodle, as that will be an alternate method of instruction in case classes are canceled or if they need to miss class due to illness.