Craftsmanship, Creativity, and Community Impact

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The talented Welding Technology students at VGCC’s Franklin Campus have put their new skills to work for a good cause! They recently created a stunning bench and chair for the entrance of The VGCC Foundation (VGCCF) office, located at the College’s Main Campus in Henderson.

The custom bench and chair they’ve crafted are more than functional; they’re a testament to their passion and dedication. The sturdy steel frame, expertly welded, ensures longevity, while the sleek design adds elegance to The Foundation entrance. Not only have these students enhanced their skills, but they’ve also left a lasting mark on the community. Their creation will welcome VGCCF visitors, providing a comfortable spot to rest and admire the surroundings. Let’s celebrate these talented students and their commitment to craftsmanship!

VGCC’s Welding Technology program empowers students to earn the credential that best fits their career goals, whether that’s a degree, diploma, or certificate. Apply today to start your career journey.

About The VGCC Foundation

The VGCC Foundation offers over 300 endowments for VGCC student scholarships, more endowed scholarships than any other program of its kind in North Carolina. In addition to providing scholarships to deserving students, VGCCF supports a broad range of special projects involving education, training, and economic development in our community.

Numerous individuals, industries, businesses, civic groups, and churches have endowed scholarships, as well as the College’s faculty and staff. Tax-deductible donations to The VGCC Foundation have often been used to honor a person, group, business, or industry with a lasting gift to education. For more information, contact 252-738-3264 or

VGCC Welding students pose with furniture they created for The VGCC Foundation