Career Day Prepares Students for Real-World Jobs

Campus Closeup

Granville County high school students recently journeyed to Vance-Granville Community College to explore a wide range of career opportunities during CTE College Career Day.

Programs of Study:

  • BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training): Students delved into the world of law enforcement, learning about crime prevention, investigations, and community safety.
  • EMS (Emergency Medical Services): They discovered the critical role of paramedics and emergency medical technicians in saving lives during crises.
  • Fire/Rescue Services: Students got a taste of the adrenaline-pumping life of firefighters, understanding fire suppression techniques and rescue operations.
  • Criminal Justice Technology: Exploring the intricacies of the legal system, they gained insights into criminal law, corrections, and more.
  • Paralegal Technology: Students learned about legal research, drafting documents, and supporting attorneys in their work.

The highlight of the day was a thrilling mock crime scene investigation. Students put on their detective hats, collecting evidence, analyzing clues, and piecing together the puzzle. From fingerprint analysis to witness interviews, they experienced the real-world challenges faced by law enforcement professionals.

Kudos to our Granville County students for their curiosity and eagerness to explore diverse career paths! Let’s celebrate their commitment to shaping a brighter future!

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CTE College Career Day 2024 at Vance-Granville Community College