ADN Virtual Pinning Ceremony


A virtual pinning ceremony was held using Zoom, on Thursday, May 14 at 6 p.m., for the Vance-Granville Community College Associate Degree Nursing Class of 2020.

The family and friends of the 43 graduates were sent a link to the Zoom session so that they could watch the pinning ceremony, which opened with welcoming reflections from Dr. Levy Brown, VGCC Vice President of Learning, Student Engagement & Success/Chief Academic Officer; Dr. Anna Seaman, VGCC Associate Degree Nursing Program Head; and Henrry Rebollar-Miguel, class president.

Dr. Seaman noted that 2020 is the ‘Year of the Nurse’ and that no one could have imagined what this year would actually mean for Nursing. She noted that these graduates would soon put on their ‘superhero costumes’ and enter into the workforce. Jamie Davis, VGCC Nursing instructor, presented cords to students who participated in the VGCC Student Nurses Association, which is a chapter of the National Student Nurses Association. Maggie King-Harris, VGCC Nursing instructor, recognized those students graduating with honors (a GPA of 3.5 or higher). Those recognized include Reuben Aluoch; Jessica Baker; Susan Carr; Michelle Harris-Evans; and Stephanie Parham. Raine Tucker-Smith was recognized as the graduate with the highest GPA in the class. Brande McILroy shared the story of the VGCC Nursing Pin and graduates were then ‘handed’ their pin virtually by Dr. Seaman. As each graduate received their pin, they shared where they planned to work; their plans for continuing their education; and their appreciation to family, friends, and faculty for their support during their time in school.

After receiving their pins, the graduates recited the Nursing Pledge (written by Beverly Hansen O’Malley, RN) with Vanessa Ramseur, VGCC Nursing Instructor. Ugur Celimli, VGCC Nursing Instructor, presented the class as official graduates of the Associate Degree Nursing Class of 2020.

Even though the ceremony was not able to be held on the VGCC campus, as traditionally done, the graduates remarked that it was still a meaningful and memorable way to mark the end of their nursing school journey at VGCC.

The graduates are:

From Henderson: Bridget Eaton, Cassidy Ivey, Cayla Ranes

From Oxford: Tammie Davis, Taneisha Jordan, Erica Thorpe, Hannah Tuck

From Creedmoor: Eunice Ayaa, Caliegh Katz

From Louisburg: Brittany Sullivan, Shanika Upchurch

From Rolesville: Raine Tucker-Smith

From Zebulon: Joshua Miller

From Raleigh: Aniekan Akpan, Reuben Aluoch, Elizabeth Kenney, Dennis Mutisya, Andrew Zambrano

From Durham: Charles Ngeve, Annah Ongeri, Abigail Rodriguez, Solange Tant, Hser Tha

From Franklinton: Henrry Rebollar-Miguel

From Holly Springs: Irene Solomon

From Apex: Rebekah Speed

From Wake Forest: Jessica Baker, Christopher Ellis, Anne Onsomu

From Macon: Tracey Brown

From Bullock: Brittany Buchanan

From Rougemont: Susan Carr, Branice Chogo, Cherrie Satterfield

From Hollister: Tiara Daniel

From Youngsville: Patrisha Ferrick, Michelle Harris-Evans, Sheniqua Pruden, Wyverta Rawls

From Kittrell: Diedre Joyner, Stephanie Parham, Rachel Spall

From Norlina: Chiatyra Turner

In lieu of the class picture that is normally taken before the ceremony, graduates were asked to submit personal photos to be used in making a class collage.

Pictorial collage of ADN 2020 Graduates
Pictured, from left, are: Reuben Aluoch; Eunice Ayaa; Jessica Baker; Tracey Brown; Brittany Buchanan; Susan Carr; Branice Chogo; Tiara Daniel; Tammie Davis; Bridget Eaton; Christopher Ellis; Michelle Harris-Evans; Patrisha Ferrick; Cassidy Ivey; Taneisha Jordan; Deidre Joyner; Caliegh Katz; Elizabeth Kenney; Shanika UpChurch-McBride and Henrry Rebollar-Miguel.
Pictorial collage of ADN 2020 Graduates
Pictured, from left, are: Charles Ngeve; Annah Ongeri; Anne Onsomu; Stephanie Parham; Sheniqua Pruden; Cayla Ranes; Wyverta Rawls; Abigail Rodreguiz; Cherrie Satterfield; Raine Tucker-Smith; Irene Solomon; Rebekah Speed; Solange Tant; Hser Tha; Erica Thorpe; Hannah Tuck; Chiatrya Turner and Andrew Zambrano.

­Not Pictured in either collage — Aniekan Akpan, Jr.; Joshua Miller; Dennis Mutisya; Rachel Spall, and Brittany Sullivan.

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