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VGCC names 307 students to President’s and Dean’s Lists

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Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 144 students earned President’s List academic honors and another 163 earned Dean’s List academic honors for the fall 2020 semester, which ended in December.

The President’s List recognizes students who achieved a perfect 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) while carrying a “full load” (of at least 12 credit hours) in 100-level or higher curriculum courses. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to earn a GPA that was at least 3.5 but less than 4.0, and have no grade lower than “B,” while carrying a “full load” of such courses.

Fall Semester President’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence. The Dean’s List follows the President’s List.

Accounting & Finance:

Andres-Manuel Mata Espino of Creedmoor;

Nicole A. McBurrough of Henderson;

Jessica G. Whitley of Louisburg.


Associate Degree Nursing:

Alexis N. Brown-Fincher of Henderson;

Cortney A. Ragan of Louisburg.


Associate in Arts:

Carson A. Blalock of Butner;

Caden C. Colvin, Madison Daniel, Elise N. Donald and Zoila M. Martinez, all of Creedmoor;

Emma M. Cascino of Durham;

Maxwell G. Whitt of Franklinton;

Tashanta S. Bryant, Robert Hernandez, Sarah R. Parish, Wendy M. Portillo, Nakeya D. Terry and Taylor Thompson, all of Henderson;

Matthew D. Varker of Kittrell;

Ashley E. Henson of Louisburg;

Evelin Y. Funes Sorto of Norlina;

Henry J. Pahl of Raleigh;

Grayson B. Williams of Rougemont;

Kamille G. Klubert of Stem;

Jordyn E. Brown of Wake Forest;

Tomas J. Olivares-Beddoes of Zebulon.


Associate in Fine Arts – Visual Arts:

Rachel R. Hughes of Creedmoor;

Brandon K. Lewter of Franklinton.


Associate in General Education – General Science:

Ulices Diaz and Rielly A. Wortham, both of Henderson;

Amanda R. McDaniel of Kittrell.


Associate in Science:

Christy L. Brogden and Brandon P. Carvajal, both of Creedmoor;

Gabriela M. Pleasants of Franklinton;

Brian R. Teiser of Henderson;

Nancy J. Alvarez Lopez, Daysha J. Douglas and Heveen N. Issa, all of Louisburg;

Nakira M. Bullock of Macon;

Terry Benny Antony, Lindsey R. Burwell and Mark A. Ebrahim, all of Oxford;

Jessica R. Harder of Stem;

Bessie L. Alexander, Victoria L. Dorge and Caitlin M. Pollock, all of Warrenton;

John E. Moore of Youngsville.


Automotive Systems Technology:

Josue Perez-Vazques of Creedmoor;

Emmanuel Eatmon of Durham;

Cameron M. Pierce of Graham;

Joshua Antel and Alan A. Rueda Zepeda, both of Henderson;

Jasmen L. Hedgepeth of Louisburg;

Lucas Overby of Oxford.


Bioprocess Technology:

Regina R. Pena of Creedmoor;

Katrina E. Watson of Henderson.


Business Administration:

Eileen C. Lanham of Bahama;

Gadiel A. Ogaz of Franklinton;

Jasmine G. Brummitt of Henderson;

Vanessa L. Crabtree of Kittrell;

Natalie L. Qamou of Macon;

Willard D. Edwards, Jr., of Manson;

Kai Z. Doege of Oxford;

Maggie L. Powell of Spring Hope.


College Transfer Pathway:

Katelyn A. Moreland-Holsom of Creedmoor;

Layla Brewer, Jaci D. Crute, Carla Rodriguez and Isaac C. Watkins, all of Oxford;

Brynn E. O’Connor of Raleigh;

Jayden T. Anderson, Rebecca E. Anderson and Chase A. Tuttle, all of Wake Forest;

Elizabeth P. Engel and Lilly W. Kramar, both of Youngsville.



Makenzie V. Conyers and Brandi N. Mitchell, both of Franklinton;

Anna E. Hope of Henderson;

Sarah O. Sarpong of Louisburg;

Megan A. Godsey and Maci M. Gray, both of Oxford;

Angel M. Hedgepeth of Roanoke Rapids;

Hannah L. Holder of Wake Forest;

Faith Evans of Warrenton;

Brittaney J. Kilmer of Youngsville.


Criminal Justice:

Justin M. Wilson of Durham;

Natasha A. Williams of Henderson;

Dylan J. Moore of Louisburg;

Angela C. Smith of Oxford;

Dakota C. Toms of Wake Forest.


Culinary Arts:

Michael J. Stephens of Henderson;

Alexis M. Hilliard of Kittrell;

Karsen O. Garrett of Youngsville.


Early Childhood Education:

Lacinda D. Leverkuhn and Jodi L. Vaughan, both of Henderson;

MacKenzie M. Pulley of Louisburg;

Lindsay A. Harmon of Norlina;

Brittaniana M. Channell and Eva R. Santana-Morales, both of Oxford;

Emily S. Bickerstaff of Raleigh;

Samantha M. Fields of Wilmington.



Natalie A. Bedard of Wake Forest.


Human Services Technology:

Ronan T. Celia of Creedmoor.


Human Services Technology/Gerontology:

Julie S. Peter of Durham.


Information Technology:

Amy E. Reagan of Franklinton;

David B. Ayscue, Jr., Marvion A. Criddle and Katelynn A. Ray, all of Henderson;

Julian W. Causey, III, and Nicholas C. Parker, both of Oxford;

Randy D. Bullock of Stem;

William T. Kittinger and Adrianne M. Young, both of Wake Forest;

Marsha S. Musick of Warrenton.


Medical Assisting:

Brittany L. Faulkner of Warrenton.


Medical Office Administration:

Christie K. Matthews and Melanie A. Slaton, both of Henderson;

Desiree Annis of Louisburg;

Caycee L. Warren of Macon;

Rebecca L. Cole of Stem;

Juliet R. Thrush of Warrenton.


Paralegal Technology:

Holly Lewis of Knightdale;

Brandol J. Pahuamba Hernan of Louisburg;

Sarah H. Borden and Chelsea S. Mitchell, both of Oxford;

Christina M. Vaysse of Youngsville.


Pharmacy Technology:

Richard S. Kudayah of Durham;

Colleen A. Leonard of Franklinton.



Glenn T. Burgess and Terri L. McGarr, both of Creedmoor;

Travis S. Banka and Eden N. Ketema, both of Durham;

Laura Andersen of Efland;

Dakota M. Chabala of Franklinton;

Theresa R. Carrillo, Matthew S. Denton, Jakea N. Harris and Josie M. Roberson, all of Henderson;

Charles M. Maina of Raleigh;

Victoria K. Swain of Roxboro;

Lawrence I. Haymond of Wake Forest;

Robyn N. Perry of Zebulon.


Welding Technology:

Ethan D. Hughes of Creedmoor;

Colby C. West of Norlina.


Fall Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.


Accounting & Finance:

Aaron W. Rettig and Isaac A. Saleh, both of Oxford.


Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology:

David K. Glover and Ausencio Maldonado-Alvarez, both of Henderson.


Associate in Arts:

Elena Hernandez of Bunn;

Lily K. Tunstall of Butner;

Isaac Euceda, Haley R. Franklin, Jenna E. Ray, Brennon M. Warren and Ivy P. Weinstein, all of Creedmoor;

Brandi R. Edmonds of Durham;

Aaria Q. Johnson and Robin M. Moore, both of Franklinton;

Seth H. Boone, Ty’laysha T. Bullock, Taylor V. Cavanaugh, Rebecca G. Currin, Levi M. Eutsler, Hannah P. Foster, Faith A. Orr, Davonna D. Person, Anna B. Weaver, Asa Williams, Jester Williams, Damar T. Zackery and Shamaria I. Zackery, all of Henderson;

Tiffany M. Frank of Kittrell;

Paul V. Rogerson of Littleton;

Brenda N. Albarran-Maldona and Lourdes E. Richardson, both of Louisburg;

Miranda L. Brown, Kelsey D. Cummings, Smya Z. Daniel, Jacob T. Grissom and Sophia B. Williford, all of Oxford;

Jonah W. Pahl of Raleigh;

Anahy De Los Santos Mendoza of Stem;

Daniel Richardson and Paul W. Scott, both of Warrenton;

Sonia Gonzalez of Youngsville.


Associate in Fine Arts – Visual Arts:

Tyler R. Potter of Youngsville.


Associate in General Education – General Science:

Hannah N. Hester of Bullock;

Ylda Y. Soto Juarez of Butner;

Georgina Mavodzi of Creedmoor;

Hannah R. Glasheen, Ariya Thompson and Rachel E. Wilbur, all of Franklinton;

Cynthia Hernandez of Henderson;

Kathleen C. Steele of Kittrell;

Courtney L. Blosch of Louisburg;

Callie G. Englebright of Oxford;

Clare K. Elakosa and Chelsea A. Linhardt, both of Raleigh.


Associate in Science:

Dewy I. Castellanos and Farai E. Webster, both of Creedmoor;

Sara R. Burns of Franklinton;

Safa A. Alazab, Wafa A. Alazab, Ibtihal M. Allhapi, Ayanna K. Anderson, Aniya Palmer, Jasmine R. Richardson and Anna C. Ventura, all of Henderson;

Madeline R. Beck, Brenton A. Bullock and Rolando Rosado, all of Louisburg;

Sha’da Bullock of Manson;

Laila R. Daniel, Jordon L. Englebright, Claire N. Gordon, Victor J. Hermida, Anna L. Just, Joel P. Murray, Landon J. Parrott and Alexander B. Wolfe, all of Oxford;

Katharine L. Conner of Raleigh;

Gerardo Lopez-Villa of Roanoke Rapids;

Ethan A. Butts of Wake Forest.


Automotive Systems Technology:

Larry G. Dupree, III, of Franklinton.


Business Administration:

Hunter P. Barbrey of Creedmoor;

Tekkia C. Cooper of Durham;

Ciara I. Scott of Franklinton;

Randall H. King and Jonathan A. Marrow, both of Henderson;

Barbara D. Allen of Norlina;

Shonetta S. Alston of Oxford;

Dale M. Bird of Youngsville;

Katlynn C. Price of Zebulon.


College Transfer Pathway:

Austin T. Carroll of Bullock;

Bailee F. O’Briant of Franklinton;

Rhiannon J. Faulkner of Henderson;

Julia A. Brunelli and Matthew H. Wilkinson, both of Oxford;

Dominic P. Taranto of Warrenton;

Michal Hall of Zebulon.



Yolanda D. Ragland of Henderson.


Criminal Justice:

Timothy W. Kapp, Jr., of Creedmoor;

Brian S. Monzon of Durham;

Talia S. Bowden of Franklinton;

Crystal J. Collins, Kayla Ellington and Daniel S. Watson, all of Henderson;

Kenneth L. Richardson of Littleton;

Janet R. Leonard of Louisburg;

David A. Elliott and Jessica M. Wiles, both of Norlina;

Wyatt D. Mote of Wake Forest.


Culinary Arts:

Andrea N. Jones of Oxford.


Early Childhood Education:

Carsyn P. Swain of Creedmoor;

Lastacey D. Burwell of Kittrell;

Jessica B. Mellor of Manson;

Samantha G. Quick of Oxford.



Benjamin P. Eales of Raleigh.


Human Services Technology:

Grayson E. Shepherd of Creedmoor.


Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:

Donna M. Spencer of Butner;

Heidi M. Kulhawik Angelini of Franklinton;

Angel D. Evans of Henderson.


Information Technology:

Mario D. Silver of Fayetteville;

Lori M. Blanks and Joshua T. Norton, both of Henderson;

Anthony K. Brown of Kittrell;

Allen T. Jones of Louisburg;

Roberto H. Smith and Brendan P. Webb, both of Oxford;

Cherise R. Mingia of Raleigh;

Christopher R. Deitz, Cha-Coye Olds and Yvonne Parkstone, all of Stem.


Information Technology/ Healthcare Informatics Track:

Cody R. Parrott of Kittrell.


Mechatronics Engineering Technology:

Philip H. Royster of Oxford.


Medical Assisting:

Jaleka L. Alston of Warrenton.


Medical Office Administration:

Nancy L. Manzano of Creedmoor;

Bambi F. Coleman of Durham;

Lisbet Picaz of Franklinton;

Candice Brooks and Kirby N. Watson, both of Henderson;

Linda L. Crudup of Louisburg;

Laci A. Davidson, Kasey V. Evans and Spencer T. Huff, all of Oxford.


Paralegal Technology:

Amanda L. Johnson of Franklinton;

Jashetta D. Freeman and Leigha M. Johnson, both of Henderson;

Megan L. Finch of Kittrell;

Emily M. Loflin of Wake Forest.



Osvaldo H. Martinez of Butner;

Coleen N. Green, Kaylor M. Lawrence and Katie A. Rumsey, all of Creedmoor;

Belete A. Dress of Durham;

Mackenzie L. Cates of Efland;

Cassidy R. Burton and Dora E. Dial, both of Franklinton;

Geneva A. Duncan of Henderson;

Carly M. West of Littleton;

Raegan M. Ellis of Prospect Hill;

Mariah S. Lawson, Sean Murphy and Brian K. Williams, all of Raleigh.


Welding Technology:

Christopher Queen of Louisburg;

Greyson E. Wilkins of Oxford;

Ryan M. Gilliam of Youngsville.