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VGCC names 290 students to President’s and Dean’s Lists

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VGCC names 290 students to President’s and Dean’s Lists

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 148 students earned President’s List academic honors and another 142 earned Dean’s List academic honors for the spring 2022 semester, which ended in May.

The President’s List recognizes students who achieved a perfect 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) while carrying a “full load” (of at least 12 credit hours) in 100-level or higher curriculum courses. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to earn a GPA that was at least 3.5 but less than 4.0, and have no grade lower than “B,” while carrying a “full load” of such courses.

Spring Semester President’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence. The Dean’s List follows the President’s List.

Accounting & Finance:
Kimberly M. Wright of Henderson;
Jessica G. Whitley of Louisburg.

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology:

Ashley J. Allen of Franklinton.

Associate in Arts:
Evelyn Galvan of Butner;
Felicia M. Douglas and Caroline E. Ugarte, both of Creedmoor;
Savannah F. Thompson of Franklinton;
Sami Hauter, Justin C. Hernandez, Emma Montgomery and Aysha Saleh, all of Henderson;
Shaleah B. Richardson of Hollister;
Ainsley L. Jackson of Kittrell;
Allannah J. Blount and Logan M. Saroza, both of Louisburg;
Rebecca C. Felts of Norlina;
Carissa A. Emo, Monique S. Jones, Jennifer M. Merrell, Abigail F. Ramsey and Olivia L. Watkins, all of Oxford;
Kayla M. Harris of Raleigh;
Justin L. Green and Mark A. Jones, Jr., both of Warrenton;
Ethan D. Perez of Youngsville.

Associate in General Education – General Science:
Jillian E. Cornelius of Franklinton;
Camden J. Spain of Henderson.

Associate in Science:
Brandon P. Carvajal and Ethan B. Chatel, both of Creedmoor;
Allyson G. Breslin, Joshua H. Glasheen, Morgan G. Joines and Emily W. Kago, all of Franklinton;
Kelsie J. Deschamps, Gerardo Hauter and Shelby E. Sawyer, all of Henderson;
Kristina R. Ratliff and Takiyah J. Saint-Jean, both of Louisburg;
Emily Oswald of Norlina;
Alexis M. Broge, Victor J. Hermida, Stephen N. Puckett and Melanie D. Salmon, all of Oxford;
Sarah Ostrowsky of Wake Forest;
Sarah Labra-Franco of Warrenton;
Ashley E. Davis of Youngsville.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Alexander J. Shannon of Louisburg.

Business Administration:
Ashley M. Cash of Creedmoor;
Tania P. Prudencio of Durham;
Karah N. Vaughn of Franklinton;
Jordan D. Jones and Haley L. Williams, both of Henderson;
Diane M. Franks of Louisburg;
Natalie L. Qamou of Macon;
Zachary D. Harris of Norlina;
Emma G. Hicks, Kenneth W. Hook and Jessica L. McPaters, all of Oxford;
Chasity M. Lucas of Spring Hope;
Lucas H. Breedlove of Stem;
Mark E. Miller of Zebulon.

College Transfer Pathway:
Abigail Y. Meader of Creedmoor;
Trinity C. Alston of Franklinton;
Alexis M. Dixon of Henderson;
Mindy N. Andro, Lanna N. Issa and Lila E. Issa, all of Louisburg;
Holly M. Currin, Cara A. Freiburger, John B. Hunt, Meredith A. Reese, Sheona R. Shibu and Alexis J. Wilson, all of Oxford;
Emily Prickett of Raleigh;
Avery L. Puryear of Rougemont;
Nicole K. Walston of Wake Forest.

Hannah F. Edwards of Henderson;
Kelly D. Griffin of Louisburg;
Ashley N. Hobgood of Norlina;
Mia N. Hinshaw of Warrenton.

Criminal Justice:
Tayler L. Hope and Tahitia S. Royster, both of Creedmoor;
Tonya A. Durham, Bryant O. Lemay and Terri S. LeMay, all of Henderson;
Jeremy C. Lizama of Oxford;
Kenton R. Abernethy of Rolesville.

Culinary Arts:
Sarahi Barradas Palacios and Arthur W. Collins, IV, both of Oxford.

Early Childhood Education:
Blanche P. Davis of Henderson;
Desmona V. Thorpe of Oxford;
Becky W. Richardson and Brandi R. Story, both of Stem.

Electrical Systems Technology:
Joshua C. Phelps of Creedmoor;
Nagi A. Saleh of Oxford;
Michael T. Kleitsch of Youngsville.

Chandra A. Wilson of Durham;
Javon R. Norman of Greenville;
Regina R. Pena of Creedmoor;
Candace P. Thacker of Raleigh.

Human Services Technology:
Heather A. Oakley of Henderson;
Gwendolyn Clayton and Phillip J. Stewart, both of Stem;
Apryl G. Gaines of Stovall.

Human Services Technology/Gerontology:
Serena Aycock of Butner.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:
Jenelle L. Brizendine of Oxford.

Information Technology:
Alexis R. Lincoln of Franklinton;
Michael A. Haskins and Tonya Williams, both of Henderson;
Isaac Johnson of Warrenton.

Information Technology/ Healthcare Informatics Track:
Olakunle Aseyiga of Raleigh.

Mechatronics Engineering Technology:
Raafid B. Khan of Creedmoor;
David A. Scoggins of Louisburg;
William J. Currin and Timothy R. Wheeler, both of Oxford.

Medical Assisting:
Morgan P. Oakley of Durham;
Megan E. Moore of Franklinton;
Tiffany H. Tucker of Henderson;
Luz D. Serrano-Campos of Louisburg;
Tanesha L. Henderson of Norlina;
Gissell E. Espinosa Rosas and Natasha Peace, both of Oxford;
Cinthya Avila-Romero of Stem.

Medical Office Administration:
Haley R. Briggs of Creedmoor;
Brittany R. Paschall of Henderson.

Office Administration:
Beatrice F. Green of Henderson;
Brianna V. Snelling of Youngsville.

Paralegal Technology:
Clarence A. Sanderford of Castalia;
Amanda L. Johnson of Franklinton;
Megan K. Walker of Louisburg;
Sharon C. Chavis of Raleigh;
Natasha I. Bonthron and Kristi L. Powell, both of Wake Forest.

Public Safety Administration:
Christopher M. Tucker of Norlina;
Chadwick S. Caudle of Oxford.

Grayson B. Williams of Rougemont.

Teacher Preparation:
Michael D. Hicks and Brittney L. Pendergrass, both of Henderson.

Welding Technology:
Andrew L. Tinsley of Bullock;
Ravon M. Nichols of Henderson;
Christopher Queen of Louisburg;
Aaron D. Royster of Oxford;
Adam P. Finch of Spring Hope;
Jay X. Bright, Jenae Burk and Anthony J. Newton, all of Wake Forest;
Joseph A. Murphy and Drake H. Nix, both of Youngsville.

Spring Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Accounting & Finance:
Alyssia T. Caldwell of Bunn;
Tiffany R. Cindric of Creedmoor;
Amy H. Cahoon and Ashleye H. Reagan, both of Franklinton.

Associate in Arts:
William T. Sandusky of Bullock;
Ebony Thomas of Clayton;
Ian P. Akers, William S. Andrews, Evan F. Bechtel, Hannah R. Boyd, Kristin L. Dickerson, Logan R. Lloyd and Tiffany G. Vargo, all of Creedmoor;
Violet Beesley, Kaitlin N. Dorsey, Deborah C. Joyce, Maria S. Lennon and Alyssa N. Ware, all of Franklinton;
India E. Andrews, Waseem W. Hadi, Kynnedy M. Keel, Jose M. Mendoza, Cristian Trejo, Kelly N. Vaughan and Jorden Williams, all of Henderson;
Nevadahray Shakir-Caines and Shawntae M. Thomas, both of Louisburg;
Paul S. Seng of Manson;
Yelitza Valenzuela Valdiolivar of Norlina;
Londyn S. Allen, Jacob T. Burnette, McKenzie Cox, Smya Z. Daniel, Jason S. Elliott, Rotisha S. Herndon and Taylor L. Smith, all of Oxford;
Allen M. Garcia of Stem;
Onyx S. Hudley of Warrenton;
Amber M. Burrill, Xaunyell L. Fuller, Logan Kurth, Madelyn R. Martinko, Cintia Z. Rojas and Cali E. Williams, all of Youngsville;
Emma T. Fields and Johana B. Trejo, both of Zebulon.

Associate in General Education – General Science:
Makayla S. Parker of Creedmoor;
Amber G. Bolton and Tamonica D. Harris, both of Henderson;
Marissa D. Carroll and Neftali Santamaria-Palacio, both of Oxford.

Associate in Science:
Isaac Euceda-Colindres and Joshua A. Smith, both of Creedmoor;
Stephanie Carlos Sias, Trenton W. Pendleton and Jasmin J. Perez, all of Franklinton;
Carlos H. Cruz, Estefani L. Garcia and MacKenzie D. Hutson, all of Henderson;
Seth R. Cockman, Geritt S. Coombs and Adam E. Nawar, all of Louisburg;
Andrew W. Fuller, Isabell G. Gresham and Nakisha L. Satterfield, all of Oxford;
Brianna L. Scott of Spring Hope;
Brenna M. Burns, Chrysta M. Long and Austin R. Zelezniak, all of Wake Forest;
Maria I. Reyes of Warrenton;
Olivia G. Fuller, Adriana I. Kline and Carl Restrepo, all of Youngsville;
Spencer W. Baines of Zebulon.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Christopher C. Brantley of Creedmoor;
Chris Angelez-Ortega of Henderson;
Kaylee Gleason of Kittrell;
Matthew B. Ray of Wake Forest.

Business Administration:
Christopher T. Clark of Creedmoor;
Lisa K. Ferguson of Franklinton;
Valeria Carrasco of Henderson;
Tiffany L. Johnson of Louisburg;
Willard D. Edwards of Manson;
Daniel K. Arthur and Bryson B. Lynn, both of Youngsville.

College Transfer Pathway:
Austin T. Carroll and Reese E. Newton, both of Bullock;
Julianne M. Dale, Kierra T. Davis, Taylor L. Firtick, Coleman T. Hines and Samuel J. Naradzay, all of Henderson;
Stephen R. Falkner and Dillon A. Simpson, both of Louisburg;
Makayla D. Cox, Kaylee A. Preddy and Samuel J. Young, all of Oxford;
Carly Stone of Wake Forest;
David A. Williams of Youngsville.

Angel S. Windon of Butner;
Logan A. Walker of Creedmoor;
Ashley C. Ellington, Tashon N. Lemay and Skylar J. Troxler-Crowder, all of Henderson;
Annmarie Nazar and Brittany N. Perry, both of Youngsville;
Tashanda Fisher of Zebulon.

Criminal Justice:
Coley C. Campbell of Creedmoor;
Justin A. Velez of Franklinton;
Phillip E. Burwell and Eyana L. Hargrove, both of Henderson;
Cody L. Wilkins of Knightdale;
Hyson W. Ferguson of Manson;
Breanna N. Elliott of Oxford.

Early Childhood Education:
Caroline N. Kester of Youngsville.

Electrical Systems Technology:
Ismael Quintanilla of Stem.

Electronics Engineering Technology:
Levar L. Roberts of Oxford.

Mimi B. Mananga of Clayton;
Hailey N. Pendergrass of Henderson.

Human Services Technology:
Starnite M. Glover and Alyceia N. Spriggs, both of Henderson;
Madison M. McCullen of Stem.

Information Technology:
Michael A. Martinez Rivera of Creedmoor;
Anthony K. Brown of Kittrell.

Medical Assisting:
Cynthia Vazquez Sanchez of Bunn;
Dayja E. Gill of Zebulon.

Medical Office Administration:
Kaylee A. Dement of Castalia;
Madison N. Yorks of Durham;
Juliet R. Thrush of Fayetteville;
Shelby E. Mikels of Franklinton;
Natwana S. Hardy of Goldsboro;
Abbi M. Collier of Henderson;
Linda L. Crudup of Louisburg;
Caycee L. Warren and Tika S. Williams, both of Macon.

Office Administration:
Olivia M. Loverdi of Kittrell;
Leigh A. Satterfield of Warrenton.

Courtney L. Blosch of Louisburg;
Urquhart J. Brooks of Oxford;
Payton A. Gentry and Alexsys L. Olinzock, both of Roxboro.

Welding Technology:
Jacob T. Collins of Creedmoor.