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VGCC names 312 students to President’s and Dean’s Lists

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Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 132 students earned President’s List academic honors and another 180 earned Dean’s List academic honors for the fall 2022 semester, which ended in December.

The President’s List recognizes students who achieved a perfect 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) while carrying a “full load” (of at least 12 credit hours) in 100-level or higher curriculum courses. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to earn a GPA that was at least 3.5 but less than 4.0, and have no grade lower than “B,” while carrying a “full load” of such courses.

Fall semester President’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence. The Dean’s List follows the President’s List.

Accounting & Finance:
Rachel G. Roberson of Franklinton;
Lillian M. Taylor of Franklinton;
Zachary Vick of Oxford.

Associate in Arts:
Paola Badillo-Mendiola of Creedmoor;
Evan F. Bechtel of Creedmoor;
Hailey H. Bechtel of Creedmoor;
Madison L. Lloyd of Creedmoor;
Christopher T. Grainger of Franklinton;
Georgia A. Preddy of Franklinton;
Stephen J. Stein of Franklinton;
Alyssa N. Ware of Franklinton;
Maya M. Aleshmaly of Henderson;
Jiya C. Davis of Henderson;
Christina A. Dobbs of Henderson;
Edgar A. Duran Ortiz of Henderson;
Chelsea A. Evans of Henderson;
George T. Grissom of Henderson;
Ivy Huynh of Henderson;
Briannah D. Royster of Henderson;
Bryce L. Tilghman of Kittrell;
Allannah J. Blount of Louisburg;
Kellie A. Johnson of Louisburg;
MacKenzie R. Stallings of Macon;
Chandler N. Kearsey of Manson;
Jacob T. Burnette of Oxford;
Jason S. Elliott of Oxford;
Carissa A. Emo of Oxford;
Abigail F. Ramsey of Oxford;
Olivia L. Watkins of Oxford;
Anadelia Rodriguez Guerrero of Stem;
Brady C. Eaton of Wake Forest;
Charlie Vestal of Wake Forest;
Rachel Wade of Wake Forest;
Madelyn R. Martinko of Youngsville;
Payton N. Vanguilder of Youngsville.

Associate in Science:
Olivia J. Leap of Creedmoor;
Abigail Y. Meader of Creedmoor;
Allyson G. Breslin of Franklinton;
Timothy D. Snead of Franklinton;
Charles L. Cease of Henderson;
Kynnedy M. Keel of Henderson;
Marie P. O’Donoghue of Henderson;
Amber D. Perry of Henderson;
Geritt S. Coombs of Louisburg;
John B. Currin of Oxford;
Andrew W. Fuller of Oxford;
Emma B. Powers of Oxford;
Adriana I. Kline of Youngsville.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Kyle M. Harris of Butner;
Briar H. Pollard of Creedmoor (Diploma);
William G. Bridges of Wake Forest;
Matthew B. Ray of Wake Forest;
Robert T. Rogers of Youngsville.

Business Administration:
Tania P. Prudencio of Durham;
Kenneth W. Hook of Oxford;
Julienne Bakita of Raleigh;
Christopher D. Hutchings of Rougemont;
Daniel K. Arthur of Youngsville;
Mark E. Miller of Zebulon.

College Transfer Pathway:
Elizabeth R. Ellis of Bullock;
Sydney A. Sinnema of Bullock;
Trinity C. Alston of Franklinton;
Gianna C. Tooley of Fuquay-Varina;
Harlie A. Culbreth of Henderson;
Jillian L. Stone of Henderson;
Lanna N. Issa of Louisburg;
Soha A. Algathi of Oxford;
Holly M. Currin of Oxford;
Cara A. Freiburger of Oxford;
Chance M. Gresham of Oxford;
John B. Hunt of Oxford;
Adam T. Sultan of Rolesville;
Hailey S. Anderson of Stem;
Gracie A. Bullock of Stem;
Jeremiah J. Benfer of Wake Forest;
Carly Stone of Wake Forest;
Niles Tuttle of Wake Forest.

Cordeja J. Thomas of Franklinton;
Briana L. Sulyans of Henderson;
Kelaiah Williams of Henderson;
Victoria F. Burgess of Louisburg;
Neftali Santamaria-Palacios of Oxford;
Ayanna C. Rivera of Wake Forest;
Catalina C. Lynam of Youngsville;
Isleth Y. Rebollar of Youngsville.

Criminal Justice Technology:
Tayler L. Hope of Creedmoor;
Jamie D. Orr of Henderson;
Jeremy C. Lizama of Oxford;
Stephen B. Long of Oxford.

Culinary Arts:
Brandon M. Schultek of Louisburg.

Early Childhood Education:
Desmona V. Thorpe of Oxford.

Electrical System Technology:
Kimberly C. Ezzell of Butner;
Anthony J. Cujas of Oxford;
Michael T. Kleitsch of Youngsville.

General Science AGE Degree:
Shannen N. Phelps of Creedmoor;
Jennifer J. Cipriano of Oxford;
Emma R. Clausen of Oxford;
Jaice A. Roberts of Oxford;
Devin R. Fowler of Wake Forest.

Jennifer Lomas of Durham;
Laila R. Daniel of Oxford.

Human Services Technology:
Alicia Swanson of Franklinton;
Heather A. Oakley of Henderson.

Information Technology:
Michael A. Martinez Rivera of Creedmoor;
Alexis R. Lincoln of Franklinton;
Dorothy B. Greene of Henderson;
Michael A. Haskins of Henderson;
Jakayla R. Henderson of Henderson;
Christopher L. Hawkins of Louisburg (Diploma);
Lukusa M. Nganga of Raleigh;
Jonathan E. Stewart of Stem;
Garrett J. Riggan of Wake Forest;
Bryan T. Fuller of Warrenton.

Mechatronics Engineering Technology:
Ethan P. Jones of Bullock;
David A. Scoggins of Louisburg;
William J. Currin of Oxford.

Medical Assisting (Diploma):
Felicia M. Douglas of Creedmoor.

Medical Office Administration:
Haley R. Briggs of Creedmoor;
Amanda S. Clary of Henderson;
Linda L. Crudup of Louisburg;
Ashley M. Rogers of Youngsville.

Paralegal Technology:
Clarence A. Sanderford of Castalia;
Kristi L. Powell of Wake Forest (Diploma).

Public Safety Administration:
Christopher W. Bentley of Timberlake.

Grayson B. Williams of Rougemont;
Payton A. Gentry of Roxboro.

Technical Special Student:
Ashley M. Walker of Beulaville;
Deborah C. Joyce of Franklinton.

Welding Technology:
Townes A. Keithley of Butner;
Brian M. Griffin of Henderson (Diploma);
Hannah N. Senter of Louisburg (Diploma);
Ethan C. Shearon of Louisburg (Diploma).

Fall semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Accounting & Finance:
Calvin T. Davis of Creedmoor;
Brooke S. Brubaker of Franklinton;
Kimberly M. Wright of Henderson;
Jordan D. Jones of Henderson;
Megan L. Finch of Kittrell;
Brooke Satterfield of Oxford;
Marc Neil S. Yacapin of Oxford.

Associate in Arts:
Reese E. Newton of Bullock;
Markia D. Dawson of Bunn;
Jada A. Lester of Butner;
Lydia M. Lewis of Butner;
Ja’tavion S. Hawkins of Creedmoor;
Jazlyn A. Usher of Creedmoor;
Brenda Avendano Lopez of Creedmoor;
Joydan N. Johnson of Creedmoor;
Luke R. Wagoner of Creedmoor;
Ethan W. Frank of Creedmoor;
Logan R. Lloyd of Creedmoor;
Natalie R. Panganiban of Creedmoor;
Kennedy J. Guess of Franklinton;
Olivia K. Kruger of Franklinton;
Violet Beesley of Franklinton;
Havilyn L. Holland of Franklinton;
Maria D. Lopez of Franklinton;
Helen E. Carter of Franklinton;
Micah Jones of Franklinton;
Vashti Pearson of Franklinton;
India E. Andrews of Henderson;
Andy Ponce Vega of Henderson;
Michael D. Hughes of Henderson;
Timyra D. Nicholson of Henderson;
Dylan X. Miller of Henderson;
Christopher Abarca Rosas of Henderson;
Danielle S. Anderson of Henderson;
Katherine T. Ayscue of Henderson;
Nia L. Branch of Henderson;
Joanna Gregorio of Henderson;
Saniya S. Hargrove of Henderson;
Kayla U. Terry of Henderson;
Orquidia V. Martinez of Kittrell;
Juelz S. Holden of Kittrell;
Makayla R. Wright of Louisburg;
Sara Ann M. Capehart of Louisburg;
Shawntae M. Thomas of Louisburg;
Clariza Ramirez of Macon;
Faith L. Hunt of Oxford;
Ashley P. Toral of Oxford;
Yahir Hernandez of Oxford;
Melanie Hernandez-Campos of Oxford;
Alyssa L. Anderson of Oxford;
Hunter C. Abbott of Oxford;
Gamal G. Alsaidi of Oxford;
Ray Jackson of Stem;
Christian D. Ruiz-Dubon of Stem;
Frida Vazquez of Warrenton;
Mark A. Jones, Jr. of Warrenton;
Alexis L. Gonzalez of Warrenton;
Mia K. Reavis of Youngsville;
Cintia Z. Rojas of Youngsville;
Alexandra C. Phelps of Youngsville;
Mikayla S. Jones of Youngsville;
Johana B. Trejo of Zebulon;
Kaleb L. Harris of Zebulon.

Associate in Fine Arts – Visual Arts:
Jasmine K. Yancey of Henderson;
Ciara G. Jones of Oxford
Yandel Hernandez-Garcia of Oxford;
Hailey P. Newcomb of Timberlake.

Associate in Science:
Stephanie Carlos Sias of Franklinton;
Trenton W. Pendleton of Franklinton;
Joseph L. Oakley of Henderson;
Riley M. Fuller of Henderson;
Adam N. Paynter of Henderson;
MacKenzie D. Hutson of Henderson;
Charlie C. Ayscue of Louisburg;
Arturo D. Martinez of Oxford;
Nakisha L. Satterfield of Oxford;
Aiden J. Noble of Stem;
Maeve E. Flaherty of Wake Forest;
Carl Restrepo of Youngsville;
Ashley E. Davis of Youngsville.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Christopher C. Brantley of Creedmoor;
Wesley M. Strickland of Franklinton;
Jackson D. Currin of Louisburg (Diploma);
Enrique Martinez Montecillo of Oxford;
Aaron C. Wilkins of Stem.

Bioprocess Technology:
Braden L. Harrison of Creedmoor;
Lucas S. Clayton of Henderson.

Business Administration:
Shiquita S. Evans of Bullock;
Destini L. Foster of Butner;
Lisa K. Ferguson of Franklinton;
Avery G. Pearce of Franklinton;
Lloyd C. Terry of Henderson;
Haley L. Williams of Henderson;
Keyasha R. Cheek of Henderson;
Sasha T. Terry of Henderson;
Shannon M. Currin-Wilkerson of Henderson;
Joycelyn P. Hodge of Louisburg;
Jessica L. McPaters of Oxford;
Dwayne T. Peace of Oxford;
Bryson B. Lynn of Youngsville.

College Transfer Pathway:
Kelsey B. Williamson of Bullock;
Dorothy J. Cascino of Durham;
Delaney M. Lowery of Franklinton;
Margaret G. McIlroy of Franklinton;
Reem M. Alashmaly of Henderson;
Chevy Chiem of Henderson;
Paige M. Meadows of Henderson;
Gavin L. Owens of Kittrell;
Savannah G. Ayscue of Norlina;
Kylena D. Jones of Oxford;
Hunter T. Onley of Oxford;
Peyton B. Pernell of Oxford;
Meredith A. Reese of Oxford;
Aaron M. Comer of Rougemont;
Devon E. Taranto of Warrenton;
Caleb T. Wilson of Youngsville;
Ashtyn R. Turner of Youngsville.

Gabreion A. Watson of Louisburg;
Kelly D. Griffin of Louisburg;
Molly S. Osteen of Rolesville.

Early Childhood Education:
Christina N. Herron of Butner;
Christine L. Erexson of Creedmoor (Diploma);
Blanche P. Davis of Henderson;
Kelsi L. Aycock of Norlina;
Valerie L. Sanchez of Oxford (General Education Certificate);
Becky W. Richardson of Stem;
Carla C. Sutton of Warrenton (Local Track).

General Science AGE Degree:
Maryland M. Herrera-Fabian of Bullock;
Rita A. Blankson of Durham;
Maranda D. Hooper of Franklinton;
Jasmine R. Richardson of Henderson;
Trinity F. Williams of Henderson;
Kyle M. Roberson of Henderson;
Brandi C. Brezinski of Louisburg;
Christopher B. Wilson of Oxford;
Sydney P. Riggan of Oxford.

Da-John P. Henderson of Henderson.

Human Services Technology:
Zenobia M. Lytle of Butner.

Human Services Technology – Substance Abuse:
Jenelle L. Brizendine of Oxford.

Information Technology:
Elijah W. Aiello of Oxford;
Charmel R. Harrison of Oxford;
Hector L. Rios of Oxford;
Owen C. Pienkosz of Oxford;
Tyson W. Carpenter of Stem;
Isaac Johnson of Warrenton;
Kayla W. Hargrove of Warrenton;
Kenneth Asbell of Warrenton.

Mechatronics Engineering Technology:
Christopher S. Dominguez of Henderson.

Medical Assisting (Diploma):
Erin E. Womble of Butner;
Emily Valenzuela of Norlina.

Medical Office Administration:
Sasha I. Lacy of Franklinton;
Shelby E. Mikels of Franklinton;
Tika S. Williams of Macon;
Haile M. Roberson of Norlina;
Katarra N. Williams of Norlina;
Tracy L. Robinson of Oxford.

Office Administration:
Eunice T. Duque of Henderson;
Ms. Beatrice F. Green of Henderson.

Paralegal Technology:
Rossy G. Contreras-Baez of Durham.

Public Safety Administration:
Dylan T. Cash of Bullock;
Kortlyn S. Fields of Henderson;
Julian S. Todd of Louisburg;
John H. Carter of Macon;
John D. Cottrell of Oxford.

Hannah N. Hester of Bullock;
Alyssa R. King of Creedmoor;
Anaya J. Harrison of Franklinton;
Rielly A. Wortham of Henderson;
Leah R. Coleman of Henderson;
Saivonne Davis of Norlina;
Callie G. Englebright of Oxford;
Urquhart J. Brooks of Oxford;
Ishyna D. McCullum of Oxford;
Anna Nie of Raleigh;
Alexsys L. Olinzock of Roxboro;
Stephanie H. Keith of Youngsville.

Welding Technology:
Nolan A. Dickerson of Oxford (Diploma);
Kaley S. Englebright of Oxford;
Chris R. Mann of Wake Forest;
Dominick S. Sciarratta of Youngsville.