Medical Assisting Diploma Program Has Virtual Pinning Ceremony


A Pinning Ceremony for the Medical Assisting Class of 2020 was held via Zoom.  Twelve students successfully finished the program in the summer semester. Since an in-person ceremony could not be held, the students chose a Virtual Ceremony. Family and friends were able to watch the ceremony live and the recorded ceremony can be viewed using this link:

On behalf of the college’s Board of Trustees, President, Dr. Rachel Desmarais, Vice President, Dr. Levy Brown, and Dean Angela Thomas, The School of Health Sciences: The Franklin Campus Interim Dean, Mr. Stewart Lyon welcomed the graduating class and their support systems and wished our graduating class much success in their future endeavors.

Mercedes Kamoru, Medical Assisting Program Head welcomed the Medical Assisting program’s Adjunct, Ms. Tonia Randolph as the Pinning Ceremony’s Guest Speaker. She relayed to the graduating class, “Words of Encouragement”. She advised to the graduating class, “In life we face many challenges and obstacles; we may feel we cannot overcome, but let me encourage you to never give up”.

Post the guest speaker’s words of encouragement; Ms. Kamoru then recognized students graduating with honors (a GPA of 3.5 or higher). This is an important accomplishment and we commended the graduates for completing a challenging, and often times difficult curriculum. In order to be successful in the Medical Assisting program, students must be intentional and dedicated to fulfilling all of the requirements. The requirements for this program consist of meeting high standard for didactic and externship performance. We congratulated all of our graduates; however, the program recognized three graduates who achieved a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Those recognized included: Ms. Veronica Carlos, Ms. Timmara Durham, and Ms. Crystal Roberts.

After the graduating class read their dedications and were pinned by their support systems, the graduating class heard a poem from one of their peers, Ms. Tatiana Neal. Her poem was titled, “The Gift”. She conveyed to the graduating class that, “She, represented them, a magnificent group of steadfast women, true examples of perseverance and sacrifice.” After “The Gift” was shared to the graduating class, the graduates recited the American Association of Medical Assisting (AAMA) Creed, led by Ms. Kamoru.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, President Dr. Rachel Desmarais gave the closing remarks. Dr. Desmarais, thanked the parents, family and friends who helped the graduates arrive to the completion of the program. Dr. Desmarais went on to thank Vance-Granville Community College’s Faculty and Advisors for supporting the graduates, and on behalf of Vance-Granville Community College, Dr. Desmarais wished the graduates well as they enter into the honorable field as Medical Assistants. Lastly, she advised to the graduates, “to keep learning, that they will always be Vanguards, and to stay in touch”!

Seven of the twelve graduates returned to VGCC and enrolled into the Medical Assisting Associate’s Degree program. The program started in the fall semester. Anyone interested in the Medical Assisting program can contact Ms. Veta Pierce-Cappetta at for more information.

The graduates recognized were Emily Adcock, Taylor Anderson, Tiona Boyd, Veronica Carlos, Timmara Durham, Yemika Hernandez, Marisol Isidro, Tatiana Neal, Sarah Parker, Crystal Roberts, Tyvonda Shepherd, and Wilma Wearing.

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