VGCC names 338 students to President’s and Dean’s Lists

Monday, July 27, 2015

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 148 students earned President’s List and 190 students earned Dean’s List academic honors for the spring 2015 semester.

The President’s List recognizes students who achieved a perfect 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) while carrying a “full load” (of at least 12 credit hours) in 100-level or higher curriculum courses.

To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to earn a GPA that was at least 3.5 but less than 4.0, and have no grade lower than “B,” while carrying a “full load” of such courses.

Spring Semester President’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.



Cassie J. Harris of Henderson;

Bobby R. Faulkner, Sr., of Oxford.


Associate Degree Nursing:

Jennifer Taylor of Creedmoor;

Meredith H. Alshibah of Franklinton;

Devan F. Wilkins of Louisburg;

Erica C. Medlin and Andrea P. Norris, both of Oxford;

Courtney M. Humphries of Roxboro;

Ryan M. Erlenmeyer of Youngsville.


Associate in Arts:

Isabelle L. Snyder of Butner;

Michelle L. Beckum and Scott R. Hasserd, both of Creedmoor;

Samantha G. Huffman of Durham;

Benjamin P. Taylor and Stacy L. Weiss, both of Franklinton;

Emma C. Burgess, Jennifer A. Burns, Rembert U. Ford, Colton B. Hayes and Amy K. Stockinger, all of Henderson;

Imani K. Burwell and Adam J. Gray, both of Kittrell;

Elizabeth M. Caulfield and Robert A. Chafee, both of Louisburg;

Cecilia E. Barrenechea Loz, Caitlin E. Glover, Amy Greene and Anthony D. Raynor, all of Oxford;

John F. Hogshire of Wake Forest;

Jacqulea Q. Anderson, Rowan M. Morris, Crystal M. Myrick and Savannah M. Short, all of Warrenton;

Stephanie Hommel of Youngsville.


Associate in General Education - General Science:

Pabitra Chaulagain of Chapel Hill;

Keshonda T. Chavis of Henderson.


Associate in Science:

Courtney M. Brodie of Franklinton;

Elizabeth D. Cole of Kittrell;

Alexander T. Cockman, H'Kera P. Ktul and Emily C. Rogers, all of Louisburg;

Geoffrey Arnott and Tracey L. Carson-Johnson, both of Oxford;

Abigail G. Hey of Stem.


Automotive Systems Technology:

Robert L. Mallory of Oxford.


Business Administration:

Malinda M. Porter of Butner;

Andrew J. Cagney of Creedmoor;

Broguen McKeown of Oxford;

Stephen Fullington of Stem;

Heather A. Henkel of Wake Forest;

Zenaia D. Champion of Warrenton.


Computer Information Technology:

Hughon F. Topping of Henderson.


Computer Technology Integration - IT Support Track:

William P. Newton of Bullock;

Cody M. Trivette of Oxford.


Computer Technology Integration - Networking and Security Technologies Track:

Cassandra N. Griffin of Castalia;

Isaac A. Hurd of Franklinton;

Andrew Hentze of Henderson;

Timothy A. Farley and Joe C. Gong, III, both of Oxford.


Computer Technology Integration - Web Design and Support Track:

Charles W. Keith of Raleigh.



Tamara N. Cozart and Charlotte B. Slaughter, both of Butner;

Kimberli A. Berry, Kimberly A. Edwards, Keosha S. Perry, Tabatha S. Ray and Spring E. Roberson, all of Henderson;

Renee' K. Powers of Knightdale;

Jennifer L. Creech of Louisburg;

Jordan N. Lane of Oxford;

Shannon W. Wood of Spring Hope;

Brianna T. Clark and Wing Y. Leung, both of Wake Forest;

Mary R. Dunleavy and Holly W. Height, both of Zebulon.


Cosmetology Instructor:

Kimberly P. Hunt of Henderson.


Criminal Justice Technology:

Damon M. Brackett and James C. Hann, both of Creedmoor;

William M. Nutt of Henderson;

Benjamin B. Layton of Kittrell;

Kiara L. Taylor of Littleton;

Hunter D. Meffert of Louisburg;

Adam G. Rooker of Norlina;

Lindsay E. Brown, Leonte D. Parker and Allyssabeth R. Trowbridge, all of Oxford;

Jenita D. Johnson of Raleigh;

Daysha M. Dawson of Youngsville.


Culinary Arts:

Chardazsha T. Miller and Alison L. Yarborough, both of Henderson;

Dustin E. Gregory and Heather B. Stallings, both of Oxford;

Miranda D. Reaves of Wake Forest.


Electrical/Electronics Technology:

Bobby J. Watson, Jr., of Henderson.


Electrical Systems Technology:

Dylan W. Breedlove of Creedmoor.



Sheila M. Alston of Louisburg;

Kimberly M. Alston of Roanoke Rapids.


Global Logistics Technology:

James A. Jones of Henderson;

Eric W. Swart of Wake Forest.


Human Services Technology:

Jenifer M. Stearns of Louisburg;

Hannah B. Hill of Oxford.


Human Services Technology/Mental Health:

Rosa A. Burwell of Butner.


Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:

Brenda E. Watson of Durham;

Lucille D. Ferrell of Henderson.


Information Systems Security:

Dennis K. Tally of Creedmoor.


Medical Assisting:

Adrienne M. Robertson of Henderson.


Medical Office Administration:

Cynthia M. Black of Bunn;

Susan B. Burnett, Eboni L. White and Crystal A. Williams, all of Creedmoor;

Amy E. Downing of Franklinton;

Tiffany F. Barnes, Jennifer Cain-Hargrove, Amaria G. Ponce and Lawrence E. Yates, all of Henderson;

Victoria Williams of Louisburg;

Melissa A. Proctor of Macon;

Donnie P. Long and Anthony M. Wade, both of Oxford;

Meri B. Blake of Warrenton.


Networking Technology:

John P. Sanford of Henderson;

Ryan V. Neal of Norlina;

David F. Glover of Oxford.


Office Administration:

Janie K. Howell of Durham;

Mary A. Elberson of Henderson;

Shannon M. Hester of Oxford.


Paralegal Technology:

Megan N. Finch of Louisburg;

Margaret A. Cooper of Oxford;

Michelle R. Williams of Raleigh;

Shana J. Nunn of Wake Forest.


Pharmacy Technology:

Larry L. Morgan of Butner;

Jacqueline P. Burton, Kaitlyn B. Gill and Julie M. Newton, all of Henderson.



James D. Hinks and Elizabeth R. Twisdale, both of Henderson;

Thomas J. Kiley of Louisburg.


School-Age Education:

Bailey H. Dickens of Louisburg;

Denise E. Hendrick of Oxford.


Simulation and Game Development:

Steven B. Bowling of Creedmoor;

Elizabeth Burroughs of Oxford.


Web Technologies:

Denise C. Lohry of Warrenton.


Welding Technology:

Zachery T. Bailey of Bullock;

Brandon T. Brown and Daniel E. Creager, both of Franklinton;

Matthew C. Ayscue of Louisburg;

Steven A. Harris of Norlina;

Alexander P. Wittke of Youngsville.


Spring Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.



Elena A. Caballero Martine and Dianna L. Deweese, both of Creedmoor;

Zachary T. Andrick, Linda P. Baskett and Aide Nonato, all of Henderson;

Tammy E. Dudding of Louisburg;

Timothy M. Kearney and Lanasia M. Williams, both of Warrenton.


Associate Degree Nursing:

Elaine A. Harrison of Oxford;

Mica T. Durham of Wake Forest.


Associate in Arts:

Zhakira D. Terry of Bullock;

Taylor A. Queen of Butner;

Casey A. Bailey and Yosselen Z. Manjarrez-Moli, both of Creedmoor;

Morgan M. Archer, Lamonte Carter, Adriana G. Chavarin Flores, Aaliyah M. Coleman, Mireya Colin, Alexis M. Crews, Mallory P. Falkner, Thomas D. Grissom, Daja T. Harrison, Sidney N. Henderson, Shellie N. Hughes, Kristen R. Oakes, Mary E. Oakley, Braelyn M. Polk, Harli R. Sams, Rosa-Isela Z. Trejo, Logan E. Tyndall and Georgina J. Vanegas Reyes, all of Henderson;

Tiara C. Daniel of Hollister;

Caitlyn N. Holmes, Allison E. Long and Shannon L. Owens, all of Kittrell;

Adam C. Storey of Louisburg;

Ashley P. Usher of Manson;

Kiairah S. Graham and Aaron J. Woodard, both of Norlina;

Salwa S. Assaedi, Trevor D. Breedlove, Lydia A. Hendrick, Madeleine M. Hubbard, Gabrielle Johnson, Ashley McEntee, Shanteil D. Tuck           and Adam P. Whitener, all of Oxford;

Gania Woods-Hudson of Warrenton;

Madison Volk of Zebulon.


Associate in General Education - General Science:

Emily G. McGhee of Franklinton.


Associate in Science:

Matthew D. Smith of Creedmoor;

Andrew P. Boyle of Franklinton;

Emily K. Garrett of Kittrell;

Camelia K. Eldawy of Littleton;

Julieann C. Gallagher and Ashley N. Garcia, both of Louisburg;

Daniel K. Hunter of Manson;

Jacob E. Clark of Norlina;

Brieanna M. Downey of Oxford;

Daniel C. Woody of Stovall;

Gabrielle N. Denton of Wake Forest;

Christopher R. Worner of Youngsville;

Crystal S. Brown of Zebulon.


Automotive Systems Technology:

Lawrence A. Cottle, Chandler E. Owen and Kevin A. Thorpe, all of Henderson;

Aaron M. Rumsey of Oxford;

Connor B. McCauley of Raleigh;

Jonita L. Garnes, Wallace L. Howard and Hunter T. Williams, all of Wake Forest;

Joshua A. Stallings of Warrenton;

Bradley T. Cockram of Youngsville.


Bioprocess Technology:

Melissa D. Messner of Creedmoor.


Business Administration:

Lauren L. Key of Creedmoor;

Jennifer M. Richardson of Durham;

Raeann Johnson, Jonathan Ramirez Perez and Shannon V. Satterwhite, all of Henderson;

Allison M. Leonard of Louisburg;

Mark A. Alston of Manson;

Tristane T. Wilson and Tyler R. Woodside, both of Oxford;

Kim N. Holland and Amanda Stanberry, both of Warrenton;

Ashley M. Kinton of Youngsville.



Jonathan Calamaco and Brian C. Edwards, both of Henderson;

Keith A. Tunstall of Warrenton.


Computer Information Technology:

Kelvin J. Lewis and Bobby J. Taylor, both of Henderson.


Computer Technology Integration:

Rosendo Benitez of Franklinton;

Dajuan S. Harrison and Quinton McDonald, both of Henderson;

Steven J. Lynch of Norlina.


Computer Technology Integration - IT Support Track:

Tristin McClay of Creedmoor;

Jeffrey S. Greenwood and Monica T. Greenwood, both of Franklinton;

Zachary T. Stevenson of Oxford.


Computer Technology Integration - Networking and Security Technologies Track:

Genifer R. Gibson of Fayetteville;

Bradley D. Harrison of Franklinton;

Anna M. Wood of Youngsville.



Jasmine D. Blacknall, Jessica A. Brown, Mia B. Harrison, Kiriston E. Henderson and Cecilia L. Rosales Martine, all of Henderson;

MaNacon L. Harris of Hollister;

Alisha R. Turner of Kittrell;

Alicia M. Burke and Hannah N. Kiger, both of Wake Forest.


Criminal Justice Technology:

Schuyler R. Hill and Hunter C. Thompson, both of Creedmoor;

Justin A. Hedgepeth and Shantelle C. McClary, both of Henderson;

Chance S. Hayes of Louisburg;

Teresa K. Eakes, Sherrel E. Harris, Dustin L. Hodnett, Joseph V. Toto and Sandra K. Wilkins, all of Oxford;

Shawna D. Vasilko of Wake Forest;

Jasmine Q. Allen of Warrenton.


Culinary Arts:

Angela Moore of Clarksville, Va.;

Emory L. Gant-Hawkins of Henderson;

Roderick Hackney and Denise K. White, both of Oxford;

Veronica M. Yount of Townsville;

Samantha J. Bunn of Youngsville.


Early Childhood Education:

Dana J. Harris of Henderson;

Lynda G. Ethridge of Louisburg;

Deanna McFarland of Rougemont.


Electrical Systems Technology:

Jonathan T. Solomon of Warrenton.


Electronics Engineering Technology:

Dustin S. Benedict of Henderson;

Collin C. Byerley of Louisburg.


Human Services Technology:

Kim H. Holmes of Creedmoor;

Amanda J. Strickland of Franklinton;

Nikia C. Wortham of Macon.


Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:

Darlene T. Campbell and Lauren N. Devore, both of Oxford;

Roxanna M. Morales of Rougemont.


Medical Assisting:

Kourtney J. Cockrell, Jennifer L. Crews, Melissa C. Norwood and Angela Whirley, all of Henderson;

Ashlee D. Dement and Joyce Ellis, both of Louisburg;

Melissa R. Tucker of Norlina;

Kevin A. Rumsey of Stem.


Medical Office Administration:

Jennifer B. Siler of Bunn;

Crystal M. Wilkins of Creedmoor;

Deborah A. Rogers of Franklinton;

Shaun R. Hymon of Henderson;

Susan B. Smith of Kittrell;

Heather N. Stadt, Anquasia Davis Taylor and Jacquline H. Williams, all of Louisburg;

Jennifer D. Bowman and Kelsey M. DeJesus, both of Oxford;

William A. Hamlett of Stem;

Kadedrah D. Small of Townsville;

Tanisha M. Silver of Warrenton.


Office Administration:

Ashleigh D. Ray of Bunn;

Shanetta B. Wright of Henderson;

Ethel Sims of Louisburg;

Ambrianna D. Winston of Oxford;

Ashley R. Ladd of Rougemont.


Paralegal Technology:

Heather L. Taylor of Franklinton;

Jessica C. Allgood, Kristy L. Hope, Jessica N. Matthews and April M. Thompson, all of Henderson;

Melody M. Williams of Louisburg.


Pharmacy Technology:

Jordan R. Garrison and Sierra C. Hanks, both of Henderson;

Schnail M. Bynum-Daniel and Melissa A. Chappell, both of Oxford.



Mary E. Brewer and Jolynne A. Winstead, both of Henderson;

Brian K. Holmes of Louisburg;

Chelsea M. Woods of Wake Forest.


Simulation and Game Development:

Nyrelle S. Busby of Henderson;

Cody R. Parrott of Kittrell.


Technical Special Student:

Brett T. Greenway of Henderson.


Web Technologies:

Mary Cox of Oxford;

Ashley N. Allen of Wake Forest.


Welding Technology:

Mario J. Steed of Henderson;

James G. Stoner of Macon;

Travis A. Bell of Stem.