VGCC Names 336 to Dean’s List

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 336 students earned Dean’s List honors for the fall semester that ended in December 2009. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to maintain a 3.5 grade-point average and have no grade lower than "B" while carrying at least 12 semester hours, according to VGCC Vice President of Instruction Dr. Angela Ballentine.

Fall Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program area and then by residence.

Keri J. Matthews of Bullock;
Yarisel Benitez of Castalia;
Melissa C. Hicks of Creedmoor;
Leslie S. Craft, Karen B. Evans, Vanesia C. Harris, Felicia G. Lawrence and Barbara A. Tally, all of Henderson;
Heather D. Russell of Oxford;
Karla Y. Marquez-Rivera of Raleigh;
Lisa D. Maida of Rougemont;
Bonnie R. Richardson of Warrenton;
Paula R. Gentle of Youngsville.

Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology:
David R. Garrett and Michael J. O'Neal, both of Zebulon.

Associate Degree Nursing:
Beckie W. Norris of Castalia;
Jamie K. Burnside of Franklinton;
Courtney L. Capps and Susanna B. Roberson, both of Henderson;
Kristen K. Roberson and Gerri S. Taylor, both of Louisburg;
Elizabeth M. Hundley of Norlina;
Jessica L. Kennedy and Sonya B. Wyche, both of Oxford;
Crystal N. Scott of Rougemont;
Tristin Valdivia of Wake Forest;
Melanie A. Brooks of Youngsville.

Associate in Arts:
James L. Adams of Butner;
Erika R. Gamel, Jeremy C. Norris, Jonathan A. Osborne, Rosa A. Schmoyer, Stephanie T. Sikes and Kelli B. Taylor, all of Franklinton;
Kierra D. Holden and Thomas A. Peoples, Jr., both of Henderson;
Melanie E. Overton of Kittrell;
Thomas G. Smith, II, Erika E. Solis and Nicholas E. Whaley, all of Louisburg;
Dana M. Pawelczyk of Norlina;
Shakita M. Chavis, Julia D. Gordon, Thomas G. McConnell Jr., Kimberly D. Pernell, Lynwood Roberts, Jr. and Leah B. Williams, all of Oxford;
Matthew W. Ohrvall of Raleigh;
April A. Snider of Stem;
Heather L. Goyette and Alicia A. Thompson, both of Wake Forest;
Cassandra L. Nida of Wilson;
Theodore R. Bush, III of Youngsville;
Stephanie M. Stevens of Zebulon.

Associate in Science:
Kathryn E. Groover, Ashley N. O'Neal and Victoria E. Warehime, all of Franklinton;
Andrew S. Dawson and Marlon B. Minga, both of Henderson;
Mark S. Smith of Kittrell;
Michael C. Simpson of Oxford;
Brian D. Clark of Wake Forest.

Automotive Systems Technology:
James A. Durham of Henderson;
Edward S. Griffin of Oxford;
Mallory J. Whitmore of Raleigh.

Bioprocess Technology:
Daniel O. Obakoya of Durham;
Sergiy A. Ger of Franklinton;
Jimmy R. Gray, Jr. of Henderson;
David W. Breece of Louisburg;
Vito A. Vitale of Warrenton.

Business Administration:
Britney M. Crews and Kim C. Glover, both of Bunn;
Sharon Ingandela of Butner;
Adero B. Bullock of Creedmoor;
Katie J. Brown, Alicia K. Medlin and Jenna B. Tucker, all of Franklinton;
Brenda M. Faulkner, Eric D. Garrett, Delois Hart, Tina M. Johnson and Sheri W. Moss, all of Henderson;
Jeremy W. Radford of Kittrell;
Teresa J. Dewell, Amanda P. Lester, David B. Paine, Michael T. Tingen, Sandra N. Towler and Samantha R. Van Auken, all of Oxford;
Chrystal E. Newbill of Spring Hope;
Justine Janzen and Lara P. Rose, both of Warrenton;
Tiffany L. Clay and Jimmie C. Keith, both of Youngsville.

Business Administration/Operations Management:
Danielle M. Guin and John L. Pendergrass, both of Henderson;
Jody J. Hastings of Townsville.

Larry C. Crudup of Henderson;
John L. Linkous of Wake Forest.

Computer Information Technology:
Erica F. Hixon of Creedmoor;
Shawn M. Dickinson of Franklinton;
Kenneth H. Blauner of Henderson;
Amy L. Blalock of Stem;
Ronald Martz and Robert V. Powell, both of Wake Forest;
Brandon A. Tisa of Youngsville.

Rina S. Hutchinson of Creedmoor;
Crystal L. Poole, Cheniqua D. Shearin and Jason J. Turner, all of Henderson;
Twaniesha M. Glenn and Shontrell D. Watson, both of Oxford.

Criminal Justice Technology:
William T. Beal, Brandi L. Beasley and Brian J. Kilgore, all of Creedmoor;
Kristen P. Kleitsch of Franklinton;
Dejarvis D. Baskerville, Amanda M. Carroll, Winfred S. Crawford, Raymond M. Dunn, Sharlette Fields, Cameron S. Fuqua, Sykita R. Hayward, Charlotte F. Hedgepeth, Shemika B. Miles, Thomas B. Overcash, Walter Rowe, III, Katelyn P. Stainback, Darnisha R. Terry, Tywanda L. Wilson and Tonya B. Woods, all of Henderson;
Charles N. Cornish, III of Kittrell;
Amie R. Guy and Brandon T. Neal, both of Louisburg;
Ashleigh V. Dannemiller of Manteo;
Bridget S. Clark, Akia R. Mitchell and Kenneth W. Ogle, all of Oxford;
Jeffrey S. Canada of Stem;
Tanika T. Alston, Christopher M. Carter, Tameka A. Durham, Mary J. Wilson and John T. Younts, all of Warrenton;
Christina E. Weaver of Youngsville.

Culinary Technology:
Reva S. Goss of Creedmoor;
Denise S. McLeod of Durham;
Alvin C. Brame of Middleburg.

Early Childhood Associate:
Kimberly C. Cagney of Creedmoor;
Aneta W. Edgerton of Franklinton;
Ernestine B. Brodie, Laneatria K. Burton, Kathy S. Gerber, Christine B. Hawkins, Deatrice N. Johnson and Ramona M. Schronce, all of Henderson;
Bonita W. Crudup of Louisburg;
Teneka C. Woodard of Norlina;
Sharon D. Thorpe of Oxford;
Robin L. Ellison, Yvette Salmons and Anna M. Wicklund, all of Wake Forest;
Lori P. Hendricks and Erica S. Ragland, both of Warrenton;
Maria J. Perry of Zebulon.

Electrical/Electronics Technology:
Houston R. Jones of Creedmoor;
Christopher T. Peele and James H. Tyler, both of Franklinton;
Erick Galeana-Piedra and David A. Parrish, both of Henderson;
Mearl C. Richardson of Kittrell;
Corey L. Burwell and Jason M. Morris, both of Oxford;
Jason A. Tate of Wake Forest.

Electronics Engineering Technology:
Alvin S. Durham, Tyrone N. Henry, Max N. Moore and Andrew B. Stokes, all of Henderson;
Robert C. Hoffmann of Kittrell;
Damian A. Pettaway of Manson;
Donald R. Teasley, Jr. of Oxford;
Micah W. Whitney, Jr. of Stem;
Bradley L. Cooke of Stovall.

Global Logistics Technology:
Crystal W. Coleman of Henderson;
Lisa M. Nelson of Randleman;
Sam T. Woolard, III of Winterville.

Human Services Technology:
Rhonda T. Alston, Marilyn Y. Bradley, Annie G. Gregory, Darlene L. Parrish and Melinda E. Pope, all of Henderson;
Pattie M. Collins of Louisburg;
Victoria P. Robinson of Norlina;
Bertha L. Hargrove of Warrenton.

Human Services Technology/Mental Health:
Kathleen H. Overton of Creedmoor;
Jayme L. Mauldin of Franklinton;
Sharon A. Thomas of Henderson;
Sherry A. Walsh of Kittrell;
Cindy C. Jackson and Mark Thomas, both of Oxford.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:
James M. Pendergrast, Jr. of Butner;
Roberta D. Freeman of Henderson;
Areatha H. Dunston of Louisburg;
Fabiola C. Hernandez of Oxford;
Denise C. Clements of Wake Forest.

Industrial Systems Technology:
Ruben Gonzalez of Franklinton;
Dwayne L. Green and David T. Lee, both of Henderson;
Demetrice L. McLean of Kittrell;
Christopher A. Vooris of Middleburg;
Brian Thorpe of Oxford.

Information Systems Security:
Daniel L. Dillard of Creedmoor;
Stephen F. Anthony of Franklinton;
John W. Tyburski, Jr. of Henderson;
James D. Tucker of Manson;
James F. Hayes of Oxford.

Medical Assisting:
Robin M. Darone, Tamara H. Lawler and Katherine A. Roberts, all of Franklinton;
Angela H. Williams of Henderson;
Donna C. Richardson of Hollister;
Pattie J. Andrews, Angela D. Kearney and Toni K. May, all of Louisburg;
Erica D. Thorpe of Oxford;
Anna J. Brown of Spring Hope;
Nicole L. Hinsley of Wake Forest;
Barbara S. Bunn, Tammy L. Evans and Stephanie G. Kelly, all of Youngsville;
Norma J. Martin of Zebulon.

Medical Office Administration:
Diane A. Wheless of Butner;
Luann Dickinson, Beatrice M. Person, Belinda G. Pleasants and Sandra D. Preddy, all of Franklinton;
Carolyn E. Barker, Elizabeth K. Burke, Lynn A. Contee, Casey L. Cooper, Susan W. Driver, Audrey B. Gay, Vivian M. Matthews and Mary C. Twisdale, all of Henderson;
Brenda N. Ayscue, Kathryn C. Morris, Katrina T. Person and Margot D. Smith, all of Kittrell;
Krystal D. Ashburn, Cora P. Campbell, Rita M. Crannell, Aileen M. Harris and Sherry C. Manson, all of Louisburg;
Chasity N. Felts of Norlina;
Jessica P. Grissom and Tina D. Ragland, both of Oxford;
Deborah V. Powell of Stovall;
Elizabeth A. English of Wake Forest;
Alice J. Moss of Warrenton;
Judy K. Daughtry and Catrina M. Graham, both of Youngsville.

Networking Technology:
John C. Foster of Henderson;
Tomy M. Kalathiveettil of Oxford.

Office Administration:
Donna J. Overton of Oxford.

Office Systems Technology:
Doreen T. Carter, Linda F. Harris and Sharon P. Williams, all of Henderson;
Tammy A. Cabrera of Kittrell;
Katrina M. Wright of Louisburg;
Valerie N. Daniel and Ann N. Riley, both of Oxford;
Cybil M. Watkins of Warrenton.

Pharmacy Technology:
Angela D. Fike of Durham;
Brenda H. Butler of Franklinton;
Theresa D. Branch and Charlotte R. Hawthorne, both of Henderson;
Hardeep K. Dhillon of Hillsborough;
Tiffany W. Gill of Kittrell;
Helen Samuel of Oxford;
Huong H. Tran of Raleigh.

Practical Nursing:
Joy R. Williams of Creedmoor;
Catherine R. Gill of Henderson;
Maria A. Hargrove of Manson;
Charlene R. MacIalek of Oxford;
Anika M. Wrice of Raleigh;
Susan E. Tillotson of Roxboro;
Melissa M. Miles of Warrenton.

Tanya M. Beal of Butner;
Kirsten A. Berkley of Creedmoor;
Kimberly P. Perry of Franklinton;
Michelle N. Adcox of Henderson;
Brandy A. Driver of Louisburg;
Heather C. Perez of Oxford;
Michelle Hecht and Jessica Y. Pizzo, both of Raleigh;
Jeremy J. Hohman of Wake Forest;
Wesley Lowe of Warrenton.

Hiedi N. Glasgow and Lauren G. Glass, both of Butner;
Laura A. McDonald and Brian A. Taylor, both of Creedmoor;
Caroline J. Cordones and John P. Sullivan, both of Durham;
Leanne D. Humphries, William A. McCann, Chelsey T. Newcomb and Dori L. Pinit, all of Henderson;
Jennifer M. Garland, Leighanne E. Ramsey, Penny S. Weiman and Jessica M. Whitfield, all of Oxford;
Jennifer S. MacIntosh of Rougemont;
Megan E. Smith of Stem;
Sheri P. Knight of Wake Forest;
Rebecca B. Aycock and Sheila H. Perry, both of Youngsville.

School-Age Education:
Farren Y. Burrell of Franklinton;
Felisha P. Benson and Tonya F. Saleh, both of Henderson.

Teacher Associate:
Tina M. Noblin of Bullock;
Narcisa C. Berrezueta and Kerin E. Vaughn, both of Franklinton;
LeEtta R. Nyquist of Henderson;
Raymond M. Simms of Louisburg.

Web Technologies:
Joseph D. Colquitt of Creedmoor;
Joshua C. Dinwiddie of Kittrell;
Karen L. McAtee-Macrae of Littleton.

Welding Technology:
Anthony K. Jones of Franklinton;
Robert J. Carlock, John S. Foster, III, Mandell D. Terry and Darrell A. Yarborough, all of Henderson;
Aaron D. Canady and Danny L. Marable, both of Oxford;
Stephen C. Delionbach of Stovall;
Samuel J. Taylor of Warrenton.