VGCC Names 333 to Dean’s List

Monday, February 21, 2011

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 333 students earned Dean’s List honors for the fall semester that ended in December 2010. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to maintain a 3.5 grade-point average and have no grade lower than "B" while carrying at least 12 semester hours, according to VGCC Vice President of Instruction Dr. Angela Ballentine. Fall Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program area and then by residence.



Kyndall D. Crudup of Bunn;

Sharon Ingandela of Butner;

Merri B. Roberts of Creedmoor;

Anish B. Jacob of Morrisville;

Susan M. Maynard of Norlina;

David B. Paine and Heather D. Russell, both of Oxford;

Lisa D. Maida of Rougemont;

Michelle L. Arnold, Paula R. Gentle and Deborah L. Graham, all of Youngsville.


Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology:

Kenneth P. Manion of Franklinton;

Steven C. Wilson of Oxford.


Associate Degree Nursing:

Heather L. Combs of Butner;

Jamie K. Burnside and Russell G. Ventenilla, both of Franklinton;

Courtney L. Capps, Amy H. Darnell and Barbara M. Gwinn, all of Henderson;

Jessica S. Debnam of Kittrell;

Lauren N. Kennedy and Rebecca T. Oldham, both of Louisburg;

Brandy E. Randall of Mebane;

Kristen J. Averette and Michael R. Johnson, both of Oxford;

Christy C. Schultz of Wake Forest;

Rebecca A. Miller of Warrenton;

Sheila S. Codo and Diana F. Waddle, both of Youngsville.


Associate in Arts:

Jodi L. Beckham of Castalia;

Zack R. Garner, Katie L. Hollers, Brian J. Kilgore, Carlos A. Matinote and June G. Matinote, all of Creedmoor;

Erika R. Gamel, Dustin C. Gourley, Jinizha M. Johnson and Kelli B. Taylor, all of Franklinton;

Scott Daeke, Michael A. Ellington, Eric P. Faucette, Christopher A. Harrell, Charlotte F. Hedgepeth, Joseph T. Hedgepeth, Anne R. Pettit and Megan N. Pulley, all of Henderson;

Sara G. Sherman of Knightdale;

Megann J. Casady, Matthew W. Davis, Sharon M. Lark and Joanne C. Maye, all of Louisburg;

Kristen M. Hight of Macon;

Joshua A. Jones of Norlina;

Linda Kennedy, Rapheal D. Mangum, Timothy W. Seitzer and Sara M. Whisnant, all of Oxford;

Kyrstin B. Draney of Wake Forest;

Christopher M. Carter and Courtnee' L. Powell, both of Warrenton;

Erin E. Mahoney of Zebulon.


Associate in General Education - General Science:

Brandon C. Wilson of Franklinton;

Ligaya Carissa S. Aguas of Henderson;

Aneta W. Edgerton of Louisburg;

Dorsal Hewitt and Sarah M. Riggan, both of Oxford.


Associate in Science:

Katherine E. Leonard of Castalia;

Shayde O. Lake of Creedmoor;

Travis L. Erwin of Louisburg;

Jacob E. Clark of Norlina;

Sandy L. Tingen of Oxford;

Michael P. Nastasi of Wake Forest;

Katina D. Harris of Warrenton;

Kyle M. Daniel of Youngsville.


Automotive Systems Technology:

Thomas G. Thigpen of Dudley;

John W. Scott of Franklinton;

Douglas L. Newton and Ethan A. Stokes, both of Henderson;

Justin A. Morgan of Norlina;

Douglas M. Betts, Jr. of Oxford;

Larry D. Watson of Warrenton.


Bioprocess Technology:

Tommy E. Hunt of Franklinton;

Joshua A. Coles of Henderson.


Business Administration:

Teresa F. Bullock and Amara D. Claxton, both of Creedmoor;

Terri G. Cargill of Franklinton;

Nacole R. Bullock, Danielle M. Guin, Teresa B. Hayes, Darcel S. Haywood and Jeanetta A. Lyons, all of Henderson;

Holly H. Floyd of Louisburg;

Alice M. Arneth, Jacqueline G. Cozart and Tina K. Emery, all of Oxford;

Karla Y. Marquez-Rivera and Nellie A. Wilson, both of Raleigh;

Kathleen M. Apple of Rougemont;

Susan G. Mangum of Stem;

Bonnie R. Richardson of Warrenton;

Stephanie Hurley of Youngsville.



Alexander A. Harris of Oxford;

Demario M. Terry of Townsville.


Computer Information Technology:

Erica F. Hixon and Vu L. Nguyen, both of Creedmoor;

Shawn M. Dickinson of Franklinton;

Kenneth H. Blauner of Henderson;

Jeremy W. Radford of Kittrell;

Robert V. Powell of Wake Forest.



Felicia A. McKay of Creedmoor;

Aaliyyah K. Kearney of Franklinton;

Tekkia C. Alston, Natasha D. Chavis, Erin M. Grimes, Bianca N. Moore and Melissa D. Weaver, all of Henderson;

Krista B. Newton of Oxford;

Emily R. Balthis of Youngsville.


Criminal Justice Technology:

Jessica M. Hodge of Bunn;

William T. Beal and Robert D. Fountain, both of Creedmoor;

Alicia R. Tedder of Durham;

Kimmora M. Brown and Jake A. Curtis, both of Franklinton;

Sabrina B. Bates, Sherrell N. Burwell, Laura B. Owens, Faye S. Renn, Timothy A. Thompson and Tonya B. Woods, all of Henderson;

Arthur G. Robinson, III of Kittrell;

Amie R. Guy of Louisburg;

Erica Roberts of Norlina;

Bridget S. Clark and Rashod D. Moss, both of Oxford;

Charles R. Walters, III of Raleigh;

Justin A. Schmidt of Rolesville;

Kelly L. Hale and Michael K. Holland, both of Warrenton;

Claralon D. Lemay of Wise.


Culinary Technology:

Denise S. McLeod of Durham;

Tonya G. Pendergrass of Franklinton.


Early Childhood Associate:

Robin M. Littlejohn, Lakesha T. Thomas and Charmika L. Watson, all of Henderson;

Jennifer E. Campbell, Mable P. Gregory, Kini G. Heyl, Ashton T. McMullen and Felicia D. Stallings, all of Louisburg;

Cynthia J. Parrish of Manson;

Shena D. Carter and Delores D. Dozier, both of Norlina;

Lindsay M. Knowles of Oak Island;

Jo A. Hart and Rose M. Taylor, both of Oxford;

Priscilla L. Ham of Rougemont;

Krystle G. Bailey of Wake Forest;

Alexander Poteat of Warrenton.


Electrical/Electronics Technology:

Jerry M. Roach of Louisburg;

Debra B. Kinnin of Mebane;

Christopher A. Vooris of Middleburg;

Quentin T. Marable of Oxford.


Electronics Engineering Technology:

Robert C. Hoffmann of Kittrell;

Bryan P. Coon of Spring Hope;

Rudolf B. Hackman of Stanley;

Sheila Holmes of Youngsville.


Global Logistics Technology:

Angel M. Ellington of Ridgeway;

Leonard C. Luz of Stem.


Human Services Technology:

Sonya L. Jones of Creedmoor;

Renita D. Allen, Courtney K. Durham and Angela C. Taylor, all of Henderson;

Susan L. Loftin of Manson;

Victoria P. Robinson of Norlina;

Malorie V. Howard and Kathryn A. Thompson, both of Oxford.


Human Services Technology/Mental Health:

Aquilla M. McClearn of Carrboro;

Laurie L. Long of Creedmoor;

Nikki M. Abbott and Amanda D. Smith, both of Franklinton;

Rhonda T. Alston of Henderson;

Pattie M. Collins and Areatha H. Dunston, both of Louisburg;

Lorenzo T. Ball of Norlina;

Gloria K. Kearney of Warrenton.


Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:

Donnie B. Jones of Creedmoor;

Preston M. Curtis of Durham;

Johnnie C. Chavis of Henderson;

John R. Patton of Kittrell;

Robin B. Palmer and Jeffrey L. Roberts, both of Oxford.


Information Systems Security:

John W. Tyburski, Jr. of Henderson;

Melissa C. Hodges and Sean C. Rice, both of Louisburg;

James D. Tucker of Manson;

James F. Hayes of Oxford;

Rachel M. Gamble of Raleigh;

Daniel L. Dillard of Wake Forest.


Medical Assisting:

Maureen D. Cole, Derrick C. Crudup and Deborah P. Satterwhite, all of Bunn;

Raven N. Johnson of Creedmoor;

Josefina Aguilar-Noyola, Robin D. Darone, Tamara H. Lawler and Donna H. Tyler, all of Franklinton;

Shannon D. Harris of Henderson;

Donna C. Richardson of Hollister;

Jessica B. Gupton of Kittrell;

Brooke M. Amarosa, Amber D. Jones and Brittany L. Wilder, all of Louisburg;

Preston T. Blackwell and Leroy Wilson, Jr., both of Oxford;

Mary A. Lane of Stovall;

Maria G. Glover of Wake Forest;

Jennifer S. Silver of Warrenton;

Barbara S. Bunn and Stephanie G. Kelly, both of Youngsville.


Medical Office Administration:

Wendy O. Hollowell of Creedmoor;

Melissa F. Killough, Carol A. Porterfield, Felicia M. Vaughn and Amie L. Walker, all of Durham;

Joyce P. Brodie, Alexis R. Faison, Suzanne C. Gardner, Beatrice M. Person and Sandra D. Preddy, all of Franklinton;

Kristinia B. Bullock, Jacqueline O. Davis, Latosha M. Daye, Susan W. Driver, Nancy O. Lacewell, Chanequa C. Mitchell, Patricia A. Purnell, Sherry W. Reed, Tessie M. Steed and William A. Voyles, Jr., all of Henderson;

Beverly M. Beal, Kathryn C. Morris and Katrina T. Person, all of Kittrell;

Krystal D. Ashburn, Ambi N. Brodie, Rita M. Crannell, Kimberly K. Dunston, Sherry C. Manson and Stefanie T. Pendergrass, all of Louisburg;

Monique L. Alston of Manson;

Eugenia D. Maddox of Norlina;

Amanda P. Lester of Oxford;

Eunice M. King of Raleigh;

Sheilah A. Dowsett of Stem;

Deborah V. Powell of Stovall;

Virginia S. Bynum and Alice J. Moss, both of Warrenton;

Roxanne A. Patus of Youngsville.


Networking Technology:

Justin C. Edwards of Henderson.


Office Administration:

Robinette T. Allen of Butner;

Lisa W. Faircloth of Durham;

Jacqueline D. Brownson, Jameka S. Henderson, Eva J. Lassiter and Aisha Moody, all of Henderson;

Catherine L. Espino and Linda G. Matthews, both of Kittrell;

Diane D. Power, Teresa A. Wheeler and Leah B. Williams, all of Oxford;

Kimberly D. McCoy of Roxboro.


Office Administration/Legal:

Vivian M. Matthews and Tia R. Ragland, both of Henderson.


Pharmacy Technology:

Laura S. Renwick of Franklinton;

Christy H. Brummitt and Erica D. Bullock, all of Henderson;

Cheree A. Peffer of Oxford;

Linda E. Glover of Youngsville.


Practical Nursing:

Laura L. Ohlandt of Franklinton;

Joan Y. Currin of Kittrell;

Diane P. Lawhorne of Louisburg;

Tanya Cobb and Winnet K. Tanner, both of Raleigh;

Jessica D. Green of Stem;

Elizabeth Williams of Wake Forest;

Nan G. Pennell of Youngsville.



Aaron C. Haddix of Butner;

Allison N. Brogden, Samantha H. Chappell, Jonathan R. Clark and Lauren R. Medlin, all of Creedmoor;

Kendall L. Coleman, Kenneth J. Medlin and Stephanie K. Riley, all of Durham;

Kirsten A. Berkley and Cristina C. Mensaque, both of Franklinton;

Matthew P. Simmons of Greenville;

Mary K. Anstead and Brittney E. Stone, both of Henderson;

Daniel A. Crudup of Kittrell;

Christian L. Barker, Bernard L. Roberts and Jeana S. Thomas, all of Oxford;

Brittany L. Gruber and Dana M. Wilkins, both of Rougemont;

Shannon W. Long of Roxboro;

Jennifer L. McStoots of Stem;

Derek S. Carver of Timberlake;

Deborah F. Gilliam of Wake Forest;

Lindsay A. Stevenson of Warrenton;

Tabitha L. Porter and Heather A. Thomason, both of Youngsville.


School-Age Education:

Lori R. Burney, Farren Y. Burrell and Elva J. Burnside, all of Franklinton;

Felisha P. Benson and Goldie J. Davis, both of Henderson;

Christine Hardy of Louisburg;

Rori George of Warrenton;

Bonita W. Crudup of Youngsville.


Web Technologies:

Joseph D. Colquitt of Creedmoor;

Karen L. McAtee-MacRae of Littleton.


Welding Technology:

Bernard Benson, Alexander Bullock, Timothy L. Foster, Julian S. Griffin, Stephen G. Tharrington and Roy L. Venable, all of Henderson;

Gary W. Ayscue, II of Kittrell;

Israel M. Velez of Louisburg;

William L. Reams, III of Oxford;

Justin M. Tew of Wake Forest.