VGCC Names 330 to Dean’s List

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 330 students earned Dean’s List honors for the fall semester that ended in December 2013. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to maintain a 3.5 grade-point average and have no grade lower than “B” while carrying at least 12 semester hours, according to VGCC Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs Dr. Angela Ballentine. Fall Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.



Rebecca L. Lee of Bullock;

Regina M. Durham and Ranada B. Pierce, both of Henderson;

Amie E. Annis of Franklinton;

Sheila M. Alston, Tammy E. Dudding and Wendell F. Hammack, all of Louisburg;

Lanasia M. Williams of Warrenton;

Edith M. Henderson and Jacqueline C. Ochoa, both of Youngsville.


Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology:

William C. Rogers of Henderson;

Jonathan R. Moore of Oxford;

Adrianne M. Young of Wake Forest;

Larry J. Collier, Jr., of Warrenton.


Associate Degree Nursing:

Tracey L. Carson-Johnson, Ivy W. Carter and Esther W. Ndwiga, all of Creedmoor;

Kathryn R. Stainback of Durham;

Valerie J. Reid and Roy A. Robinson, both of Franklinton;

Kathy M. Slaughter of Henderson;

Alyssa M. Long of Kittrell;

William R. Loyd, Jr., of Norlina;

Ruth J. Daniel of Oxford;

Lisa A. Lucht, Alice G. Maina and Ashley F. Reams, all of Raleigh;

Sherri L. Infranco of Wake Forest;

Tammy L. Evans of Youngsville.


Associate in Arts:

Cameron L. Kester of Bullock;

Pabitra Chaulagain of Chapel Hill;

Brandi N. Celia and Brittany N. Lara, both of Creedmoor;

Brian G. Bishop and Seul Rang-Kim, both of Durham;

Michelle L. Beckum and Alli M. Purvis, both of Franklinton;

Jennifer A. Burns, Adriana Chavarin, Wykila S. Chavis, Zori S. Ellis, Mallory P. Falkner, Stephanie Garcia, Wagd N. Hauter, Sarah G. Layton, Christina J. Marra, Cornisha S. Mitchell,

Julleah A. Norton, Tammy P. Parrish, Adam K. Pulley, Brittany M. Williams and Amber Winstead, all of Henderson;

Imani K. Burwell and Sadie Lee, both of Kittrell;

Leah F. Williams of Macon;

Ryan H. Norwood and Angela N. Whitney, both of Norlina;

Trevor D. Breedlove, Kirby R. Daniel, Gabrielle Johnson, Bronwen L. Mabe and Morgan G. McFalls, all of Oxford;

Samuel T. Gaskill, Amia A. Jones, Angelique G. Storer and Shawna D. Vasilko, all of Wake Forest;

Chris D. Williamson of Warrenton;

Samuel Lowman, Kippy M. Speicher and Rachel G. Winn, all of Youngsville.


Associate in General Education - General Science:

Canon M. O'Briant of Bahama;

Jennifer Taylor of Creedmoor;

James D. Hinks of Henderson;

Adam J. Gray of Kittrell;

A'deja N. Williams of Louisburg;

Tatiana Cruz of Raleigh.


Associate in Science:

Loren M. McCuiston and Timothy E. Nine, both of Franklinton;

Rebecca L. Anderson, Zachary T. Andrick, Kristen T. Cash, Vivian L. De Leon and Adrienne M. Robertson, all of Henderson;

Maxton K. Richardson of Hollister;

Ashley V. Hedrick of Kittrell;

Ayman L. Abdelshaheed, Brianna J. Gatson and John H. Kirkland, all of Louisburg;

Adam F. Brame and Andrew B. Gill, both of Oxford;

Jerry E. Priddy of Rougemont;

Christopher F. Drake of Stovall;

Christian B. Parsons of Zebulon.


Automotive Systems Technology:

Furnie R. Hill, Jr., of Creedmoor;

Douglas W. Senter of Franklinton;

Kevin W. Daye of Raleigh;

Michael T. Potts of Stem;

Bradley T. Cockram of Youngsville.


Bioprocess Technology:

William M. Dudley of Youngsville.


Business Administration:

Billy W. Hollowell and Karen E. Shaw, both of Butner;

Jennifer L. Burnett of Creedmoor;

Angela M. Garrett of Durham;

Jackie T. Easterling, Tracy R. Holland, Philip N. Layne, Jr., Jonathan Ramirez-Perez and Shannon V. Satterwhite, all of Henderson;

Rachel A. Beddoes and Johnny B. Rogers, both of Louisburg;

Matthew T. Currin, Jason D. Hester, Shannon M. Hester and Broguen McKeown, all of Oxford;

Laquesha N. Rogers-Davis of Raleigh;

Sarah E. Cook, Jessica L. Floyd and Travis J. McGhee, all of Wake Forest;

Brian J. Haynes of Warrenton.



Joseph Richardson, Jr., of Henderson.


Computer Information Technology:

Susan B. Burnett of Creedmoor;

Max N. Moore and John P. Sanford, both of Henderson;

Cassandra N. Griffin of Louisburg;

Ryan V. Neal of Norlina;

David F. Glover and Alisha M. Prevette, both of Oxford;

Christopher Puryear of Stem.



Toni A. Williams of Castalia;

Pashion J. Bullock and Mildred T. Dunston, both of Franklinton;

Robin G. Boyd, Stacie B. Currin, Melanie C. Green, Sonja L. Henderson and Lucero Reyes-Alegria, all of Henderson;

Ashley N. Moore and Shannon A. Nichols, both of Louisburg;

Darlene G. Hill of Manson;

Kiamesha V. Alston and Seana R. Faltz, both of Norlina;

Shavonne D. Cheatham, Kelsey L. Edwards, Tecolia T. Hough, Justice C. Lyons, Amber M. Warren and Shekinah G. Yancey, all of Oxford;

Kathryn Maldonado and Tammeka S. Williams, both of Wake Forest;

Lalita S. Evans of Warrenton;

Brittany B. David of Youngsville.


Criminal Justice Technology:

Jessica A. Lancaster of Asheville;

Ronnie L. McAdams of Butner;

Lovie D. Davis of Castalia;

Damon M. Brackett, James C. Hann, Willie C. Tant and Cynthia H. Wrenn, all of Creedmoor;

Brianna N. Bonds, Cody M. Tuck and Shelly T. Williamson, all of Franklinton;

Joseph C. Brodie, Amanda M. Carroll, Christa L. Curl and Christopher E. Martin, all of Henderson;

William R. James of Henrico;

Eunice A. Edwards and Taylor R. Lawrence, both of Kittrell;

Hunter D. Meffert of Louisburg;

Kimberly M. Alston of Macon;

Frank A. Mendible of Morrisville;

Alan S. Daniel, Dylan K. McFalls, Tyler C. Parrott, Jay A. Reindl, Sylvia D. Terry, Mark A. West and Sandra K. Wilkins, all of Oxford;

Steven P. Pearce, Charlene J. Thompson and Nicholas L. Williams, all of Raleigh;

Ashley R. Ladd and Toni L. Pleasants, both of Rougemont;

Janelle R. Howell of Stem.


Culinary Arts:

Jacob A. Deweese III of Creedmoor;

Maria M. Williams of Henderson;

Matthew J. Hosier of Oxford;

Amanda S. Tillotson of Stovall.


Early Childhood Education:

Eva M. Hicks of Bahama;

Kini G. Heyl of Bunn;

Jeanette D. Covington and Kimberly Mozell, both of Durham;

Vanessa Martinez of Franklinton;

Tyesha  S. Lewis, Darricia L. Parker, Amy K. Stockinger and Carolyn F. Yancey, all of Henderson;

Selena L. Bullock of Kittrell;

Felicia D. Al-Nehmi, Elizabeth Velazquez-Gil and Lauren V. Watkins, all of Louisburg;

Jesica Rivera of Oxford;

Eugenie Drew of Raleigh;

Katria D. Lassiter of Roanoke Rapids;

Crystal G. Emmons of Rougemont;

Paula L. Williams of Roxboro;

Jessica R. Ingram of Stem;

Karinne L. Fuoco of Wake Forest;

Raven T. Williams of Warrenton;

Heather R. Carpenter of Youngsville.


Electrical/Electronics Technology:

Leon Williams of Warrenton;

Thomas Q. Higgins and Dennis M. Simpson, both of Youngsville.


Electrical Systems Technology:

Larry C. Crudup and Cherie L. McBeth, both of Henderson.


Electronics Engineering Technology:

Caleb Barron of Creedmoor;

Amy M. Lamont of Henderson.



Nancy M. Ianniello, John B. Thomas and Ashley N. Vincent, all of Youngsville.


Global Logistics Technology:

Jeffrey R. Powell of Creedmoor;

James A. Jones and Charles E. Neal, both of Henderson;

Mary T. Dutka-Chiplis of Norlina;

Lajean C. Bradsher of Oxford;

Eric W. Swart of Wake Forest;

Charles H. Rhodes of Youngsville.


Human Services Technology:

Melissa D. Hooper of Butner;

Brenda A. Burton of Henderson;

Anne H. Short of Norlina;

Kimberly S. Elliott of Stem;

Jeanelle W. Leach of Youngsville.


Human Services Technology/Mental Health:

Rosa A. Burwell of Butner;

Christopher L. Jones of Henderson;

Appiah N. Larbi of Knightdale;

Aileen M. Harris of Louisburg.


Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:

Mindy R. Cash, Heather L. Clark, and Celeste S. Harris, all of Henderson;

Esther B. Daniels of Louisburg;

Lauren N. Devore of Oxford.


Information Systems Security:

Dennis K. Tally of Creedmoor;

Ryshawn D. Hanks and Kelvin J. Lewis, all of Henderson;

Filip Cvrkic of Warrenton.


Medical Assisting:

Judy V. McIntosh of Bunn;

Kevin A. Rumsey of Stem;

Tabatha N. Dickerson and Sarah L. Ruehl, both of Wake Forest;

Christina D. Guy-Mcfarland of Youngsville.


Medical Office Administration:

Mary S. Chavis and Jamie D. Pendergrast, both of Butner;

Amber G. Bradberry of Castalia;

Ramona McKinney-Matthews of Chapel Hill;

Gabrielle L. Fain, Nita A. Tulloch and Crystal M. Wilkins, all of Creedmoor;

Joseph O. Deshazo of Durham;

Amy E. Downing, Cheryl C. Hunter and Deborah A. Rogers, all of Franklinton;

Samantha R. Davis, Leahann M. Faucette, Kristin R. Hicks, Shaun R. Hymon, Patricia M. Jeffcoat, Jessica W. Kearney, Cynthia D. Littlejohn, Jacqueline R. McGovern and Stephanie I. Ranes, all of Henderson;

Anquasia Davis-Taylor, Abigail M. Dorsey, Magdalene M. Dorsey, Cassidy M. Hinkle and Jillian W. Wall, all of Louisburg;

Sharon Y. Henderson of Manson;

Sara G. Belville, Jacqueline I. Davis, Taylor L. Jackson, Donnie P. Long and Kasey R. Lovings, all of Oxford;

Sherry N. Barnes of Roanoke Rapids;

Helen Jordan, David L. Norris and Naytisha L. Paredes, all of Wake Forest.


Networking Technology:

Amber Batten of Creedmoor.


Office Administration:

Ivana J. Hatfield and Ethel Sims, both of Louisburg;

Gail Susewell of Middleburg;

Alice A. Elliott and Janet W. Thorpe, both of Oxford;

Amy T. Addison and Mary P. Rhodes, both of Youngsville.


Office Administration/Legal:

Margaret A. Cooper of Oxford;

Victoria L. Gupton of Zebulon.


Paralegal Technology:

Kevin W. Allen of Franklinton;

Megan N. Finch of Louisburg;

Michelle R. Williams of Youngsville.


Pharmacy Technology:

Kristi J. Kirkland of Butner;

Courtney M. Abbott, Deneka R. Burton and Kaitlyn B. Gill, all of Henderson;

Monitra M. Cowell of Louisburg;

Victoria A. Burwell, Kristi M. Rowland and Jason B. Stevens, all of Oxford;

Kelsey G. Hale of Warrenton.


Practical Nursing:

Lydia S. Travis of Butner;

Charidy A. Scott of Franklinton;

Lovelyn I. Imoh of Raleigh;

Felicia L. Spruill of Warrenton.



Makiesha A. Dickson of Louisburg;

Chelsea M. Woods of Wake Forest;

John C. Brantley of Zebulon.


School-Age Education:

Brandy W. Pendergrass of Henderson;

Aqueria T. Hargrove of Kittrell;

Jennifer Kaleel and Arrieanne Power, both of Louisburg;

Megan C. Sullivan of Oxford.


Simulation and Game Development:

Christopher B. Nicholson of Bullock;

Caleb L. Cozart of Creedmoor;

Andrew B. Benedict and Justin W. Griffin, both of Henderson.


Web Technologies:

Michelle L. Hagwood of Louisburg.


Welding Technology:

Jay W. Johnson, David M. Stokes, Jr., and Johnathan C. Weaver, all of Henderson;

Herman Davis of Norlina;

John-Paul L. Bresett and Benjamin A. Sanders, both of Oxford.