VGCC Names 322 to Dean’s List

Monday, August 5, 2013

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 322 students earned Dean’s List honors for the spring semester that ended in May. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to maintain a 3.5 grade-point average and have no grade lower than “B” while carrying at least 12 semester hours, according to VGCC Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs Dr. Angela Ballentine. Spring Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.



Rebecca L. Lee of Bullock;

Amara D. Claxton of Creedmoor;

Amie E. Annis of Franklinton;

Bobby G. Elmore, Kaitlyn B. Pulley and Melissa A. Strickland, all of Henderson;

Sheila M. Alston and Amanda R. Edwards, both of Louisburg;

Mary T. Dutka-Chiplis and Anthony L. Steed, both of Norlina;

Jessica L. Floyd of Wake Forest;

Ruthie M. Davis of Warrenton;

Deborah L. Graham and James R. Tucker, both of Youngsville.


Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology:

Justin R. Morris and Jacob D. Rinker, both of Creedmoor;

Todd A. Poteat of Henderson;

James L. Small of Louisburg;

Zachary D. Harris and Andrew A. Riggleman, both of Norlina;

Richard A. Garner, Jr. and Thomas Q. Higgins, both of Youngsville.


Associate Degree Nursing:

Tracey L. Carson-Johnson of Creedmoor;

Adetunji M. Bakare, Chad A. Clayton and Kathryn R. Stainback, all of Durham;

Valerie R. Brangham and Roy A. Robinson, both of Franklinton;

Ashley N. Junk of Henderson;

Peyton H. Grissom of Oxford;

Ashley F. Reams of Raleigh;

Caroline A. Strazis of Rougemont;

Sherri L. Infranco of Wake Forest;

Tammy L. Evans of Youngsville.



Associate in Arts:

Cameron L. Kester and Morgan M. Milligan, both of Bullock;

Martha Y. Garcia and Benjamin T. Marshall, both of Butner;

Leeann M. Pace of Castalia;

Diane L. Bell, Jessica Colquitt, Brittany F. Currin, Casey T. Nordcliff and Kristie L. Pulliam, all of Creedmoor;

Brian G. Bishop and Christina M. Johnston, both of Durham;

Teresa L. Exley and Tommy L. Hicks, both of Franklinton;

Hailey Andrick, Yamile A. Chavarin, Zori S. Ellis, Jordan N. Harrell, Charlotte F. Hedgepeth,

Curtis J. Jefferys, Julleah A. Norton, Tania A. Perales, Mark S. Smith, Kim J. Thorpe, Khadijah R. Tucker, Georgina Vanegas and Erika Vasquez, all of Henderson;

Frank D. Allison, Brianna E. Alston, Parrish Q. Haythe, Jessica Kennedy, Haleigh M. Meffert, Donnie C. Rudd, Courtney L. Sherron, Ellie M. Sipfle and Brenda R. Whitley, all of Louisburg;

Lauren N. Hight of Macon;

Melissa D. Cummings, Ana L. Endrusick, Carolyn E. Estes, Michael D. Frady, Mark A. Tillotson and Wilbur W. Yeargin, IV, all of Oxford;

Shayna Boyd of Ridgeway;

Joshua T. Awe of Spring Hope;

Stephen Fullington of Stem;

Amia A. Jones and Angelique G. Storer, both of Wake Forest;

Yazmin L. Obregon of Warrenton;

Cristina G. Paynter of Wise;

Kippy M. Speicher of Youngsville.


Associate in General Education - General Science:

Christina L. Cates of Franklinton;

Michael T. Peoples and Jolynne A. Winstead, both of Henderson;

Adam J. Gray of Kittrell;

Tatiana Cruz and Jonathan W. Robbins, both of Oxford;

Gayla K. Lassiter of Stem;

Gregory S. Turner and Chelsea M. Woods, both of Wake Forest;

Courtney M. Mitchell of Youngsville.


Associate in Science:

Loriel N. Oakley of Butner;

Thomas K. Andrews, Cody M. Burkhardt and Carlos J. MacHado, all of Creedmoor;

Matthew R. Higgs of Franklinton;

Morgan T. Adcock, Rebecca L. Anderson and Kristen T. Cash, all of Henderson;

Ayman L. Abdelshaheed and Matthew W. Davis, both of Louisburg;

Christopher F. Drake of Stovall;

Michael J. Luchsinger of Youngsville.


Automotive Systems Technology:

Donald W. Tilley of Creedmoor;

David L. Nicholson of Oxford;

William S. Smith of Warrenton.


Bioprocess Technology:

William M. Dudley of Youngsville.


Business Administration:

Jennifer L. Burnett, Billy W. Hollowell and Cecil C. Rose, all of Creedmoor;

Angela M. Garrett of Durham;

Courtney A. Higginbotham and Nicole M. Woolard, both of Franklinton;

Tracey D. Chavis, Marisol S. Diaz and Beatriz Vasquez Martinez, all of Henderson;

Charles L. Slocum of Hillsborough;

Royston O. Brown, Jr., Angela A. Hargrove, Jason D. Hester and Shannon M. Hester, all of Oxford;

Amanda G. Newton of Stem;

Veronica M. Yount of Townsville;

Sarah E. Cook and William M. Salmons, Jr., both of Wake Forest;

Gregory L. Goode of Warrenton.


Computer Information Technology:

Eric W. Walker of Creedmoor;

Benjamin G. Swarey of Franklinton;

Michael D. Reid, John P. Sanford and Hughon F. Topping, all of Henderson;

Cassandra N. Griffin of Louisburg;

Jabari R. White of Manson;

Ryan V. Neal of Norlina;

Ashley N. Allen of Wake Forest.



Cheyenne Fowler of Durham;

Farren Y. Burrell of Franklinton;

Kendrick D. Allen, Felicia D. Alston and Valerie L. Blackwell, all of Henderson;

Connie M. Epps and Paul A. Thorne, both of Louisburg;

Ashley D. Thomas of Norlina;

Kristi D. West of Stem;

Tracey D. Fuller, Crystal Gates and Karen E. Lindsey, all of Wake Forest;

Amanda K. Rosa of Zebulon.


Criminal Justice Technology:

Sean R. Kassinger of Bullock;

Vicky V. Philip of Cary;

Lovie D. Davis of Castalia;

Dustin D. Rogers of Chapel Hill;

Tanya L. Thomas and Cynthia H. Wrenn, both of Creedmoor;

Cody M. Tuck and Shelly T. Williamson, both of Franklinton;

Mindy R. Cash and Michael W. Lamirand, both of Henderson;

Menetha W. Green of Louisburg;

Angela M. Keighley, Barika L. Lyons, Garland A. Myrick, Jr., Randy D. Parrott, Tyler C. Parrott, Ann W. Saccoccio, Joseph D. Sharon, LaTvia M. Speed and Julia E. Thompson, both of Oxford;

Steven P. Pearce and Charlene J. Thompson, both of Raleigh;

Lisa J. Mooring of Stantonsburg;

Janelle R. Howell of Stem;

Angelia B. Echevarria of Wake Forest;

John A. Branche of Warrenton;

Thomas M. Carter, Brad A. Knutson and Julie Schenck, all of Youngsville.


Culinary Arts:

Thomas M. Schmuker of Creedmoor;

Alycia D. Lineszy of Durham;

Jane L. Miller of Franklinton;

Jessica B. Cheek, Shiona MacLean, Percy L. Powell, III and Lindsey N. Ramsey, all of Oxford;

Bryan K. Coppedge and Kenneth D. Wilson, both of Warrenton.


Early Childhood Education:

Adriele Andre of Creedmoor;

Crystal G. Emmons of Durham;

Amy K. Stockinger of Henderson;

Selena L. Bullock, Wendy Matthews and Sheena E. McNamara, all of Kittrell;

Amanda L. Allen, Octavia M. Houston, Kristin L. Sims and Carly S. Wallace, all of Louisburg;

Brenda L. Taylor of Oxford;

Domonique D. Dawson of Raleigh;

Emily J. Fields of Youngsville;

Tanya E. Sustarsic of Zebulon.


Electrical/Electronics Technology:

Timothy B. Billings, Christopher T. Branch, Winfred D. Brown, Allen M. Fisher and Ethan A. Stokes, all of Henderson;

Reginald S. Oakley and Tyler J. Reavis, both of Oxford;

Dustin T. Holloman of Wake Forest.


Electronics Engineering Technology:

Caleb Barron of Creedmoor;

John J. Stamets and Joshua T. Williford, both of Oxford.



Karen N. Intriago-Carrion of Creedmoor;

Aurelia D. Elam of Warrenton;

John B. Thomas of Youngsville.


Global Logistics Technology:

Ruth P. Tucker of Butner;

Jeffrey R. Powell of Creedmoor;

Trever L. Durham and Charles E. Neal, both of Henderson;

Charles H. Rhodes of Youngsville.


Human Services Technology:

Melissa D. Hooper of Butner;

Jennifer A. West of Oxford;

Maria O. Wood of Roxboro;

Stuart D. Noll of Spring Hope;

Kimberly S. Elliott of Stem.


Human Services Technology/Mental Health:

Christopher L. Jones of Henderson;

Kelly N. Dehart of Oxford.


Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:

Karen J. Strickland of Creedmoor;

Heather L. Clark and Quanya D. Williams, both of Henderson;

Jennifer A. Smith of Raleigh;

Michael C. Brown of Stem.


Information Systems Security:

Amber Batten of Creedmoor;

Andrew J. McNeilly of Durham;

Melissa C. Hodges of Louisburg;

Filip Cvrkic of Warrenton.


Medical Assisting:

Judy V. McIntosh of Bunn;

Lindsey B. Hinkle of Creedmoor;

Rachel A. Edwards of Louisburg;

Tabatha N. Dickerson, Joan A. Marshall and Sarah L. Ruehl, all of Wake Forest;

Maryfrances Johnson of Warrenton;

Claudia L. Haywood of Youngsville.


Medical Office Administration:

Brandi L. Beasley, Gabrielle L. Fain and Nita A. Tulloch, all of Creedmoor;

Sarah H. Field and Adriana M. Mariano-Duque, both of Franklinton;

Tiffany F. Barnes, Janella Boyd, Christie L. Brown, Jessica W. Kearney, Cynthia D. Littlejohn, Jacqueline R. McGovern, Antoinette H. Mitchell, Kierah L. Owens, Saundra E. Small and Holly L. Tyndall, all of Henderson;

Abigail M. Dorsey, Magdalene M. Dorsey, Melissa M. Liming, Kristine S. Loffredo, Terrie W. Murray and Jillian W. Wall, all of Louisburg;

Timeka Harrison of Macon;

Tequella B. Hendrick and Rhuenette R. Nicholas, both of Manson;

Sabrina M. Bass, Sara G. Belville, Jacqueline I. Davis, Tiffany B. Durham, Tiffany W. Perry and

Kelsi L. Warren, all of Oxford;

Sherry N. Barnes of Roanoke Rapids;

Caisey L. Hinesley of Stem;

April P. Clayton of Stovall.



Networking Technology:

Ashley M. Rhew of Bahama;

Karen L. McAtee-MacRae of Littleton;

Michael A. Boyte of Rougemont.


Office Administration:

Christina Barron and Angela C. Thomas, both of Creedmoor;

Sheronda L. Guerra of Franklinton;

Tashayia K. Busby, Juana J. Jones, Gail Susewell and Danielle J. Yancey, all of Henderson;

Kiara L. Taylor of Littleton;

Rachel A. Beddoes of Louisburg;

Alice A. Elliott of Oxford;

Jacqueline C. Ochoa and Mary P. Rhodes, both of Youngsville.


Office Administration/Legal:

Leonette P. Taybron of Louisburg;

Margaret A. Cooper of Oxford;

Victoria L. Gupton of Zebulon.


Pharmacy Technology:

Kristi J. Kirkland of Butner;

Virginie L. Sirianna and Theresa P. Soles, both of Franklinton;

Courtney M. Abbott of Henderson;

Jason B. Stevens of Oxford.


Practical Nursing:

Kara R. Hill and Emily E. Litzenberger, both of Durham;

Laura L. Murray of Oxford;

Rosemary A. Ombajo of Raleigh;

Sarah E. Brame of Stem;

Chamara D. Enis of Stovall;

Morgan M. Yount of Timberlake;

Roselyne Muhimpundu of Wake Forest.



Dana Thompson of Creedmoor;

Kasey N. Renuart of Franklinton;

Makiesha A. Dickson and Brittany H. Young, both of Louisburg;

John C. Brantley of Zebulon.


School-Age Education:

Adrienne N. Adcock, Karen A. Logan and Megan C. Sullivan, all of Oxford.


Web Technologies:

Chavis L. Jones of Henderson;

David F. Glover of Oxford.


Welding Technology:

Charles L. Gravel of Raleigh.