VGCC Names 311 to Dean’s List

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 311 students earned Dean’s List honors for the spring semester that ended in May. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to maintain a 3.5 grade-point average and have no grade lower than “B” while carrying at least 12 semester hours, according to VGCC Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs Dr. Angela Ballentine. Spring Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.



Regina M. Durham and Kaitlyn B. Pulley, both of Henderson;

Tammy E. Dudding of Louisburg;

Ashley N. Copeland of Macon;

Sarah M. Tucker of Manson;

Bobby R. Faulkner, Sr. of Oxford;

Lanasia M. Williams of Warrenton;

Jacqueline C. Ochoa of Youngsville;

Donna J. Pearce of Zebulon.


Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology:

Jonathan R. Moore of Oxford;

Larry J. Collier, Jr. of Warrenton.


Associate Degree Nursing:

Elizabeth A. Davis of Butner;

Valerie J. Reid of Franklinton;

Kaitlin H. Robertson of Henderson;

William R. Loyd, Jr. of Norlina;

Lisa A. Lucht of Raleigh;

Katherine M. Sego of Wake Forest.


Associate in Arts:

Michael S. Potts of Butner;

Mollie L. Murphy of Castalia;

Zori S. Vinson of Charlotte;

Michelle L. Beckum, Solange Carrion and Brittany N. Lara, all of Creedmoor;

Tashayia K. Busby, Stephanie Garcia, Joy R. Herndon, Nicholas F. Hoyle, Shellie N. Hughes, Sarah G. Layton, Cornisha S. Mitchell, Julleah A. Norton, Tania A. Perales and Brittany M. Williams, all of Henderson;

Imani K. Burwell of Kittrell;

Adam C. Storey of Louisburg;

Joshua R. Alston, Kaya W. Elliott and Lauren N. Hight, all of Macon;

Gabrielle Johnson and Bronwen L. Mabe, both of Oxford;

Melissa A. Meade of Rougemont;

Margaret G. Brown, Angelique G. Storer and Emily N. Walters, all of Wake Forest.


Associate in Arts & Associate in Science:

Martha Y. Garcia Cervantes of Butner.


Associate in General Education - General Science:

Tommy L. Hicks of Franklinton;

Melissa C. Norwood and Carla K. Pegram, both of Henderson;

Adam J. Gray of Kittrell;

Emily C. Rogers of Louisburg;

Deshana R. Barnett and Schnail M. Bynum-Daniel, both of Oxford;

Eugenie Drew of Raleigh;

Courtney M. Humphries of Roxboro;

Chelsi E. Watts of Warrenton;

Hannah M. Griffin of Zebulon.


Associate in Science:

Valerie J. Strange of Bullock;

Matthew D. Smith of Creedmoor;

Rebecca L. Anderson, Kristen T. Cash and Adrienne M. Robertson, all of Henderson;

John H. Kirkland and Emerald M. Scott, both of Louisburg;

Kassie Clary of Norlina;

Joseph T. Adcock, Geoffrey Arnott, Tracey L. Carson-Johnson, Kirby R. Daniel, Andrew B. Gill, Jeremy R. McNeill and Yancey C. Otero, all of Oxford;

Jerry E. Priddy of Rougemont;

Maria J. Pagliara and Luke V. Stavish, both of Stem;

Christian S. Brooks of Youngsville.


Automotive Systems Technology:

Furnie R. Hill, Jr. of Creedmoor;

David A. Perdue of Louisburg;

David L. Nicholson of Oxford;

Adam E. Parker of Rougemont;

Jonita L. Garnes and Wallace L. Howard, both of Wake Forest;

Bradley T. Cockram of Youngsville.


Bioprocess Technology:

Natasha L. Durham of Manson.


Business Administration:

Billy W. Hollowell and Karen E. Shaw, both of Butner;

Mary L. Selvidge of Creedmoor;

Angela M. Garrett and Amber L. Williamson, both of Durham;

Amie E. Annis, Sonya K. Jackson and David M. Kraus, all of Franklinton;

Jackie T. Easterling, Tracy R. Holland and Jonathan Ramirez Perez, all of Henderson;

Sheila M. Alston, Rachel A. Beddoes, Lois J. Daniels and Johnny B. Rogers, all of Louisburg;

Uriel Govea Rostro, Shannon M. Hester, Lauren B. Long, Broguen McKeown, Garland A. Myrick, Jr. and Tyler R. Woodside, all of Oxford;

Stephen Fullington of Stem;

Sarah E. Cook of Wake Forest;

Jacqueline S. Ellis and Brian J. Haynes, both of Warrenton.


Computer Information Technology:

Cassandra N. Griffin of Castalia;

Susan B. Burnett of Creedmoor;

Max N. Moore, John P. Sanford and Bobby J. Taylor, all of Henderson;

Sonia M. Bishop of Stem.


Computer Technology Integration:

Dajuan S. Harrison of Henderson;

Shanta Moss of Norlina;

Ashley N. Allen of Wake Forest.



Toni A. Williams of Castalia;

Shakera M. Hawkins of Creedmoor;

Laquaanida Simmons of Durham;

Pashion J. Bullock of Franklinton;

Jasmine D. Blacknall, Robin G. Boyd, Stacie B. Currin, Sonja L. Henderson, Lashamika M. Ragland, Lucero Reyes-Alegria, Cecilia L. Rosales Martine, Shannon V. Satterwhite and Krystal N. Woodlief, all of Henderson;

MaNacon L. Harris of Hollister;

Jamesha L. Holden and Shannon A. Nichols, both of Louisburg;

Machaela S. Bullock and Darlene G. Hill, both of Manson;

Seana R. Faltz of Norlina;

Shavonne D. Cheatham, Kelsey L. Edwards and Shekinah G. Yancey, all of Oxford;

Clarky L. Davis and Joseph O. Price, Jr., both of Raleigh;

Kristi D. West of Stem;

Brittany B. David, Kathryn Maldonado and Tammeka S. Williams, all of Wake Forest;

Holly W. Height of Zebulon.


Criminal Justice Technology:

Sean R. Kassinger of Bullock;

Cynthia H. Wrenn of Creedmoor;

Ronnie L. McAdams of Efland;

Cody M. Tuck and Shelly T. Williamson, all of Franklinton;

Bryan L. Carey, Jr., Wykila S. Chavis and Allyssabeth R. Trowbridge, all of Henderson;

Dominique J. Braswell and Hunter D. Meffert, both of Louisburg;

Kimberly M. Alston of Macon;

Luis E. Martinez, Jay A. Reindl and Joseph V. Toto, all of Oxford;

Nicholas L. Williams of Raleigh;

Ashley R. Ladd of Rougemont;

Jessica Edwards-Kearney of Warrenton;

Steven P. Pearce of Wendell.


Culinary Arts:

Jacob A. Deweese, III of Creedmoor;

Treyvon A. Rogers and Alison L. Yarborough, both of Henderson;

Roderick Hackney, Shiona MacLean and Heather B. Stallings, all of Oxford;

Miranda D. Reaves of Wake Forest;

Samantha J. Bunn of Youngsville.


Early Childhood Education:

Virginia S. Young of Bullock;

Kimberly Mozell of Durham;

Darricia L. Parker and Amy K. Stockinger, both of Henderson;

Wendy Matthews of Kittrell;

Elizabeth Velazquez-Gil of Louisburg;

Franceine D. Cole of Norlina;

Jesica Rivera of Oxford;

Heather B. Snickles of Raleigh;

Crystal G. Emmons of Rougemont;

Paula L. Kearney of Roxboro;

Jessica R. Ingram of Stem;

Kristine A. Black of Wake Forest;

Vanessa Martinez of Youngsville.


Electrical/Electronics Technology:

Lance R. Ellington of Oxford;

Dennis M. Simpson of Youngsville.


Electrical Systems Technology:

Daniel G. Levis, Cherie L. McBeth and Jarrod E. Stanley, all of Henderson;

James L. Bynum, Jr. of Warrenton.


Electronics Engineering Technology:

Amy M. Lemons and John J. Stamets, both of Oxford.



Sarah E. Lambert of Raleigh;

Nancy M. Ianniello and John B. Thomas, both of Youngsville.


Global Logistics Technology:

Trever L. Durham and Charles E. Neal, both of Henderson;

Mary T. Dutka-Chiplis of Norlina;

Eric W. Swart of Wake Forest;

Charles H. Rhodes of Youngsville.


Human Services Technology:

Angela M. Garrett of Franklinton;

Heather L. Clark and Katie L. Floyd, both of Henderson;

Nikia C. Wortham of Macon;

Stuart D. Noll of Spring Hope;

Kimberly S. Elliott of Stem;

Jeanelle W. Leach of Youngsville.


Human Services Technology/Mental Health:

Rosa A. Burwell of Butner;

Aileen M. Harris of Louisburg.


Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:

Tanya L. Thomas of Creedmoor;

Esther B. Daniels of Louisburg;

Lauren N. Devore and Abbey M. Garner, both of Oxford;

Karl J. Davis of Youngsville.


Information Systems Security:

Dennis K. Tally of Creedmoor;

Filip Cvrkic of Warrenton.


Medical Assisting:

Ashley R. Pulliam of Creedmoor;

Candace L. Bray of Franklinton;

Sarahi M. Martinez Lara of Henderson;

Ashley N. Day of Louisburg;

Gayla K. Lassiter of Stem;

Tabatha N. Dickerson of Wake Forest.


Medical Office Administration:

Mary S. Chavis of Butner;

Amber G. Bradberry of Castalia;

Brittany N. Costello, Jazzmin H. Roberts and Crystal A. Williams, all of Creedmoor;

Lakesha Jones of Durham;

Amy E. Downing and Deborah A. Rogers, both of Franklinton;

Tiffany F. Barnes, Victoria R. Hargrove, Shaun R. Hymon, Jessica W. Kearney, Cynthia D. Littlejohn, Jacqueline R. McGovern, Kierah L. Owens and Lawrence E. Yates, all of Henderson;

Allison K. Batchelor, Cassidy M. Hinkle, Jillian W. Wall, Jacquline H. Williams and Victoria Williams, all of Louisburg;

Sara G. Belville, Chakan N. Harris, Donnie P. Long, Kasey R. Lovings, Tiffany W. Perry and Kesha N. Williams, all of Oxford;

Helen Jordan and David L. Norris, both of Wake Forest.


Networking Technology:

Amber Batten of Creedmoor;

Ryan V. Neal of Norlina.


Office Administration:

Christina Barron of Creedmoor;

Arlene R. Hudson of Henderson;

Ethel Sims of Louisburg;

Anella F. Cooper of Oxford.


Office Administration/Legal:

Margaret A. Cooper of Oxford.


Paralegal Technology:

Megan N. Finch of Louisburg.


Pharmacy Technology:

Larry L. Morgan of Butner;

Angela E. Bishop of Creedmoor;

Deneka R. Burton, Jacqueline P. Burton and Kaitlyn B. Gill, all of Henderson;

Monitra M. Cowell of Louisburg;

Brittany L. Collier of Norlina;

Victoria A. Burwell of Oxford.


Practical Nursing:

Lydia S. Travis of Butner;

Charidy A. Scott of Franklinton;

Lovelyn I. Imoh and Leonidah B. Momanyi, both of Raleigh;

Felicia L. Spruill of Warrenton.



Carmen R. Pate of Creedmoor;

John T. Kelly, Juli A. Mitchell-Luther and Dean M. Morron, all of Durham;

Amber N. Lankford of Efland;

Christina L. Cates and Kristin K. Martin, both of Franklinton;

Jolynne A. Winstead of Henderson;

Joseph D. Ahrens and Mahala B. Tant, both of Louisburg;

Amberly L. Stepp of Rougemont;

Clinton R. Burnette, Patricia W. Williams and Chelsea M. Woods, all of Wake Forest;

Donna M. Beasley and Katie E. Sumner, both of Youngsville.


School-Age Education:

Brandy W. Pendergrass of Henderson;

Imani I. Guy of Kittrell;

Arrieanne Power of Louisburg;

Adrienne N. Adcock, Karen A. Logan and Megan C. Sullivan, all of Oxford.


Simulation and Game Development:

Caleb L. Cozart of Creedmoor;

Andrew B. Benedict and Justin W. Griffin, both of Henderson.


Technical Special Students:

Appiah N. Larbi of Knightdale;

Ayman L. Abdelshaheed of Louisburg.


Web Technologies:

Brianna M. Medina and Samantha H. Stoner, both of Henderson;

Nancy S. Long of Kittrell;

Mary Cox and David F. Glover, both of Oxford.


Welding Technology:

Caleb Barron of Creedmoor;

Calvin F. Alston of Franklinton;

John-Paul L. Bresett, Jay W. Johnson and Johnathan C. Weaver, all of Henderson.