VGCC Names 306 to Dean’s List

Monday, April 8, 2013

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 306 students earned Dean’s List honors for the fall semester that ended in December 2012. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to maintain a 3.5 grade-point average and have no grade lower than “B” while carrying at least 12 semester hours, according to VGCC Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs Dr. Angela Ballentine. Fall Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.



Rebecca L. Lee of Bullock;

Kyndall D. Crudup of Bunn;

Jennifer L. Burnett of Creedmoor;

Andrea Williams of Durham;

Amie E. Annis of Franklinton;

Bobby G. Elmore, Lydia L. Harris, Cassidy J. Ivey and Melissa A. Strickland, all of Henderson;

Sheila M. Alston of Louisburg;

Susan M. Maynard and Anthony L. Steed, both of Norlina;

Paula A. Rettig and Tory M. Young, both of Oxford;

Tammy C. Pipkins of Wake Forest;

Allyson J. Dunston, Deborah L. Graham, Edith M. Henderson and James R. Tucker, all of Youngsville.


Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology:

Jacob D. Rinker of Creedmoor;

Todd A. Poteat and Carey A. Rogers, both of Henderson;

James L. Small of Louisburg;

Zachary D. Harris of Norlina;

Dominic E. Draper of Zebulon.


Associate Degree Nursing:

Heather A. Cook of Bullock;

Elizabeth A. Davis of Butner;

Darcy S. Geiger-Jackson and Esther W. Ndwiga, both of Creedmoor;

Chad A. Clayton and Patrick A. Greene, both of Durham;

Valerie R. Brangham of Franklinton;

April T. Stainback of Henderson;

Peyton H. Grissom of Oxford;

Caroline A. Strazis of Rougemont;

Crystal P. Lynn of Wake Forest.


Associate in Arts:

Kyle B. Elliott, Cameron L. Kester and Aaron Vaughan, all of Bullock;

Martha Y. Garcia of Butner;

Mollie L. Murphy of Castalia;

Solange Carrion, Lyndsey A. Meyerson, Brooke M. Midtsjo and Justin R. Morris, all of Creedmoor;

Seul Rang Kim and Jennifer N. Longmire, both of Durham;

Teresa L. Exley and Tommy L. Hicks, both of Franklinton;

David B. Ayscue, Jr., Dyvoniek W. Burwell, Yamile A. Chavarin, Mark S. Smith and Erika   Vasquez, all of Henderson;

Frank D. Allison, Haleigh M. Meffert and Brenda R. Whitley, all of Louisburg;

Kaya W. Elliott and Lauren N. Hight, both of Macon;

Katherine N. Low of Norlina;

Darian L. Boyd, Shalondra D. Brown, Ashley J. Chalmers, Lawrence A. Denny, Ana L. Endrusick, Carolyn E. Estes, Katrya S. Harris, Shannon L. Hayes, Cody M. Trivette and Wilbur W. Yeargin, IV, all of Oxford;

Travis B. Carrington of Raleigh;

Sarah H. Evans of Stem;

Rebecca E. May, Rachel E. Pottern and Angelique G. Storer, all of Wake Forest;

Jennifer M. Quick and Rey F. Reyes, both of Warrenton;

Christian M. Aguado, Mallory E. McDade, Ashley M. Seagroves and Courtney L. Sherron, all of Youngsville.


Associate in General Education - General Science:

Justin R. Lee of Durham;

Kristin K. Martin and Courtney M. Mitchell, both of Franklinton;

Kamice J. Somerville and Jolynne A. Winstead, both of Henderson;

Joseph D. Ahrens and Akira A. Romero, both of Louisburg;

Michael D. Frady of Oxford;

Carmen P. Pearsall of Stem;

Chelsea M. Woods of Wake Forest.


Associate in Science:

Thomas K. Andrews and Adam C. Greenhaw, both of Creedmoor;

Kyle M. Daniel and Kiara E. Stump, both of Franklinton;

Rebecca L. Anderson, Kristen T. Cash, Lereita D. Taylor and Sandy L. Tingen, all of Henderson;

Ayman L. Abdelshaheed, Matthew W. Davis and Austin S. Helton, all of Louisburg;

Lewis L. Rigsbee of Oxford;

Khloe D. Praski of Raleigh;

Grant A. Krueger and Jerry E. Priddy, both of Rougemont;

Christopher F. Drake of Stovall;

Michael J. Luchsinger of Youngsville;

Nicholas J. Edwards of Zebulon.


Automotive Systems Technology:

George A. Day of Kittrell;

Thomas R. Barlow of Oxford;

Mark W. Lassiter of Stem.


Bioprocess Technology:

William M. Dudley of Youngsville.


Business Administration:

Billy W. Hollowell and Cecil C. Rose, both of Creedmoor;

Amber L. Williamson of Durham;

Michelle N. Danna, Stephanie H. Malone and Stephen C. Piper, all of Franklinton;

Tracey D. Chavis, Vester R. Knight, Shannon V. Satterwhite, Kinshasha T. Serbin and Beatriz  Vasquez Martinez, all of Henderson;

Melissa Agosto of Louisburg;

Angela A. Hargrove, Jason D. Hester and Brandi N. Hobgood, all of Oxford;

Jessica L. Floyd and William M. Salmons, Jr., both of Wake Forest.



Akeem M. Lewis of Henderson.


Computer Information Technology:

Faye S. Renn and John P. Sanford, both of Henderson;

Jonathan B. Baker and Cassandra N. Griffin, all of Louisburg;

Jabari R. White of Manson;

Ryan V. Neal of Norlina;

Aurelia D. Elam of Warrenton;

Eleanora Depasquale and Timothy J. Meyer, both of Youngsville.



Jamila S. Hagans and Shanequa Pressley, both of Durham;

Jessica D. Archambeau, Mildred T. Dunston, Nakeyiah Y. Harris, Tony Harris and Marquita L. Manson, all of Franklinton;

Felicia D. Alston, Valerie L. Blackwell and Ranieta Daniel, all of Henderson;

Brandi L. Hayes, Farron P. Johnson and Cassie R. Jones, all of Louisburg;

Jacinda E. Ellington of Wake Forest.


Criminal Justice Technology:

Dustin D. Rogers of Chapel Hill;

Tanya L. Thomas of Creedmoor;

Brianna N. Bonds, Cody M. Tuck and Shelly T. Williamson, all of Franklinton;

Mindy R. Cash, Justin Davis, Stephen C. Ellington, Michael W. Lamirand and Latoya R. Seward, all of Henderson;

Murray T. Comly of Littleton;

Angela M. Keighley, Barika L. Lyons, Garland A. Myrick, Jr., Randy D. Parrott, Tyler C. Parrott, Ann W. Saccoccio and Danielle M. Whitfield, all of Oxford;

Janelle R. Howell of Stem;

Angelia R. Blevins and Trevor R. McGhee, both of Wake Forest;

Thomas M. Carter and Brad A. Knutson, both of Youngsville.


Culinary Arts:

Brandon Benware and Thomas M. Schmuker, both of Creedmoor;

Jane L. Miller of Franklinton;

Terri J. Pulley of Louisburg;

Jessica B. Cheek and Percy L. Powell, III, both of Oxford;

Bryan K. Coppedge and Kierra S. Tally, both of Warrenton;

Shiona MacLean of Wilmington;

Kendra S. Morton of Youngsville.


Early Childhood Education:

Adriele Andre of Creedmoor;

Mary S. Buzzard and Amy K. Stockinger, both of Henderson;

Sheena E. McNamara of Kittrell;

Amanda L. Allen, Jennifer E. Campbell, Octavia M. Houston and Renee M. King, all of Louisburg;

Emma C. Williams of Oxford;

Keli D. Smith and Eileen A. Smyth, both of Youngsville;

Tanya E. Sustarsic of Zebulon.


Electrical/Electronics Technology:

Benjamin N. Thaxton of Creedmoor;

Jordan G. Copley, Allen M. Fisher, Craig B. Hargrove and Ethan A. Stokes, all of Henderson;

Reginald S. Oakley and Tyler J. Reavis, both of Oxford;

Dustin T. Holloman of Wake Forest.


Electronics Engineering Technology:

Caleb Barron of Creedmoor;

Akeem M. Burton of Henderson;

Wyatt A. Currin, David F. Glover, John J. Stamets and Joshua T. Williford, all of Oxford.


Global Logistics Technology:

Ruth P. Tucker of Butner;

Mary T. Dutka-Chiplis of Norlina;

Charles H. Rhodes of Youngsville.


Human Services Technology:

Melissa D. Hooper and Rosa A. Leach, both of Butner;

Ailsa F. Hobson of Creedmoor;

Jennifer A. West of Oxford;

David L. Norris of Wake Forest.


Human Services Technology/Mental Health:

Tyrza S. Blake and Christopher L. Jones, both of Henderson.


Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:

Ashley E. Gueth of Oxford;

Michael C. Brown of Stem.


Information Systems Security:

Karen L. McAtee-MacRae of Littleton;

Melissa C. Hodges and Matthew R. Miller, both of Louisburg;

Gregory S. Turner of Wake Forest;

Filip Cvrkic of Warrenton.


Medical Assisting:

Judy V. McIntosh of Bunn;

Rachel A. Edwards of Louisburg;

Christy L. Strickland of Oxford;

Joan A. Marshall of Wake Forest.


Medical Office Administration:

Theresa J. Clemente of Castalia;

Laura A. Bowden, Gabrielle L. Fain, Angela C. Thomas and Nita A. Tulloch, all of Creedmoor;

Amy E. Downing and Sarah H. Field, both of Franklinton;

Janella Boyd, Brittney P. Elmore, Amanda P. Jones, Jessica W. Kearney, Cynthia D. Littlejohn, Jacqueline R. McGovern, Antoinette H. Mitchell and Holly L. Tyndall, all of Henderson;

Abigail M. Dorsey, Magdalene M. Dorsey and Sandra G. Lanier, all of Louisburg;

Timeka Harrison of Macon;

Sharon Y. Henderson and Rhuenette R. Nicholas, both of Manson;

Holly K. Peoples of Norlina;

Jacqueline I. Davis, Denise R. Goss, Janet W. Thorpe, Theresa L. Thorpe and Kesha N. Williams, all of Oxford;

Sherry N. Barnes of Roanoke Rapids;

Danielle H. Buscemi of Rocky Point;

Helen Jordan, Naytisha L. Paredes and Candice L. Van-Houten, all of Wake Forest;

Coresa L. Twitty of Warrenton.


Networking Technology:

Ashley M. Rhew of Bahama;

Michael A. Boyte of Rougemont.


Office Administration:

Christina Barron of Creedmoor;

Sheronda L. Guerra and Adrian M. Shirey, all of Franklinton;

Kiara L. Taylor of Littleton;

Rachel A. Beddoes of Louisburg;

Julia A. Rhodes and Mary P. Rhodes, all of Youngsville.


Office Administration/Legal:

Leonette P. Butler of Louisburg;

Victoria L. Gupton of Zebulon.


Pharmacy Technology:

Kimberly N. Senter of Creedmoor;

Deanna L. Clark and Nicole N. Darnell, both of Henderson;

Jason B. Stevens and Ashlie N. Tharrington, both of Oxford;

Autumn L. Gruber of Rougemont.


Practical Nursing:

Yevette M. Green of Franklinton;

Laura L. Murray of Oxford;

Rosemary A. Ombajo of Raleigh;

Sarah E. Brame of Stem.



Dana Thompson of Creedmoor;

Erica D. Bullock and Tabitha B. Hudgins, both of Henderson;

Brittany H. Young of Louisburg;

Fluturije Sira of Raleigh;

Mary D. Green-Edmonds and Rita K. Hatzimimis, both of Wake Forest.


School-Age Education:

Imani I. Guy and Aqueria T. Hargrove, both of Kittrell;

Jacqueline D. Ward of Louisburg;

Megan C. Sullivan of Oxford.


Web Technologies:

Darrell A. Yarborough of Henderson.


Welding Technology:

Woodrow W. Freeze of Bullock;

Damon D. Evans and David E. Hawkins, both of Henderson;

Charles L. Gravel and Randall L. Rine, both of Raleigh;

Carl H. Bishop of Wake Forest.