VGCC Names 306 to Dean’s List

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 306 students earned Dean’s List honors for the spring semester that ended in May. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to maintain a 3.5 grade-point average and have no grade lower than "B" while carrying at least 12 semester hours, according to VGCC Vice President of Instruction Dr. Angela Ballentine. Spring Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program area and then by residence.




Kyndall D. Crudup of Bunn;

Merri B. Roberts of Creedmoor;

Alicia K. Medlin of Franklinton;

Andrea P. McDaniel of Henderson;

Anish B. Jacob of Morrisville;

Susan M. Maynard of Norlina;

Michelle L. Arnold, Paula R. Gentle and Deborah L. Graham, all of Youngsville.


Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology:


Kenneth P. Manion of Franklinton;

Steven C. Wilson of Oxford;

Anthony G. Mills of Stem;

Christopher S. Williams of Warrenton.


Associate Degree Nursing:


Hana S. Meyer of Franklinton;

Ileen J. Johnson of Henderson;

Lauren N. Kennedy and Gerri S. Taylor, both of Louisburg;

Chandra L. Seward of Manson;

Keisha D. Cheatham of Middleburg;

Kailyn B. Reams of Oxford;

Christy C. Schultz of Wake Forest;

Renee D. Connelly of Youngsville.


Associate in Arts:


Kyle B. Elliott of Bullock;

Matthew E. Stevenson of Chapel Hill;

Katie L. Hollers and Casey P. Montoro, both of Creedmoor;

Kevin E. Adkins, Erika R. Gamel, Jinizha M. Johnson and Ethan A. Robbins, all of Franklinton;

Amy M. Ayscue, Christopher A. Harrell, Saleh A. Hauter, Charlotte F. Hedgepeth and Matthew S. Norwood, all of Henderson;

Megann J. Casady, Randy S. Clark, Jacob A. Gendron, Sharon M. Lark, Erin E. Mahoney and Raymond M. Simms, all of Louisburg;

Kristen M. Hight of Macon;

Shakita M. Chavis, Ginger N. Hill, Robin L. Hill, Thomas G. McConnell, Jr., Kassie A. Moore and Timothy W. Seitzer, all of Oxford;

Tyler C. Chambers of Stem;

Kyrstin B. Draney of Wake Forest;

Craig R. Limer, Brandon C. Reams, Cassie L. Tucker and Travis N. Tucker, all of Warrenton;

Jenny H. Cranfill and Danielle N. Davis, both of Youngsville.


Associate in General Education:


Jacob E. Clark of Norlina.


Associate in General Education - General Science:


Ashley M. Rhew of Bahama;

Erin S. Edwards, Karlee R. McCann and April G. Overton, all of Franklinton;

Ligaya Carissa S. Aguas and Melissa A. Strickland, both of Henderson;

Cristine M. Bradberry and Heather M. Lynch, both of Louisburg.


Associate in Science:


Gary W. Byrd, Jr., Sara R. Chavez, Daniel R. Johnson and Ashley R. Pulliam, all of Creedmoor;

Mariah E. Howlett and Bo D. Weichel, both of Franklinton;

Sandy L. Tingen of Henderson;

Jacke R. Vaughan of Kill Devil Hills;

Travis L. Erwin of Louisburg;

Teresa A. Bonventre of Wake Forest;

Katina D. Harris of Warrenton;

Kyle M. Daniel of Youngsville.


Automotive Systems Technology:


Thomas G. Thigpen of Dudley;

Dwayne L. Green, Douglas L. Newton and Ethan A. Stokes, all of Henderson;

Shawn D. Burnett of Kittrell;

Tiwhaun T. Jones of Norlina;

Thomas R. Barlow and Douglas M. Betts, Jr., both of Oxford;

Mallory J. Whitmore of Raleigh;

Paul G. Barker and Mark W. Lassiter, both of Stem;

Larry D. Watson of Warrenton.


Bioprocess Technology:


Barbara H. Yarbrough of Franklinton.


Business Administration:


Britney M. Crews and Kim C. Glover, both of Bunn;

Sherri B. Marshburn of Butner;

Amara D. Claxton and Robert V. Wheeler, both of Creedmoor;

Terri G. Cargill of Franklinton;

Joyce N. Darnell, Darcel S. Haywood, Delores M. Lewis and Elizabeth D. Smith, all of Henderson;

Adam D. Blanton of Kittrell;

Donna B. Bass and Ruthie M. Davis, both of Louisburg;

Laquesha N. Rogers-Davis of Norlina;

Teresa J. Dewell, Sandra J. Dorton, David A. Holden, Janelle T. Holland and Heather D. Russell, all of Oxford;

Lisa D. Maida of Rougemont;

Susan G. Mangum of Stem;

Jonathan M. Kirkland of Wake Forest;

Stephanie Hurley of Youngsville.


Computer Information Technology:


Erica F. Hixon of Creedmoor;

Vu L. Nguyen, Faye S. Renn and Lisa B. Slaughter, all of Henderson;

Jonathan B. Baker of Louisburg;

Robert V. Powell of Wake Forest.




Felicia A. McKay of Creedmoor;

Lakonya M. Ward of Franklinton;

Tekkia C. Alston, Shameka S. Brandon, Joshua J. Hargrove and Annette P. Roberson, all of Henderson;

Jessica L. Alston and Lacy J. Foster, both of Louisburg;

Krista B. Newton of Oxford;

Jennifer M. Terry of Stem;

Stephanie M. Baldree of Wake Forest;

Emily R. Balthis and Laura L. Hurley, both of Youngsville;

Ashley C. Klinger of Zebulon.


Criminal Justice Technology::


Tyler P. Duke of Butner;

Andrew F. Johnson of Fayetteville;

Kimmora M. Brown of Franklinton;

Tanyka L. Moore of Kittrell;

Amie R. Guy of Louisburg;

Joshua R. Paynter and Erica Roberts, both of Norlina;

Bridget S. Clark and Ashly B. Cujas, both of Oxford;

Michael K. Holland and Mary J. Wilson, both of Warrenton;

Claralon D. Lemay of Wise.


Culinary Arts:


Brandon M. Brown of Creedmoor;

Joshua D. Boney, Denise S. McLeod and Leticia T. Mendez, all of Durham;

Tonya G. Pendergrass of Franklinton;

Kevin A. Fabretti and Camille N. Stokes, both of Henderson;

Rodney I. Yancey of Norlina;

Natalie R. Bailey, Kevin B. Hartman and Shannon L. Hayes, all of Oxford.


Early Childhood Associate:


Tina M. Noblin of Bullock;

Rebecca L. Fetterhoff of Creedmoor;

Donathan D. Muldrow of Franklinton;

Leatha Judkins of Henderson;

Delores D. Dozier of Norlina;

Kelly W. Pendergrass and Rose M. Taylor, both of Oxford;

Priscilla L. Ham of Rougemont;

Lori A. Holder of Timberlake;

Lindsay M. Knowles of Wake Forest;

Alexander Poteat of Warrenton;

Kristin R. Lowery and Catherine E. Weston, both of Youngsville.


Electrical/Electronics Technology:


Jerry M. Roach of Louisburg;

Debra B. Kinnin of Mebane.


Electronics Engineering Technology:


Rudolf B. Hackman of Kittrell.

Global Logistics Technology:

Paul T. Brown of Louisburg;

David B. Paine of Oxford;

Leonard C. Luz of Stem.


Human Services Technology:


Evelyn E. Evans and Angela C. Taylor, both of Henderson;

Susan L. Loftin of Manson;

Kelly N. Dehart, Elaine A. Harrison and Kathryn A. Thompson, all of Oxford.


Human Services Technology/Mental Health:


Laurie L. Long and Mary A. Taborn, both of Creedmoor;

Nikki M. Abbott, Scottie G. Hundley, Kristin K. Martin and Amanda D. Smith, all of Franklinton;

Rhonda T. Alston and Arnetta D. Evans, both of Henderson;

Pattie M. Collins of Louisburg;

Jeremiah W. Clark of Oxford.


Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:


Preston M. Curtis and Jane C. English, both of Durham;

Jarrett S. Estep and Katina M. Hargrove, both of Henderson;

Deborah B. Dill of Louisburg;

Chrystal L. Bryeans of Oxford.


Information Systems Security:


Herbert C. Goddard and John W. Tyburski, Jr., both of Henderson;

Karen L. McAtee-MacRae of Littleton;

Melissa C. Hodges of Louisburg;

James D. Tucker of Manson;

James F. Hayes of Oxford;

Daniel L. Dillard of Wake Forest.


Medical Assisting:


Maureen D. Cole, Derrick C. Crudup and Deborah P. Satterwhite, all of Bunn;

Josefina Aguilar-Noyola, Donna B. Parham and Donna H. Tyler, all of Franklinton;

Lisa P. Ramsey and Jerri L. Wilson, both of Henderson;

Donna C. Richardson of Hollister;

Teresa A. Weathers of Louisburg;

Leroy Wilson of Oxford;

Mary A. Lane of Stovall;

Maria G. Glover, Lisa C. Holmes and Jennifer P. Nelson, all of Wake Forest;

Rosalind S. Richardson and Shannon B. Williams, both of Warrenton;

Katie M. Mitchell of Youngsville.


Medical Office Administration:


Kristy A. Scianna of Black Mountain;

Laura A. Bowden, Lisa A. Bowling, Wendy O. Hollowell, Brittany L. Petrimoulx and Angela C. Thomas, all of Creedmoor;

Carol A. Porterfield of Durham;

Joyce P. Brodie and Sandra D. Preddy, both of Franklinton;

Kristinia B. Bullock, Rita D. Cash, Jacqueline O. Davis, Jameka S. Henderson, Diresa L. Morton, Tessie M. Steed and William A. Voyles, Jr., all of Henderson;

Beverly M. Beal, Susan W. Driver, Kathryn C. Morris and Katrina T. Person, all of Kittrell;

Krystal D. Ashburn, Sarah M. Calamaco and Kimberly K. Dunston, all of Louisburg;

Kaya W. Elliott of Macon;

Jessica P. Grissom, Dorsal Hewitt and Amanda P. Lester, all of Oxford;

Nancy K. Dearaujo of Roxboro;

Sheilah A. Dowsett and Kimberly A. Goss, both of Stem;

Alice J. Moss, Rose A. Moss and Coresa L. Twitty, all of Warrenton;

Catrina M. Graham of Youngsville.


Networking Technology:


Justin C. Edwards of Henderson;

Wes R. Pierson of Oxford.


Office Administration:


Robinette T. Allen of Butner;

Lisa W. Forsyth of Durham;

Jacqueline D. Brownson, Tamiza R. Carter, Eva J. Lassiter, Aisha Moody and Charlene T. Williams, all of Henderson;

Catherine L. Espino and Linda G. Matthews, both of Kittrell;

Tina W. Piper of Louisburg;

Diane D. Power, Teresa A. Wheeler and Leah B. Williams, all of Oxford;

Chelsea E. Adams of Warrenton.


Office Administration/Legal:


Brenda N. Ayscue and Tia R. Ragland, both of Henderson;

Cynthia M. Fowler of Littleton.


Pharmacy Technology:


Ashley N. Scoggins of Durham;

Erica D. Bullock and Andrew R. Woodlief, both of Henderson;

Shauna E. Poole of Youngsville;

Sandra S. McGuyrt of Zebulon.


Practical Nursing:


Laura L. Ohlandt of Franklinton;

Leslie O. Harris of Oxford.




Allison N. Brogden, Samantha H. Chappell, Jonathan R. Clark and Lauren R. Medlin, all of Creedmoor;

Kendall L. Coleman, Kenneth J. Medlin and Stephanie K. Riley, all of Durham;

Michelle N. Adcox and Brittney E. Stone, both of Henderson;

Daniel A. Crudup of Kittrell;

Shannon W. Long of Roxboro;

Derek S. Carver of Timberlake;

Deborah F. Gilliam of Wake Forest.


School-Age Education:


Lori R. Burney, Farren Y. Burrell and Mary H. Harper, all of Franklinton;

Felisha P. Benson and Goldie J. Davis, both of Henderson;

Rori George of Warrenton.


Web Technologies:


Joseph D. Colquitt of Creedmoor;

Cynthia M. Jones of Louisburg;

Joshua E. Jones of Wake Forest.


Welding Technology:


Bernard Benson of Henderson;

Tyler B. O'Neal of Zebulon.