VGCC Names 292 to Dean’s List

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 292 students earned Dean’s List honors for the fall semester that ended in December 2011. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to maintain a 3.5 grade-point average and have no grade lower than “B” while carrying at least 12 semester hours, according to VGCC Vice President of Instruction Dr. Angela Ballentine. Fall Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program area and then by residence.

Kyndall D. Crudup of Bunn;
Ashley N. Carlson of Franklinton;
Carrie L. Cash and Melissa A. Strickland, both of Henderson;
Wendell F. Hammack of Louisburg;
Susan M. Maynard of Norlina;
Teresa J. Dewell and Tory M. Young, both of Oxford;
Allyson J. Dunston, Deborah L. Graham and James R. Tucker, all of Youngsville.

Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology:
Jesse T. Zackery, Jr. of Henderson;
Robert N. Bell of Oxford;
Christopher F. Franklin and Kenneth R. Tackett, Jr., both of Stem.

Associate Degree Nursing:
Darcy S. Geiger-Jackson of Creedmoor;
Chad A. Clayton of Durham;
Hana S. Meyer and Russell G. Ventenilla, both of Franklinton;
Ileen J. Johnson and Renee R. Sanford, both of Henderson;
Chandra L. Seward of Manson;
Peyton H. Grissom of Oxford;
Deborah Olchovik of Raleigh;
Jena M. Miller of Wake Forest;
Renee D. Connelly of Youngsville.

Associate in Arts:
Cameron L. Kester of Bullock;
Courtney A. McNair of Butner;
Jessica Colquitt and Allyson L. Culbreth, both of Creedmoor;
Jinizha M. Johnson and Brandon C. Wilson, both of Franklinton;
Scott Daeke, Susan W. Driver, Lyndsey Kelley, Jessica Sutton-Corrodus and Chelsea H. Wade, all of Henderson;
Frank D. Allison, Collin S. Crabtree, Erin E. Mahoney and Joanne C. Maye, all of Louisburg;
Lindsey G. Booker, Ashley J. Chalmers, Thomas G. McConnell, Jr. and Pratik M. Patel, all of Oxford;
Tyler C. Chambers of Stem;
Jacqueline S. Geerlings of Wake Forest;
David D. Huffman and Cornelius Williams, both of Warrenton;
Sandra D. Bowyer of Wendell.

Associate in General Education:
Cassie L. Tucker and Travis N. Tucker, both of Warrenton.

Associate in General Education - General Science:
Kasey N. Renuart of Franklinton;
Adrian E. Davis and Rebekah E. Jameson, both of Henderson;
Makiesha A. Dickson, Savannah L. Johnson, John P. Lawhorne and Brittany Wall, all of Louisburg;
Rhuenette R. Nicholas of Manson;
Holly K. Peoples of Norlina;
Linda Kennedy and Jenna F. Talley, both of Oxford.

Associate in Science:
Victoria D. Harrison and Daniel R. Johnson, both of Creedmoor;
Kyle M. Daniel and Michelle A. Phinney, both of Franklinton;
Jerry M. Roach and Trevor J. Vaughan, both of Louisburg;
Christina M. Johnston of Rougemont;
Sophia R. Barine and Chelsea M. Woods, both of Wake Forest.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Douglas L. Newton and Thomas I. Renn, both of Henderson;
Mark W. Lassiter of Stem;
David M. Florey of Wake Forest;
Larry D. Watson of Warrenton.

Bioprocess Technology:
Roderick T. Nobles of Franklinton;
Mark S. Smith of Henderson.

Business Administration:
Britney M. Crews and Sharon M. Lark, both of Bunn;
Teresa F. Bullock, Amara D. Claxton and Jason B. May, all of Creedmoor;
Terri G. Cargill and David L. Clevenger, both of Franklinton;
Nacole R. Bullock, Kimberly N. Dixon, Jeanetta A. Lyons and Chrissie A. Spain, all of Henderson;
Charles L. Slocum of Hillsborough;
Robert J. Mathis of Kittrell;
Mary T. Dutka-Chiplis and Laquesha N. Rogers-Davis, both of Norlina;
Sandra J. Dorton, David A. Holden and Connor E. Honeycutt, all of Oxford;
Lisa D. Maida of Rougemont;
Kesha D. Robertson of Stem;
Donna G. Allen, Jamie S. Moore and Kris A. Tilley, all of Wake Forest.

David R. Emery of Oxford.

Computer Information Technology:
Brian J. Wicker of Durham;
Faye S. Renn of Henderson;
Jonathan B. Baker of Louisburg;
Jerry E. Priddy of Rougemont.

Tonya A. Black and Heather N. Handel, both of Bunn;
Stacey R. Cash of Creedmoor;
Janet D. Ellis and Shanequa Pressley, both of Durham;
June J. Terry of Franklinton;
Ashley N. Arroyo of Raleigh;
Hannah E. Reid of Wake Forest.

Criminal Justice Technology:
Jake A. Curtis of Franklinton;
Jenny E. Evans, Daniel G. Levis, Cecil D. Macon and Holly L. Sossamon, all of Henderson;
Tanyka L. Moore of Kittrell;
Menetha W. Green of Louisburg;
Lashonda A. Taylor of Macon;
Erica Roberts of Norlina;
Jeffrey M. Blackwell, Tanya C. Manning, Garland A. Myrick, Jr. and Kenneth W. Ogle, all of Oxford;
Angelia R. Blevins and Trevor R. McGhee, both of Wake Forest;
Darrel B. Greene, II and Kim N. Holland, both of Warrenton;
Brandon S. Ray of Youngsville.

Culinary Arts:
Leticia T. Mendez of Durham;
Tonya G. Pendergrass of Franklinton;
Travis C. Slaughter of Henderson;
Thomas T. Henderson of Manson;
Rodney I. Yancey of Norlina;
Natalie R. Burwell, Jessica B. Cheek, Shannon L. Hayes and Percy L. Powell, III, all of Oxford;
Amber M. Williams of Stem;
Bryan K. Coppedge and Kierra S. Tally, both of Warrenton.

Early Childhood Associate:
Dawn M. Andrews, Darene P. Long and Donathan D. Muldrow, all of Franklinton;
Mary S. Buzzard, Jessica L. Edwards, Eric S. Stockinger and Charmika L. Watson, all of Henderson;
Amanda L. Allen, Jennifer E. Campbell, Kini G. Heyl, Erinn K. Jackson, Carol C. Lewis, La'toya A. Mayo and Kristin L. Sims, all of Louisburg;
Latrice S. Bullock of Manson;
Delores D. Dozier and Monica A. Willis, both of Norlina;
Ashley P. Clark, Brittany C. Clark and Kelly W. Pendergrass, all of Oxford;
Lori A. Holder of Timberlake;
Lindsay M. Knowles of Wake Forest;
Heather R. Carpenter, Keli D. Smith and Eileen A. Smyth, all of Youngsville;
Crystal L. Storey and Tanya E. Sustarsic, both of Zebulon.

Electrical/Electronics Technology:
Marvin T. Harrington, Jason D. Hester and Ronald L. Lassiter, Jr., all of Henderson;
Alfred L. Johnson of Louisburg;
Marvin E. Keeton, II of Oxford;
Steven R. Thorp of Youngsville.

Electronics Engineering Technology:
Wyatt A. Currin of Oxford;
Christopher A. Woods of Warrenton.

Daniel J. Tunstall of Butner.

Global Logistics Technology:
Ruth P. Tucker of Butner.

Human Services Technology:
Pamela M. Pierce of Creedmoor;
Susan L. Loftin of Manson;
Malorie V. Howard and Kathryn A. Thompson, both of Oxford;
David L. Norris of Wake Forest;
Jeanelle W. Leach of Youngsville.

Human Services Technology/Mental Health:
Laurie L. Long of Creedmoor;
Amanda D. Smith of Franklinton;
Dawn E. Ellis of Kittrell;
Kelly N. Dehart and Jennifer A. West, both of Oxford;
Kristy M. Carpenter of Wake Forest;
Lakeisha R. Alston and Gloria K. Kearney, both of Warrenton.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:
Fountaine L. Ragland of Henderson;
Jacklyn R. Rowley of Roxboro.

Information Systems Security:
Ashley M. Rhew of Bahama;
Herbert C. Goddard of Henderson;
Karen L. McAtee-MacRae of Littleton;
Gregory S. Turner of Wake Forest.

Medical Assisting:
Derrick C. Crudup of Bunn;
Josefina Aguilar-Noyola, April G. Overton and Donna B. Parham, all of Franklinton;
William T. Autrey of Henderson;
Amber D. Jones and Monica D. Lawhorne, both of Louisburg;
Teresa R. Wilson of Oxford;
Rosalind S. Richardson and Shannon B. Williams, both of Warrenton.

Medical Office Administration:
Kristy A. Scianna of Black Mountain;
Toni H. Wilson of Butner;
Theresa J. Clemente of Castalia;
Laura A. Bowden, Wendy O. Hollowell and Angela C. Thomas, all of Creedmoor;
Amber D. Wolford of Durham;
Joyce P. Brodie of Franklinton;
Christie L. Brown, Jacqueline O. Davis, Sandra W. Faucette, Amanda P. Jones, Antoinette H. Mitchell, Sherry W. Reed, Tessie M. Steed, Tonya E. Temple, Holly L. Tyndall and Danielle J. Yancey, all of Henderson;
Kimberly K. Dunston, Tracy J. Matthews and Tonya L. Mitchell, all of Louisburg;
Kaya W. Elliott of Macon;
Sharon Y. Henderson of Manson;
Dorsal Hewitt of Oxford;
Danielle H. Buscemi of Rocky Point;
Candice L. Van-Houten of Wake Forest;
Rose A. Moss and Coresa L. Twitty, both of Warrenton;
Sarah H. Tatum of Youngsville;
Jamie L. Gregory of Zebulon.

Networking Technology:
Justin C. Edwards of Henderson.

Office Administration:
Lisa W. Forsyth of Durham;
Nancy P. Bergeron, Jacqueline D. Brownson, Aisha Moody and Kinshasha T. Serbin, all of Henderson;
Kimberly D. McCoy of Roxboro;
Alice J. Moss of Warrenton.

Office Administration/Legal:
Tracey A. Delfino-Crabtree of Bahama;
Kierra D. Holden, Julia K. Sumner and Leslie S. Walthall, all of Henderson;
Linda G. Matthews of Kittrell;
Cynthia M. Fowler of Littleton;
Chelsea E. Adams of Warrenton.

Pharmacy Technology:
Brianne M. Thompson of Franklinton;
Yuliana R. Carranza and Christine Valdivia, both of Henderson;
Jordan L. Averette of Rougemont;
John C. Brantley and Sandra S. McGuyrt, both of Zebulon.

Practical Nursing:
Martha L. McMahon-Fuller of Durham;
Tabitha L. Blanchard and Kimberly R. Watson, both of Henderson;
Christine R. Walden of Raleigh;
Nicolette K. Lee of Wendell.

Erica K. Brewer of Oxford;
Anne Abraham of Raleigh;
Toni M. Crandon of Wake Forest;
Courtney M. McGhee of Youngsville.

School-Age Education:
Lori R. Burney, Farren Y. Burrell and Barbara H. Yarbrough, all of Franklinton;
Felisha P. Benson, Goldie J. Davis, Latonya T. Harris and Mamie D. O'Geary, all of Henderson;
Angela A. Hargrove and Amanda T. Pelkie, both of Oxford;
Forrest M. Cagle of Youngsville.

Web Technologies:
Stephen B. Schandel of Oxford.

Welding Technology:
Truman J. Taylor of Franklinton;
Allen M. Fisher and Maurois C. Jefferson, both of Henderson;
Austin H. Towles of Kittrell;
Lucas J. Williams of Manson;
Gregory S. Tuck of Nelson, Va.;
Joshua A. Leiner of Oxford;
Travis M. Brown and Bradley W. Cox, both of Wake Forest.