VGCC Names 279 to Dean’s List

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 279 students earned Dean’s List honors for the spring semester that ended in May. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to maintain a 3.5 grade-point average and have no grade lower than “B” while carrying at least 12 semester hours, according to VGCC Vice President of Instruction Dr. Angela Ballentine. Spring Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program area and then by residence.

Melissa A. Strickland of Henderson;
Robert J. Mathis of Kittrell;
Tammy E. Dudding and Christie L. Jordan, both of Louisburg;
Tory M. Young of Oxford;
Deborah L. Graham and James R. Tucker, both of Youngsville.

Accounting & Business Administration (double major):
Teresa J. Dewell of Oxford.

Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology:
Jesse T. Zackery, Jr. of Henderson;
Robert N. Bell of Oxford;
William H. Warren, III of Raleigh;
Christopher F. Franklin and Kenneth R. Tackett, Jr., both of Stem.

Associate Degree Nursing:
Chad A. Clayton and Patrick A. Greene, both of Durham;
Renee R. Sanford and April T. Stainback, both of Henderson;
Melinda D. Boyd and Peyton H. Grissom, both of Oxford;
Lilly D. Appleberry of Raleigh;
Leisa C. McCright of Youngsville.

Associate in Arts:
Cameron L. Kester of Bullock;
Angela M. Quinn of Castalia;
Candace M. Thorpe of Creedmoor;
Caitlyn N. Henterly and Jinizha M. Johnson, both of Franklinton;
Lyndsey Kelley, Kiandra S. Perry, Laura G. Perry, Jayne M. Poythress and Sterling G. Tharrington, all of Henderson;
Frank D. Allison, Kimberly S. Friddle, Christopher R. Lanham, Joanne C. Maye, Haleigh M. Meffert, Jeffrey T. Stephenson and Nicholas E. Whaley, all of Louisburg;
Tyler Adams, Ashley J. Chalmers, Carolyn E. Estes, James F. Hayes, Janelle J. Inman and Cody M. Trivette, all of Oxford;
Tyler C. Chambers and Sarah H. Evans, both of Stem;
Jacqueline S. Geerlings and Rachel E. Pottern, both of Wake Forest;
David D. Huffman of Warrenton;
Kelly L. Hurlbut and Ashley M. Seagroves, both of Youngsville.

Associate in General Education:
Holly K. Peoples of Norlina;
Michael D. Frady of Oxford;
Cassie L. Tucker of Warrenton.

Associate in General Education - General Science:
Crystal G. Goss of Creedmoor;
Kasey N. Renuart and Roy A. Robinson, both of Franklinton;
Kelvin R. Pennell of Oxford;
Sarah B. Dockum, Richard E. Freeman and Matthew R. Williamson, all of Wake Forest;
Maryfrances Johnson of Warrenton.

Associate in Science:
Gary W. Byrd, Jr., Victoria D. Harrison and Daniel R. Johnson, all of Creedmoor;
Elizabeth R. Twisdale of Henderson;
Joel A. Beach of Kittrell;
Sean R. Casady and Ellie M. Sipfle, both of Louisburg;
Lewis L. Rigsbee of Oxford;
Christina M. Johnston and Grant A. Krueger, both of Rougemont;
Sophia R. Barine and Chelsea M. Woods, both of Wake Forest;
Katina D. Harris of Warrenton.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Douglas L. Newton, Shawn C. Pegram and Stephen J. Thompson, all of Henderson;
George A. Day of Kittrell;
David M. Florey of Wake Forest.

Business Administration:
Warren D. Allen and Jason B. May, both of Creedmoor;
David L. Clevenger and Jone S. Porter, both of Durham;
Anthony Figueroa of Franklin;
Veronica D. Flood and Beatriz Vasquez Martinez, both of Henderson;
Melissa Agosto and Donna B. Bass, both of Louisburg;
Laquesha N. Rogers-Davis of Norlina;
Brandi N. Hobgood and David A. Holden, both of Oxford;
Kesha D. Robertson of Stem;
Tashauna L. Richard of Wake Forest;
Chris D. Williamson of Warrenton;
Nicole M. Woolard of Youngsville.

David R. Emery of Oxford.

Computer Information Technology:
Ryan N. Wilson of Butner;
Faye S. Renn of Henderson;
Jabari R. White of Manson;
Jerry E. Priddy of Rougemont.

Najwa T. Muhammad of Clarksville, Va.;
Tara L. Bertino and Stacey R. Cash, both of Creedmoor;
Tony Harris of Franklinton;
Chelsea D. Hoffmann and Sabrina E. Hoyle, both of Kittrell;
Gwendolyn Holmes, Shiletta M. Jordan and Brenda L. Perry, all of Louisburg;
Courtney N. Burrows of Norlina;
Sheli P. Butler of Oxford;
Stephanie M. Baldree of Wake Forest;
Ashley N. Buhls of Wise;
Meghan J. Bunn of Zebulon.

Criminal Justice Technology:
Bennett M. Manson, Jr. of Franklinton;
Justin Davis, Mallissa C. Davis, Stephen C. Ellington and Kevin L. Gales, Jr. of Henderson;
Howard L. Williams of Knightdale;
Murray T. Comly of Littleton;
Menetha W. Green of Louisburg;
Garland A. Myrick, Jr., Kenneth W. Ogle and Roneshia S. Thornton, all of Oxford;
Sheniqua T. Green of Stovall;
Angelia R. Blevins and Trevor R. McGhee, both of Wake Forest;
Erica Roberts of Norlina.

Culinary Arts:
Brandon Benware of Creedmoor;
Joshua D. Boney of Durham;
Tonya G. Pendergrass of Franklinton;
Ebony G. Mitchell and Travis C. Slaughter, both of Henderson;
Terri J. Pulley of Louisburg;
Natalie R. Burwell, Jessica B. Cheek, Nickie L. Harris, Shannon L. Hayes and Brittny J. Shells, all of Oxford;
Bryan K. Coppedge and Kierra S. Tally, both of Warrenton;
Ashley N. Vincent of Youngsville.

Early Childhood Associate:
Adriele Andre of Creedmoor;
Mary S. Buzzard, Kimberly M. Nelson, Dana L. Tuck, Charmika L. Watson and Tammy L. Williams, all of Henderson;
Sheena E. McNamara of Kittrell;
Amanda L. Allen, Jennifer E. Campbell, Rose R. Collins, La'toya A. Mayo and Kristin L. Sims, all of Louisburg;
Kimberly Mozell of Oxford;
Tameka A. Durham and Raven T. Williams, both of Warrenton;
Keli D. Smith of Youngsville;
Crystal L. Storey and Tanya E. Sustarsic, both of Zebulon.

Electrical/Electronics Technology:
Craig B. Hargrove and Ronald L. Lassiter, Jr., both of Henderson;
Alfred L. Johnson of Louisburg;
Jason D. Hester and Marvin E. Keeton, II, both of Oxford;
Douglas E. Hilliard, Jr. of Stem;
Steven R. Thorp of Youngsville.

Electronics Engineering Technology:
Max N. Moore of Henderson;
Wyatt A. Currin of Oxford.

Global Logistics Technology:
Ruth P. Tucker of Butner;
Mary T. Dutka-Chiplis of Norlina;
Kris A. Tilley of Wake Forest.

Human Services Technology:
Pamela M. Pierce of Creedmoor;
Courtney K. Durham and Selita E. Taylor, both of Henderson;
Keith M. Anderson, Robin B. Highfill, Rubie A. Lemay and Richard E. Williams, all of Louisburg;
Kathryn A. Thompson and Jennifer A. West, both of Oxford;
David L. Norris of Wake Forest;
Jeanelle W. Leach of Youngsville.

Human Services Technology/Mental Health:
Nikki M. Abbott and Laurie L. Long, both of Franklinton;
Sara L. Upchurch of Oxford.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:
Charlsie E. Cooper of Castalia;
Jane C. English of Durham;
Chrystal L. Bryeans of Oxford;
Jacklyn R. Rowley of Roxboro;
Gloria D. Kearney of Warrenton.

Information Systems Security:
Ashley M. Rhew of Bahama;
Karen L. McAtee-MacRae of Littleton;
Melissa C. Hodges and Sean C. Rice, both of Louisburg;
Gregory S. Turner of Wake Forest;
Filip Cvrkic of Warrenton.

Medical Assisting:
Kathryn C. Talouzi of Bunn;
Karlee R. McCann and April G. Overton, both of Franklinton;
Hunter B. Crumpler of Louisburg;
Teresa R. Wilson of Oxford;
Kitty B. Freeman of Stem.

Medical Office Administration:
Kristy A. Scianna of Black Mountain;
Toni H. Wilson of Butner;
Theresa J. Clemente of Castalia;
Laura A. Bowden, Calvin T. Eakes, III, Wendy O. Hollowell, Angela C. Thomas and Rachel E. Tyson, all of Creedmoor;
Amber D. Wolford of Durham;
Rita D. Cash, Amanda P. Jones, Antoinette H. Mitchell, Sherry W. Reed, Tonya E. Temple and Holly L. Tyndall, all of Henderson;
Sarah M. Calamaco, Tracy J. Matthews and Tonya L. Mitchell, all of Louisburg;
Kaya W. Elliott of Macon;
Sharon Y. Henderson of Manson;
Donna P. Goodman and Dorsal Hewitt, both of Oxford;
Danielle H. Buscemi of Rocky Point;
Naytisha L. Paredes and Candice L. Van-Houten, both of Wake Forest;
Rose A. Moss and Coresa L. Twitty, both of Warrenton;
Anitra M. Cooke and Sarah H. Tatum, both of Youngsville.

Office Administration:
Beverly C. Caldwell of Bunn;
Joyce P. Brodie of Franklinton;
Nancy P. Bergeron, Aisha Moody and Danielle J. Yancey, all of Henderson;
Rachel A. Beddoes and Tammy D. Forsythe, both of Louisburg;
Leah B. Williams of Oxford;
Kimberly D. McCoy of Roxboro;
April P. Clayton of Stovall.

Office Administration/Legal:
Tracey A. Delfino-Crabtree of Bahama;
Tamlica C. Daniels, Kierra D. Holden and Julia K. Sumner, all of Henderson;
Cynthia M. Fowler of Littleton;
Chelsea E. Adams of Norlina;
Elizabeth R. Lawson of Oxford;
Victoria L. Gupton of Zebulon.

Pharmacy Technology:
Jessica Day and Mitzi E. Null, both of Henderson;
Brittany L. Collier of Norlina;
Jordan L. Averette of Rougemont;
John C. Brantley of Zebulon.

Practical Nursing:
Tabitha L. Blanchard of Henderson;
Keisha L. Terry of Oxford;
Nicolette K. Lee of Wendell.

Mary D. Green-Edmonds and Rita K. Hatzimimis, both of Wake Forest.

School-Age Education:
Linda S. Williams and Barbara H. Yarbrough, both of Franklinton;
Felisha P. Benson, Goldie J. Davis and Mamie D. O'Geary, all of Henderson;
Christine Hardy and Jacqueline D. Ward, both of Louisburg;
Angela A. Hargrove of Oxford;
Rori George of Warrenton.

Web Technologies:
Stephen B. Schandel of Oxford.

Welding Technology:
Allen M. Fisher of Henderson;
Austin H. Towles of Kittrell;
Jonathan L. Aycock of Louisburg;
Gregory S. Tuck of Nelson, Va.;
David M. Hill of Stem;
Travis M. Brown and Bradley W. Cox, both of Wake Forest.