VGCC Names 275 to Dean’s List

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 275 students earned Dean’s List honors for the Fall Semester that ended in December 2007.To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to maintain a 3.5 grade-point average and have no grade lower than B while carrying at least 12 semester hours, according to VGCC Vice President of Instruction Dr. Angela Ballentine.

Fall Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program area and then by residence.


Mary O. Hixson and Valari M. Jones, both of Creedmoor;Melody L. Jones of Franklinton;Renita D. Allen, Geraldine Collins, Adrian E. Davis, Tamika C. Davis, Jamie A. Elmore and Joyce C. Long, all of Henderson;Brenda C. Poythress of Manson;Ronald M. Tuck of Oxford.

Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology:

Donald W. Bryant and Daniel G. Levis, both of Henderson;Robert A. Wagner of Youngsville.

Associate Degree Nursing:

Darling H. Hafezi of Wake Forest.

Associate in Arts:

Verita S. Chrisp of Bullock;Steven B. Clark and Nicholas T. Wright, both of Creedmoor;Shanna Y. Billmyer, Brian M. Bowman, Bryan D. Burnside and Jennifer M. Knoch, all of Franklinton;Amber N. Duke, Amy E. Floyd, Conelia J. Garrison, Laura E. Goldstein, Linda L. Grissom, Katherine L. Lee, Quenaisha A. Moody, Callie L. Murphy, Tracey L. Nelson, Faye B. Orr and Nathan J. Wilson, all of Henderson;Jessica V. Montez of Kittrell;Stephen H. Conger of Littleton;Meagan N. Griffin, Jodi L. L'heureux, Kali P. Phelps and Jason B. Wynne, all of Louisburg;Noah K. Wall of Oxford;Mary C. Grainger of Raleigh;Jonathan B. Rice of Roxboro;Christie L. Forsythe and Sara B. Schiffelbein, both of Stem;Brian D. Clark of Wake Forest;Kevin J. Lynch of Warrenton;Candace A. Powell of Wise;Robert L. Barton, II of Youngsville.

Associate in General Education/Pre-Accounting:

Angelica R. Venable of Louisburg.

Associate in General Education/Pre-Associate in Arts:

James L. Adcock of Bullock.

Associate in General Education/Pre-Business Administration:

Penny V. Hilliard and Roberta E. Parham, both of Henderson.

Associate in General Education/Pre-College Transfer:

Janay S. Hawley of Franklinton.

Associate in General Education/Pre-Criminal Justice:

Melissa C. Elliott, Larry D. Burwell, Sr. and Randy L. Faulkner, all of Henderson;Frank W. Deeds of Louisburg.

Associate in General Education/Pre-Culinary Technology:

Shanetta L. Woods of Oxford.

Associate in General Education/Pre-Early Childhood Associate:

Tonya R. Ferguson, Twanda Harrington and Latina L. Perry, all of Henderson;Deana M. Sergent and Michelle N. Walker, both of Louisburg;Erma H. Alexander of Norlina;Mary B. Dodson of Youngsville.

Associate in General Education/Medical Office Administration:

Melissa A. Person of Louisburg;Doris W. Hendricks of Norlina.

Associate in Science:

Barbara E. Mason of Creedmoor;Kathryn E. Groover of Franklinton;Tiffany L. Ashburn, Christine A. Barker and Jennifer D. Martin, all of Louisburg;Kathryn A. Chalmers, Shalom A. Cherian, Alan R. Gatrell, Jr. and Dawn M. Tom, all of Oxford;Scott W. Brownlee and Shaquana A. Moody, both of Warrenton.

Automotive Systems Technology:

Wyatt A. Currin and John E. Whitley, Jr., both of Oxford.

Bioprocess Technology:

Robin C. Richardson of Henderson.

Business Administration:

Tangla R. Keeton of Bullock;Regina Lyons and Crystal J. Roberts, both of Franklinton;Veronica Villa-Rosales of Henderson;Kayla B. Hicks and Michael T. Rogers, Jr., both of Kittrell;Keneica E. Moore and David L. Thorpe, both of Oxford;Ashley N. Carroll of Norlina;Clellie J. Mercy of Warrenton;Karen S. Lindner and Sarah M. O'Connor, both of Youngsville.

Business Administration/E-Commerce:

Warren D. Allen of Oxford.


Karen M. Hockaday of Creedmoor.

Computer Information Technology:

John M. Hardwick of Creedmoor;Michael D. Ferrell of Franklinton;Damien S. McFalls of Rougemont;Amanda L. Little of Wake Forest;Roy C. Alston and Lakisha C. Scott, both of Warrenton;Christopher K. Davis of Youngsville.


Stacey J. Hodges of Franklinton;Christina D. Dement of Kittrell;Salina M. Thompson of Louisburg.

Criminal Justice Technology:

Nikki D. Aiken of Creedmoor;Cortney Y. Curtis of Franklinton;Dejarvis D. Baskerville, Arlene R. Burwell, Mindy R. Cash, Blake C. Fletcher, Julia V. Foster, Amanda D. Husted, Lakesha M. Palmer, Catherine D. Stevenson and Timothy Waverly, all of Henderson;Jeffery R. Garrett, Ayanna T. Jones and Brandon J. Link, all of Kittrell;Donald L. Godfrey, Jr. of Louisburg;Penny M. Floyd of Middleburg;Tamara J. Yancey of Oxford;Cecilia L. Duke of Stem;Tammatha T. Morton and Andrew R. Swanson, all of Wake Forest;Tonaka W. Alston of Warrenton;Adam T. Carlson of Youngsville.

Culinary Technology:

Denise S. McLeod of Durham;Cynthia S. Boring of Oxford.

Early Childhood Associate:

Deandrea C. Birdine, April L. Harrison, Barbara H. Yarbrough and Crystal L. Zimmers, all of Franklinton;Carol L. Bullock, Theresa S. Bullock, Carrie L. Cash, Waltrina R. Clark, Peggy W. Johnson, Darlene L. Parrish and Lakeisha S. Williams, all of Henderson;Katherine C. Stephens of Hillsborough;Kathleen M. Fairchild and Joni L. Peoples, both of Louisburg;William D. McConnell, Jr. of Macon;Kimberly C. Bailey, Mary A. Glover, Jasmin A. Gutierrez, Angela A. Hargrove, Brittany S. Hawley, Yerikendy J. Hernandez, Erin H. Martin, Lynn M. Roberts and Michael A. Speed, all of Oxford;Rashonda D. King of Wake Forest;Julie A. L'homme of Youngsville.

Early Childhood Associate/Teacher Associate:

Jennifer S. Forsyth of Durham;Amanda G. Dement, Kendra M. Fields, Loretta Hayes, Laurie A. Hernandez and Crystal L. Newhouse, all of Henderson;Vickie L. Willis of Louisburg;Sneha A. Cherian, Paulette Hunt, Lori A. Smith, Jessica D. Stovall and Elaine T. Yancey, all of Oxford;Amy M. Carter of Warrenton.

Electrical/Electronics Technology:

Ryan J. Rogers of Henderson;Jonte C. Hawkins of Norlina.

Electronics Engineering Technology:

Jeff V. Whitfield of Creedmoor;Jonathan D. Coker and Jonathan D. Strickland, both of Durham;Robert B. Burnside of Franklinton;Curtis C. Clark of Henderson.

Human Services Technology:

Jennifer L. Best of Castalia;Ashley N. Averette of Franklinton;Melinda E. Pope of Henderson;Amanda L. Cheaves of Louisburg;Katie A. Puryear and Carly E. Shearin, both of Oxford;Ashley D. Cashwell of Wake Forest.

Human Services Technology/Mental Health:

Latrece R. Lyons of Creedmoor;Lucinda D. Brown, Shirlina Burwell, Tamla R. Dunson and Sharon A. Thomas, all of Henderson;Patricia A. Burchette of Manson;Luther Curtis, Jr. and Danielle N. Harris, both of Oxford.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:

James M. Pendergrast, Jr. of Butner;Kacy M. Snow of Durham;Joyce P. Rodwell of Franklinton;Anita R. Williams of Hillsborough.

Industrial Systems Technology:

Charles E. Harris of Oxford.

Information Systems Security:

Iverson F. Landis, Jr. of Creedmoor;Robert E. Black, Kelley A. Hedrick, Del K. Jennings, Lucinda Oakley and Ellen C. Paynter, all of Henderson;Louis J. Derosa of Louisburg;Teresa P. Henderson of Oxford;Adam D. Pizzo of Raleigh.

Medical Assisting:

Carolyn J. Donnelly of Bunn;Wendy J. Ferrell of Franklinton;Naomi Allen and Tammie W. Davis, both of Henderson;Sarah E. Heston, Monica D. Lawhorne and Martha C. Stallings, all of Louisburg;Carolyn C. Slade of Norlina;Kristin M. Johnson of Wake Forest.

Medical Office Administration:

Jennifer R. Braun of Creedmoor;Meagan R. Heath and Della I. Wiggins, both of Franklinton;Marinda D. Daye of Henderson;Linda S. Matthews and Caroline D. Overby, both of Kittrell;Sharon L. Dotson of Oxford;Brittney V. Thorpe of Rougemont;Shantee M. Owens and Brittany E. Smith, both of Wake Forest;Brenda G. Jones of Youngsville.

Networking Technology:

Tucker C. Watkins of Henderson;Angela J. Thompson of Norlina;Christopher C. Newton of Oxford;Phillip K. Spriggs of Stem;William M. Salmons, Jr. of Wake Forest.

Office Systems Technology:

Shameka K. Wright of Castalia;Catherine W. Brodie of Louisburg;Casey D. Roberts of Oxford;Carol E. Alston of Warrenton.

Pharmacy Technology:

James W. Medlin, Sr. of Franklinton;Barbara T. Hargrove of Norlina;Elizabeth J. Fisher of Wake Forest.


John P. Sullivan of Durham;Kelly F. Adcock of Henderson;Elizabeth M. Hundley of Norlina;Ashley M. Thomas of Oxford;Tiffany D. Martinez of Raleigh;Danika R. Wilson of Wake Forest;Sheila H. Perry of Youngsville.


Jennifer L. Scaggs of Bahama;Jeffrey C. Camillo of Creedmoor;Apryl M. Jeffries, Kathleen A. Kane and Savannah R. May, all of Durham;Danielle R. Foster of Franklinton;Jessica M. Medlin of Henderson;Kacey M. Currin of Kittrell;Megan M. Shearin of Louisburg;Tracy N. Elliott and Samantha E. Moore, both of Oxford;Jennifer M. Denning, Shaleen E. Goodrich and Melissa D. White, all of Raleigh;Brett D. Rinehart of Roxboro;Sibyl J. Pearce and Douglas R. Perry, both of Youngsville.

Recreation and Leisure Studies:

Ruth P. Hicks of Oxford.

Web Technologies:

John W. Sides of Creedmoor;Preston A. Dunn, Michael L. Roberson and Elizabeth R. Stainback, all of Henderson;Barbara J. Liles, Kristy S. Wilson and Kathy J. Wolford, all of Oxford;Amy L. Blalock of Stem.

Welding Technology:

James K. Hawkins, Jr., Darryl L. Marrow and Matthew R. Pendergrass, all of Henderson;Tyler J. Moore of Louisburg;Barry T. Humphries of Rougemont;Keith A. Brownson of Warrenton.