VGCC names 234 students to President’s and Dean’s Lists

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 115 students earned President’s List and another 119 earned Dean’s List academic honors for the spring semester that ended in May.

The President’s List recognizes students who achieved a perfect 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) while carrying a “full load” (of at least 12 credit hours) in 100-level or higher curriculum courses. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to earn a GPA that was at least 3.5 but less than 4.0, and have no grade lower than “B,” while carrying a “full load” of such courses.

Spring Semester President’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Jacob H. Daniel of Oxford.

Associate in Arts:
Marisol Galvan Romo and Alma L. Ramirez Cortes, both of Butner;
Caitlyn A. Good of Creedmoor;
Joshua Jacobs of Durham;
Gavin C. Hardin and Destiny M. Quesenberry, both of Franklinton;
Cristin D. Abbott, Jasmine N. Allen, Kourtney J. Cockrell, Ashlyn K. Collier, Tim Jiang, Caroline M. Oakley, Brian J. Stevenson and Jakayla M. Thorpe, all of Henderson;
Allie R. Beach and Leslie A. Leake, both of Kittrell;
Loganne S. Driver and Blake A. Massengill, both of Louisburg;
Alana W. Towles, Anautica D. Wilson and Hailey T. Woodlief, all of Oxford;
Maria L. Govea of Roxboro;
Lindsay C. Henry of Youngsville.

Associate in General Education - General Science:
Yuliana R. Carranza and Jolina Anne V. Chiong, both of Henderson;
Joel E. Canada of Stem.

Associate in Science:
Kaleb S. Williamson of Bullock;
Lindsey R. Perry of Henderson;
Kia S. Brodie and Sovanny Taylor, both of Louisburg;
Elizabeth K. Fallon of Wake Forest.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Howard W. Haley of Bullock;
Michael L. Wright of Durham;
Jeremy D. Lemay, Kenneth S. McConnell and Jacob F. Mosley, all of Henderson;
Jordan A. Alston and Hadden C. Justice, both of Louisburg;
Stephen B. Ray of Wake Forest.

Business Administration:
Holly A. Waddell of Henderson;
Kinequa W. Lassiter of Manson;
Jason D. Hester, Stacy T. Hicks and Latosha C. Hunt, all of Oxford;
Jason L. Thompson of Stem;
Ashley M. Kinton of Youngsville.

Computer Technology Integration:
Tristin McClay and Christina D. Manz, both of Creedmoor;
Angelica M. Garcia-Avelar of Durham;
Zachary T. Stevenson of Oxford;
Rowan M. Morris of Warrenton.

Christianne Combs of Durham;
Davis B. Moore of Franklinton;
Micaela B. Crowder and Zataria M. Marrow, both of Henderson;
Alexa J. Clayton of Rougemont.

Criminal Justice:
Christopher L. Davis of Bullock;
Brenda G. Ellis of Durham;
Rebecka R. Paul of Henderson;
Benjamin B. Layton of Kittrell;
Leonte D. Parker of Oxford;
Martin A. Spencer of Roxboro.

Culinary Arts:
Taylor M. Abel of Manson;
Randy D. Bullock of Stem;
Ethel C. Fogg of Warrenton.

Early Childhood Education:
Makala West of Henderson.

Global Logistics and Distribution Management Technology:
Charles Braswell of Wilson.

Human Services Technology:
Fredesvinda C. Euceda-Col of Creedmoor.

Human Services Technology/Gerontology:
Sonya J. Barnes of Henderson;
Pamela R. Campbell of Littleton.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:
Jawanda L. Burchette of Warrenton.

Information Technology:
Adam Burns and Andrew M. Watkins, both of Henderson;
Cody R. Parrott of Kittrell;
Michael A. Gokee of Louisburg.

Mechatronics Engineering Technology:
Charles J. Nordcliff of Creedmoor.

Medical Assisting:
Michelle D. Beckwith of Kittrell;
Laketa D. Bumpers of Louisburg.

Medical Office Administration:
Tammy Heller of Butner;
Cassidy B. Lucas and Jessica M. Noll, both of Franklinton;
Jessica C. Allgood, Tranita N. Brown, Tamara F. Glover, Cassidy J. Grissom, Raven K. Kay, Melissa O. Simmons and Timmara D. Smith, all of Henderson;
Brianna N. Lynch of Hollister;
Beverly K. Ellis of Kittrell;
Misty R. Grabowski of Louisburg;
Amanda S. Aiken of Rougemont;
Kaitlyn F. Wilson of Roxboro;
Amber S. Carey of Stem;
Rebecca T. George of Warrenton;
Thomas M. King, Jr., of Wise;
Julia A. Rhodes of Youngsville.

Office Administration:
Betsy M. Mason of Macon.

Paralegal Technology:
Celene Acuna of Henderson;
Holly H. Cashwell of Wake Forest.

Pharmacy Technology:
Malissa S. Chandler of Durham;
Tommy L. Hicks of Franklinton.

Practical Nursing:
Frank T. McGhee, Jr., of Henderson.

Katie A. Weary of Bullock;
Marco A. Carmen-Vazquez and Aaron J. McNeill, both of Oxford;
Ashley M. Rhew of Timberlake.

Welding Technology:
Cameron M. Brown of Creedmoor;
Joshua C. Pfohl and Cedric J. Rodebaugh, II, both of Franklinton;
Robert L. Mallory of Oxford;
Galen D. Wilds of Stem;
Quentin T. Tully of Wake Forest;
Andrew Lynam of Youngsville.


Spring Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Wannapha N. Robinson of Louisburg;
Shiquita Evans of Townsville.

Associate Degree Nursing:
Valerie J. Strange of Bullock;
Kaylan C. Hoyle of Henderson;
Jeannie S. Adcock and Jodie D. Carroll, both of Oxford;
Halie C. Brooks of Raleigh.

Associate in Arts:
Farrah B. Foster, Samantha J. Shannon, Kaylin D. Smith and Jocelyn S. Williams, all of Creedmoor;
Karen T. Graves of Durham;
Rebekah H. Glasheen of Franklinton;
Ke' Moni M. Champion, Chadstity V. Copeland, Lehman R. Ford, Luke M. Frazier, Alayna B. Gallagher, Brandon J. Hughes, Samuel B. Newman, Fatima A. Saleh, Bailee E. Tippett and Kianna A. Wills, all of Henderson;
Caleb R. Brauer and Matthew White, both of Norlina;
Kristy R. Ball, Erica J. Evans, Robin L. Hill  and Emely K. Ovando, all of Oxford;
Osvaldo Hernandez Martinez, Jessica M. Shelton and Caitlynn A. Taylor, all of Stem;
Seth N. Moody of Townsville;
Elizabeth N. Durand of Wake Forest;
Brian S. Restrepo of Youngsville.

Associate in General Education - General Science:
Melissa B. Anderson of Butner;
Tuesday N. Mathews of Fuquay-Varina;
Brittney Hawkins and Olivia Williamson, both of Oxford;
Matthew A. Fuller of Rougemont.

Associate in Science:
Christopher A. Plumley of Franklinton;
Alegra A. Bass and Michael T. O'Donoghue, both of Henderson;
Jamal Algathi, Nicole F. Bowman and Zakaria I. Kassim, all of Oxford;
Lucas T. Thompson of Wake Forest.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Trey Johnson of Franklinton.

Business Administration:
Bobbie J. Wilkerson of Creedmoor;
Crystal R. Thomerson of Franklinton;
Tanya Fields and Amber M. Layton, both of Oxford;
Dar-Neshia S. Williams of Warrenton;
Elizabeth D. Elliott of Youngsville.

Computer Technology Integration:
Thomas B. Grob of Bullock;
Ashley R. Healey of Raleigh.

Eillah Spivey of Bunn;
Cassie A. Shaffer of Butner;
Ashley M. Holden of Franklinton;
Nitianndra G. Boyd of Henderson;
Kristina M. Brantley of Louisburg;
Tonisha C. Chavis of Oxford;
Britney N. Bollinger of Wake Forest.

Criminal Justice:
Tyler L. Hughes of Bullock;
Adrianna M. De Nuzzia of Creedmoor;
Heather L. Taylor and Monica A. Williams, both of Franklinton;
Jose A. De Leon and Morgan T. Lawhorne, both of Henderson;
Jacob A. Quirk of Kittrell;
Charmaine A. Sutton of Louisburg;
Landon J. Hall, Daniel T. Reece and Harold T. Todd, all of Oxford;
Andrew L. Ayscue of Youngsville.

Culinary Arts:
Rebecca N. Groover of Franklinton;
Hayya A. Wright of Henderson;
Sara C. Cheek of Louisburg;
Dejah Davis of Stem.

Early Childhood Education:
Anita M. Fuller of Franklinton;
Jacquella S. Jones of Henderson;
Hayley A. Fox of Kittrell;
Brooklyn E. Mason of Louisburg;
Tomekia M. Rainey of Pinetops;
Shirolyn B. Ball of Rougemont.

Austin R. Lovegrove of Franklinton.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:
Jennifer S. Bennett of Henderson;
Melissa A. Jackson of Oxford;
Mary A. Collins of Wendell.

Information Technology:
Randall S. Howard and Robert C. Hurt, both of Creedmoor;
Jerry Lizaire of Henderson;
Alisha M. Prevette of Oxford.

Mechatronics Engineering Technology:
Charles P. Deese of Henderson;
Jerome T. Edmonds of Oxford.

Medical Office Administration:
Hannah N. Scurto of Creedmoor;
Raeann Johnson and April B. Peoples, both of Henderson;
Kristie L. Brough of Oxford;
Jenese N. Caldwell of Wake Forest.

Paralegal Technology:
Kelly D. Persinger and Katie S. Rogers, both of Louisburg;
Jalissa M. Franklin of Sanford;
Anne D. Genest of Wake Forest.

Pharmacy Technology:
Tamika Everett of Creedmoor;
Kaylyn Anderson of Oxford.

Yamile A. Chavarin of Henderson;
Mark J. Meinhart of Louisburg;
Bethany Murphy of Youngsville.

Welding Technology:
Nicholas Keeton of Bullock;
Hernan J. Hernandez of Castalia;
Cristian J. Contreras of Creedmoor;
Donnie S. Ayscue, Andrew S. Hamrick and Eduardo Ibarra-Renteria, all of Henderson;
Ismael Trejo Labra of Norlina;
Eric L. Clayton of Oxford;
Ryan Abraham of Raleigh;
Jared Q. Siemers of Wake Forest.