VGCC names 213 students to President’s and Dean’s Lists

Monday, May 6, 2019

Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 79 students earned President’s List academic honors and another 134 earned Dean’s List academic honors for the fall 2018 semester.

The President’s List recognizes students who achieved a perfect 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) while carrying a “full load” (of at least 12 credit hours) in 100-level or higher curriculum courses. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to earn a GPA that was at least 3.5 but less than 4.0, and have no grade lower than “B,” while carrying a “full load” of such courses.

Fall Semester President’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Accounting & Finance:
Alicia D. Hinton of Castalia;
Abigail S. Pruitt of Oxford.

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology:
Christian A. Dockum and Ethan D. Hughes, both of Creedmoor.

Associate in Arts:
Austin M. Councilman of Creedmoor;
Joshua I. Horton of Franklinton;
Kaitlyn M. Harris, Dylan T. Jackson, Jadyn M. Jones, Josiah Jones and Caroline A. Nutt, all of Henderson;
Wesley T. Beach and Matthew D. Varker, both of Kittrell;
Pamela R. Campbell of Littleton;
Jacob N. Carver, Ker'Telian S. Fields and Calli S. Massey, all of Oxford;
Lily R. Averette of Rougemont;
Conner G. Bryant of Warrenton;
Taylor N. Wagaman of Youngsville.

Associate in General Education - General Science:
Victoria K. Swain of Durham;
Kyra E. Corrigan of Wake Forest.

Associate in Science:
Shadi M. Nagi of Henderson;
Rewees A. Ebrahim of Oxford;
Kayla M. Blue of Stem;
Heather L. Gwin and Heidy Labra-Franco, both of Warrenton;
Emily J. Bauer of Youngsville.

Automotive Systems Technology:
David D. Bragg of Franklinton;
Toby J. Bradsher, III, of Henderson;
Branden S. Lilley of Louisburg;
Cesar L. Vazquez of Oxford;
Xavier Durham of Warrenton.

Business Administration:
Charlene A. Kearney of Creedmoor;
Holly R. Buchanan of Henderson.

Kandace N. Rutter of Creedmoor;
Jennifer H. Bruner, Jamie L. Moody and Samantha B. Williamson, all of Franklinton;
MacKenzie D. Hutson, Chelsea L. Jones, Dasha S. Kearney and Skylar N. Mulhollen, all of Henderson;
Anna M. Wood of Louisburg;
Monet L. Faucett of Norlina;
Kathleen R. Feinman of Rolesville;
Samantha J. Tackema of Wake Forest;
Janice P. Shehata of Warrenton;
Kelley R. Oakley of Youngsville.

Criminal Justice:
Tanya Beal Smith of Butner;
Adrianna M. De Nuzzia of Creedmoor;
Alexis R. Lincoln of Franklinton;
Gricel Arroyo and Kimberly R. Smith, both of Louisburg;
Andrew L. Ayscue of Youngsville.

Culinary Arts:
Dominique A. Winters of Creedmoor;
Sonya K. Jackson of Franklinton.

Early Childhood Education:
Brittaniana M. Channell and Stephanie L. Griffin, both of Creedmoor;
Lakee' D. Steed of Henderson;
Catherine A. Mendell of Oxford.

Melissa B. Anderson of Butner.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:
Allyson D. Dellea of Kittrell;
Kelly F. Yarborough of McLeansville;
Tiffiney Whitt of Roxboro.

Information Technology:
Douglas Boulia of Creedmoor;
Joseph T. Hedgepeth of Henderson;
Ebony Thomas of Kittrell;
Brandon Vestweber of Wake Forest.

Mechatronics Engineering Technology:
Herbert H. Davis of Henderson.

Medical Office Administration:
Kimberly C. Cagney of Creedmoor;
Kelsey B. Ivey of Henderson;
Danielle N. Enright and Elizabeth L. Wiggins, both of Louisburg.

Office Administration:
Mia N. Wireman of Creedmoor.

Practical Nursing:
Mary W. Wanjiku of Cary.

Kacie L. Gann of Durham.

Welding Technology:
Lacy E. Hidalgo-Gato of Franklinton;
Matthew K. Hamilton of Louisburg.

Fall Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Accounting & Finance:
Jason A. Murphy of Franklinton;
Trina M. Leapley of Louisburg.

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology:
Ernest F. Hill, III, and Tyrell Terry, both of Henderson;
Zavious D. Oakley of Oxford.

Associate in Arts:
Clay T. Boyd, Christyn M. Campbell, Sarah J. Jones and Brandi M. Umstead, all of Creedmoor;
Rebecca K. Middleton and Kimberly Ross, both of Franklinton;
Viridiana Chavez, Emani' D. Foster, Viviana Hernandez, Sarah E. Howarth, Henry Huynh, Kristyn M. Medlin, Josie M. Roberson, Daquan M. Southerland, William A. Strickland, Hannah D. Wells, Corey K. Williams, Jr., Haley L. Williams and Al-Leain I. Young, all of Henderson;
Tiffany M. Frank, Rebekah L. Varker and Gracey R. Vaught, all of Kittrell;
Robert J. Holovnia of Louisburg;
Christy L. Beasley, Sherman I. Booker , Savannah L. Brogden , Laci A. Davidson, U'lia K. Hargrove, Asmaa Kassim, Kristie Lumpkin, Erin P. Whitt and Alexander C. Wilkinson, all of Oxford;
Kamiyah E. Wiggins of Townsville;
Josiah A. Trotter of Youngsville.

Associate in General Education - General Science:
Dakota M. Chabala of Franklinton;
Carly M. West of Littleton;
Vlada Balalova of Louisburg;
Kylie M. Blackwell of Timberlake;
Robyn N. Perry of Zebulon.

Associate in Science:
Astrid Portillo-Granado of Creedmoor;
Jacklyn C. Stanley of Durham;
James Geary and Kayla D. Romig, both of Franklinton;
William Z. Egerton, Shawn A. Faulkner and Evin F. Swilley, all of Henderson;
Maggie E. Dickerson and Brooklyn F. Fuller, both of Oxford;
Lindsay Fenlason of Wake Forest;
Quavion C. Basyden of Willard;
MacKenzie S. Clifford of Youngsville.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Brandon M. Sparrow of Creedmoor;
Justin T. Reavis of Henderson.

Business Administration:
Syreeta D. Scott-Jernigan of Franklinton;
Jennifer S. Crabtree of Kittrell;
Adero B. Bullock of Louisburg.

Megan L. Sandell of Creedmoor;
Hunter M. Boykin and Bridgett N. King, both of Franklinton;
Shelly C. Benson, Angel N. Bradford and Irina Z. Letts, all of Henderson;
Megan L. Twisdale of Kittrell;
Ashley J. Bennett of Louisburg;
Logan B. Breedlove of Oxford;
Jazmin L. King of Rougemont;
Rachel A. Savage of Wake Forest;
Danielle K. Hargrove and Brittney Wray, both of Warrenton;
Sydney G. Sakoman of Youngsville.

Criminal Justice:
Carly J. Minor of Butner;
Salvador I. Manjarrez Moli of Creedmoor;
Amali N. Elayah, Kalin D. Jackson, Keyla Lewis and Dylan Sanford, all of Henderson;
Brooke T. Bendel of Louisburg;
Sherese L. Hicks of Macon;
Abdon A. Silva and Matthew A. Smith, both of Oxford;
Addison U. Dinglasan of Youngsville.

Early Childhood Education:
Courtney Crute of Bullock;
Milena F. Nelsen of Franklinton;
Rochelle D. Williams of Henderson;
Melissa C. Ayscue and Ellen M. Young, both of Louisburg.

Electrical Systems Technology:
Jacob I. Mitchell of Oxford.

Electronics Engineering Technology:
Dakota L. Hodnett of Oxford.

Rawia Dafalla of Raleigh.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:
Gloria J. Chavis of Butner;
Grace A. Ohlandt of Franklinton.

Information Technology:
Christian E. Colon and Cody R. Hassell, both of Creedmoor;
Koty R. Glover, Colin Hope and Andrew M. Watkins, all of Henderson;
Spencer B. Duncan of Louisburg;
Emily Durling of Oxford;
Courtney L. Faison of Wake Forest.

Medical Assisting:
Ashley R. Hill of Henderson;
Crystal C. Williams of Louisburg.

Medical Office Administration:
Caroline P. Williamson of Bullock;
Savannah N. Jones, Kaitlyn T. Pojman and Galesia E. Williams, all of Durham;
Margaret Avery, Anna D. Davis, Cassidy J. Grissom, Raeann Johnson, Maryjo M. Parks and Shirley B. Spivey, all of Henderson;
Holly R. Heston of Louisburg;
Lisha T. Harris and Keshonda A. McMannen, both of Oxford;
Amy C. Hildebran of Warrenton.

Paralegal Technology:
Emari N. Ragland of Henderson;
Evelyn Nolasco of Louisburg.

Pharmacy Technology:
Jane M. Jones of Franklinton;
Monika of Roanoke Rapids.

Frantz Alexis of Chapel Hill;
Matthew S. Battistel, Dwayne D. Huneycutt and Paige D. Snider, all of Creedmoor;
Brooklyn Rooker of Henderson;
Rubi J. Coyote Baizabal of Roxboro;
Sabrina E. Bedard of Wake Forest;
Megan T. Whitman of Youngsville.

Welding Technology:
Michael D. Perry of Bunn;
Edmund M. Goulet of Oxford.