VGCC Board Proposes $16M Budget, Approves Sewage Line Right-Of-Way

Monday, March 16, 1998


The Vance-Granville Community College Board of Trustees approved a proposed fiscal year 1998-99 budget of $16,479,973 at its bi-monthly meeting Monday, March 16.

Board members also approved a sewage line right-of-way along college property, learned that progress has picked up on construction of the new Franklin County campus and agreed to send more than $6 million in capital requests to the state.

Dr. Ben F. Currin, president, pointed out that the budget reflects what administrators feel it will cost to operate the college's four campuses, purchase equipment and carry on construction projects. The N.C. Department of Community Colleges must approve the budget proposal.

State funds would pay $11,500,702 of the budget total, or 69.79 percent. Vance County is being asked to contribute $726,707, or 4.41 percent; Granville County $670,040, or 4.06 percent; Warren County $54,593, or 0.33 percent; and Franklin County $281,805, or 1.71 percent. Granville and Franklin county percentages are unusually high because they include $343,404 Granville has committed for expansion at South Campus and $200,000 Franklin will pay as its part of the new campus being built.

Federal funds account for $1.8 million, or 11.12 percent of the proposed budget, and the remainder comes from several other sources.

Dr. Currin reminded the board that the budget will probably have to be adjusted later after the four counties and the state make their allocations to the college.

Sewage Right-Of-Way
Acting on a request presented by Benny Finch, executive director of the Vance County Economic Development Commission, the board approved granting the right-of-way for a sewage line along the perimeter of college property. The line will connect with the new Red Bud Basin lines being constructed by the city of Henderson from Dabney School and will run between VGCC and I-85 to Poplar Creek Road. It will then run up Poplar Creek Road to the property being developed across from Vance-Granville as a distribution center for Corporate Express Inc.

The trustees agreed to grant the right-of-way under the condition that efforts be made to replace trees and other vegetation that must be removed from college property to accommodate the sewage line.

Discussion of Corporate Express led to views by board members that traffic at the entrance to Vance-Granville will become congested with trucks and employee vehicles entering and leaving the business. In addition, it is expected the sewage line will open other property behind Corporate Express for development.

David Brooks, chairman of the board's Building Committee, made a motion, which passed unanimously, that the trustees work closely with Vance County officials to try and get Poplar Creek Road widened from the I-85 ramps to the entrance to Vance-Granville.

Satellite Construction Updates
Brooks also presented a report from Dove-Knight & Associates, architects for the new Franklin County campus, saying that encouraging progress in being made on construction, despite wet weather which made building work extremely difficult the past 90 days.

The report said floors have been poured, exterior walls are installed and interior work is under way on the main building. Masonry walls are topped out, and exterior brick work has begun on the shop building. Driveway and parking lot work are also progressing well, the report said.

Dove-Knight said the contractor is about 30 days behind schedule, but he is working on weekends to catch up lost days. Plans remain to move into the facility in August for Fall Semester, Dr. Currin said.

Brooks also reported that plans are ready to submit to the state Construction Office for the addition to South Campus in Granville County. The proposed 8,050 square-foot addition is expected to house an expanded cosmetology department, a computer lab and an EMS/Public Service classroom. Some current spaces, such as cosmetology, will be renovated for two new classrooms. Granville County and the state will share costs.

If all goes well with the review of plans and bid advertisements, construction could begin by the end of June and could be completed in about 10 months.

The board also voted to send requests to the North Carolina Community College System for future capital projects which have been identified as priorities at all four campuses. Dr. Currin said if the projects are approved by the 1999 General Assembly, money will be available in 2001 or 2002.

Projects requested are: Public Service building/Truck Driving Center at main campus -- $2.5 million; Continuing Education Center at South Campus -- $1 million; Industry Training-classroom facility at Franklin Campus -- $2.5 million; and classroom building/land acquisition at Warren Campus -- $380,000.

Board Chairman John T. Church, a long-time former state legislator, pointed out that some or none of the four requests may be funded, but the college needs to get in line now for state money.

Personnel, Other Actions
The board approved employment of three full-time professional employees and accepted resignations of three, presented by Michelle Burgess, chairperson of the Personnel Committee.

Rita P. Smith was approved to move from part-time to full-time English instructor; Stephanie Jo Cook Martin was approved as instructor/coordinator for the Adult Learning Center at Warren Campus; and Dr. Catherine C. Markee was approved as special needs counselor. Dr. Currin said one of Markee's primary responsibilities will be to develop programs for students with disabilities.

The resignations of nursing instructors Paula M. Chesnaky and Adrienne Wagenblast were approved, along with the retirement of Robert Frank Sinclair, librarian/instructor. Sinclair will continue to work on a part-time basis.

At the recommendation of Henrietta H. Clark, chairperson of the Curriculum Committee, the board voted to add two new courses at Butner correctional institutions. VGCC will teach business administration at the Federal Correctional Institute and carpentry at the Low Security Correctional Institutional.

The board also approved cooperative program agreements to provide instruction in a variety of fields at high schools in Vance, Granville, Warren and Franklin counties.

Ralph S. Knott was appointed by the board as Franklin County liaison to the Board of Trustees. While not a voting member of the board, Knott will represent the needs and desires of Franklin County, particularly in regards to the satellite campus located in Louisburg.

Knott, the Franklin County clerk of Superior Court for 36 years, will replace Robert Heuts in the liaison capacity.