New & Improved WebAdvisor launches

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Screen shot of WebAdvisor Financial Aid screen

A new and improved WebAdvisor is here!

WebAdvisor has been given a FACELIFT as Vance-Granville Community College works to enhance the resources we provide to our students, faculty and staff through a convenient “One-Stop Shop.”

WebAdvisor now has streamlined web pages for Official Transcripts, Student Finance, Financial Aid and User Profiles.

All of the components are still available, just better. Students will find a site that is much easier to access with more options and information available to them. Many of the screens have changed as the interface was upgraded to provide greater service. Information that may have required multiple clicks in the past is now available in just a single click.

The Official Transcripts section has been enhanced to make it easier for students to distribute the transcripts needed by other educational institutions and employers.

The Financial Aid section makes it easier for students to access scholarships, award letters, loans and more. There is a checklist to keep track of actions needed to complete the Financial Aid process, a Student Financial Account Summary is available, and students can see their Satisfactory Academic Progress evaluation. A YouTube tutorial is available (embedded below) if students want to explore the changes.

The Student Finance section makes it easier to pay tuition and fees for classes and see transcripts. An Account Summary is available with details of all charges, payments and balances. Students can explore the changes for this section in this tutorial on YouTube (embedded below).

The User Profile section now allows students to update their telephone numbers and e-mail addresses and to request that changes be made to their mailing addresses.

Log-ins and passwords remain the same, and students will still be able to look to WebAdvisor to check test scores and grades, to register for classes, to make payments, to see tax forms, etc.

If students have questions once they get into WebAdvisor, contact details are available on each section for the appropriate person to call if help or additional info is needed.

Students are encouraged to view the tutorials and to log-in to WebAdvisor to explore the new look and options.