Vance-Granville Community College has announced that 95 students earned President’s List academic honors and another 125 earned Dean’s List academic honors for the spring 2018 semester.

The President’s List recognizes students who achieved a perfect 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) while carrying a “full load” (of at least 12 credit hours) in 100-level or higher curriculum courses. To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student had to earn a GPA that was at least 3.5 but less than 4.0, and have no grade lower than “B,” while carrying a “full load” of such courses.

Spring Semester President’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Tonya F. Saleh of Henderson.

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology:
Charles M. Kurz of Henderson;
Bobby C. Crabtree of Kittrell.

Associate in Arts:
Samantha C. Hines, Brandon J. Hughes, Caroline M. Oakley, Nahu C. Palacios and Jessica A. Steed, all of Henderson;
Pamela R. Campbell of Littleton;
Savannah L. Brogden and Erica J. Evans, both of Oxford.

Associate in General Education - General Science:
Kacie L. Gann of Durham;
Jolina Anne Chiong and Penny Phan, both of Henderson;
Danielle N. Enright of Louisburg;
Savannah J. Barnes of Oxford.

Associate in Science:
Ligaya Carissa Aguas, Lucas R. Hamrick, Fatima N. Hawter and Kelly S. Smith, both of Henderson;
Caitlynn A. Taylor of Stem;
Kynleigh E. Holley of Wake Forest;
Edgar I. Arrieta-Reyes of Warrenton.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Owen M. Hernandez and Brandon M. Sparrow, both of Creedmoor;
LaQuad C. Holden of Henderson;
Branden S. Lilley of Louisburg;
Daniel M. Brown and Blake A. Larcade, both of Oxford.

Basic Law Enforcement Training:
William G. Sipfle of Louisburg.

Business Administration:
Charlene A. Kearney of Creedmoor;
Griselle M. Garcia of Franklinton;
Jacob F. Mosley and Samantha Rodgers, both of Henderson.

Jennifer M. Lipscomb of Franklinton;
Shelly C. Benson and Chelsea L. Jones, both of Henderson;
Anna M. Wood of Louisburg;
Laura E. O'Hara of Raleigh;
Kathleen R. Feinman of Rolesville;
Megan L. Twisdale of Townsville;
Nicole Brueck and Maya E. Grimmett, both of Wake Forest.

Criminal Justice:
Jose A. De Leon and Taylor R. Walker, both of Henderson;
Yahaira K. Solis of Louisburg;
Sherese L. Hicks of Macon;
Savannah C. Kelly and Abdon A. Silva, both of Oxford;
Courtney A. Glenn of Stem;
Alissa J. Durham of Wake Forest;
Andrew L. Ayscue of Youngsville.

Culinary Arts:
Cassidy A. Young of Franklinton;
Ethel C. Fogg of Warrenton.

Early Childhood Education:
Seham H. Mansour of Creedmoor;
Jessica R. Bolton, Jayla N. Harris and Rochelle D. Williams, all of Henderson;
Isom Hodges of Oxford.

Global Logistics and Distribution Management Technology:
Jerome W. Richardson of Henderson;
Charles Braswell of Wilson.

Human Services Technology:
Fredesvinda C. Euceda-Colindres of Creedmoor;
Delois Hart of Henderson;
Wendy Y. Boncek of Hollister;
Sarah H. Borden of Oxford.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:
Grace A. Ohlandt of Franklinton;
Hali L. Wheeler of Oxford;
Tiffiney Whitt of Roxboro;
Rachel H. Allen of Stem.

Information Technology:
Steven T. Pearce of Franklinton.

Medical Assisting:
Ebony L. Terry of Franklinton;
Brittney D. Hawkins, Ashley R. Hill and Petrina L. Perry, all of Henderson;
Jessica N. Ruffin of Kittrell;
Lauren Pridgen of Louisburg;
Megan N. Moss of Rougemont.

Medical Office Administration:
Kaitlyn T. Pojman of Durham;
Tranita N. Brown and Melissa O. Simmons, both of Henderson;
Robin E. Dorsett and Shalinda L. White, both of Louisburg;
Adrienne F. Edwards of Middleburg.

Paralegal Technology:
Barbara E. Sirucek of Louisburg;
Melissa J. Padgett of Stem;
Chelsea A. Raposa of Zebulon.

Pharmacy Technology:
Jane M. Jones of Franklinton;
Darcel L. Alston of Henderson;
Theresa R. Carrillo of Louisburg.

Paige D. Snider of Creedmoor;
Rubi J. Coyote of Roxboro;
Megan T. Whitman of Youngsville.

Welding Technology:
Carrie E. Johnson and Erasmo  San Juan, both of Henderson;
Andrew Lynam of Youngsville.

Spring Semester Dean’s List honorees are listed below by program of study and then by residence.

Jennifer M. Burton of Norlina;
Katelynn J. Cheek of Oxford.

Associate in Arts:
Ryan V. Makueyi, Benjamin V. Mangalam and Alma L. Ramirez, all of Butner;
Owen T. Mettam, Rosanny Reynoso, Sarah C. Stewart and Davina L. Williams, all of Creedmoor;
Alexis M. Barton and Solace A. Outhouse, both of Franklinton;
Donnie S. Ayscue, Kaitlyn M. Harris, Allison M. Hines, Logan Lundenburg, Evan A. O'Geary, Alexis M. Watson and Kianna A. Wills, all of Henderson;
Amber P. Hicks of Kittrell;
Blake A. Lee of Louisburg;
Destiny L. Brown of Macon;
Joshua Jacobs of Morrisville;
Dana E. Brannock of Norlina;
Amya S. Bullock, Asmaa Kassim, Kristie Lumpkin, Shiloh A. Whiten, Hunter S. Wilkins and Hanna L. Williams, all of Oxford;
Nelson Juarez of Stem;
Conner G. Bryant and Joshua L. Taylor, both of Warrenton.

Associate in General Education - General Science:
Brandy L. Patterson of Henderson;
Jamie F. Smith of Louisburg;
Melissa Parrish of Stem;
Michelle J. Harris-Evans of Youngsville.

Associate in Science:
Robert S. Davis and Mya D. Wilson of Franklinton;
Shadi M. Nagi and Lindsey R.  Perry, both of Henderson;
Ethan A. Cole of Kittrell;
Abiral S. Hamal of Louisburg;
Sarah L. Mabe of Oxford;
Joseph P. Guth of Rougemont;
Tiffany N. Dalton, Kamini A. Hudson, Kimberly Labra-Franco and Hannah P. Ortiz, all of Warrenton;
Daniel A. Bolden, MacKenzie S. Clifford and Hope Crute, all of Youngsville.

Automotive Systems Technology:
Justin T. Reavis of Henderson;
Daniel Shaw of Wake Forest.

Business Administration:
Crystal R. Thomerson of Franklinton;
Shalencia N. Burwell and Christie G. Ellington, both of Henderson;
Danny W. Ayscue of Kittrell;
Stacy T. Hicks of Oxford.

Eillah Spivey of Bunn;
Hunter M. Boykin of Franklinton;
Holly R. Buchanan, MacKenzie D. Hutson, Irina Z. Letts, Jordyn R. Steagall and Angel R. Stokes, all of Henderson;
Kristina F. Graham and Ashley M. Holden, both of Raleigh;
Alexa J. Clayton of Rougemont;
Janice P. Shehata of Warrenton.

Criminal Justice:
Adrianna M. De Nuzzia of Creedmoor;
Keyla Lewis, Rebecka R. Paul, Tabatha D. Proffitt and Dyshaqual D. Trowbridge, all of Henderson;
Madison N. Johnson and Stephen B. Long, both of Oxford;
Rose Danthon of Raleigh.

Culinary Arts:
Rebecca N. Groover of Franklinton;
Preston L. Jacobs of Henderson.

Early Childhood Education:
Courtney Crute of Bullock;
Kelly N. Holder and Brittany A. Yarboro, both of Butner;
Lakee' D. Steed and Makala A. West, both of Henderson;
Marniecia L. Best and Hayley A. Fox, both of Kittrell;
Melissa C. Ayscue of Louisburg;
Catherine A. Mendell of Oxford.

Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse:
Robert Dow of Franklinton.

Information Technology:
Joseph T. Hedgepeth of Henderson;
Michael A. Gokee of Louisburg;
Graham Ellis of Oxford;
Cody Brandenburg of Youngsville.

Mechatronics Engineering Technology:
Dylan W. Breedlove of Creedmoor;
Christopher E. Long of Norlina.

Medical Assisting:
Morgan B. Edwards of Creedmoor;
Latara S. Rudd of Hollister;
Emily Palacios of Louisburg;
Ashley D. Elliott of Oxford;
Erica Tunstall of Warrenton.

Medical Office Administration:
Jessica C. Allgood, Margaret Avery, Raeann Johnson , Timmara D. Smith and Tracy L. Spain, all of Henderson;
Holly R. Heston of Louisburg;
Cartes E. Newell of Norlina;
Amanda S. Aiken of Rougemont;
Hannah N. Scurto of Stovall;
Jessica M. Noll of Youngsville.

Networking Technology:
Alvin B. Richardson of Henderson.

Office Administration:
Tina M. Kreidler of Oxford.

Paralegal Technology:
Ebony M. Cotton of Franklinton;
Celene Acuna, Katie L. Bean and Amali N. Hauter, all of Henderson;
Evelyn Nolasco of Louisburg;
Monica N. Woodlief of Wake Forest.

Frantz Alexis of Chapel Hill;
Bethany Murphy of Youngsville.

Welding Technology:
Kaylee Gleason of Henderson;
Matthew K. Hamilton, George L. Tharpe and Nicolas D. Tucker, all of Louisburg;
Rudy V. Pearce of Raleigh.