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NC TechHire Grant @ VGCC

Program Objective

To develop employees in the high-demand industries of Information Technology and Advanced Manufacturing.

Program Information

Who Is Eligible?

  • Individuals ages 17- 29
  • US citizen, permanent resident or immigrant with work permit
  • Resident of VGCC service area (80-mile radius around VGCC’s Main Campus)

How Long Does The Program Take To Complete?

  • Courses vary in length. However, the maximum training time for any course is 240 hours. Students may pick the course(s) that interest them.
  • Some students may be required to take “Working Smart to Career Success,” a Human Resources Development (HRD) component, which is designed to provide job-seekers the work/life skills that employers indicate translate into successful employees. These include communication, problem solving, time management, and accountability.

How Do I Get Into The Program?

  • Register for the courses you are interested in. Browse our currently available courses .
  • If selected, interview for the program
  • Complete the TechHire Participant Application
  • Agree to the program parameters and guidelines

How Much Does The Program Cost?

  • Depends on the course selected.
  • Grant funding may pay for registration fees, course fees, and certification fees required for the courses.


Kenneth Wilson, Project Manager | wilsonk@vgcc.edu – (252) 738-3259
Tiffani Polk, Academic & Career Coach | polkt@vgcc.edu – (252) 738-3291
Krystal Foxx, Job Placement Coordinator | foxxk@vgcc.edu – (252) 738-3342