Student Ambassador Leadership Program

What is it?

An innovative leadership program designed to meet our College’s need for the active participation of informed and dedicated student leaders.

The features of the program include:

  • Choosing eight to ten exclusively selected representatives of the student population to perform a variety of services such as conducting campus tours for visitors & students, serving as host/hostesses for official college/foundation events, and recruitment.
  • The ambassadors will receive compensation in the form of scholarships and will be provided with collegiate attire to distinguish them as official college representatives.
  • The selection process will begin with an application for the program to be completed by the student. Finalists will be determined through an interview process and notified of the results.
  • An extensive leadership training and development component of this program is required in August.

Who should be nominated?

We are looking for students who have high academic achievement, community service participation and leadership in clubs and organization, a professional appearance, motivated, and self-starters (3.0 GPA or better at VGCC, in high school or other colleges attended) are encouraged to apply.  In addition, the nominee will be screened for strong oral and written communication skills (public speaking), knowledge of the college and community, ability to make a positive impression, scheduling flexibility, access to transportation, and high level of commitment to VGCC.  Ambassadors must maintain required hours and perform at least 10 hours of required volunteer service work per month.

The 2018-2019 Application deadline is March 10, 2019.

VGCC Student Ambassador Application

 For additional information, call Jermiel Hargrove at (252) 738-3246 or email at