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Student success is the central goal of the Student Learning & Success Center at VGCC. We seek to provide a supportive environment that encourages and assists students in developing and achieving their personal and educational goals.
The Student Learning & Success Center offers Career Services, Personal Counseling, Advising, and Disabilities Services. We can help you with all of the steps needed to get enrolled for the classes best suited to help you with your goals — application, orientation, course selections and registration.

Our services are even more extensive. Whether you are having personal issues, having difficulty with a class, or needing some direction, getting help is the smart thing to do. One of the great things about Vance-Granville Community College is that assistance is readily available. 

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ogearya@vgcc.edu (252) 738-3201


Linda Fletcher, Director, Academic and Career Assessment 
fletcherl@vgcc.edu • (252) 738-3466