Shout Out to Shoutout to All VGCC Faculty,

A “Shout-Out” from President Williams

I’m often asked what the best part of my job is and, even after years in administration, my mind instantly goes to the classroom. I miss days devoted to teaching students, and I enjoy the aspects of my job that involve academia. I am grateful for faculty who are as directly engaged in student success as I am in leading our institution in these endeavors. When I represent our institution, I reflect the light of the great work of our employees, including the top-notch faculty who are ensuring our students are prepared for work or higher education.

You, our faculty, are the best of the best. A recent article by Rob Jenkins (a college professor himself) in The Chronicle described the properties of the best college instructors and affirmed my appreciation for VGCC faculty. In fact, this article could have been written by any number of our instructors because the qualities are so clearly demonstrated on our campuses. Powerful teachers, the article concludes, exhibit four characteristics: they have personalities that are “professional without being aloof,” good-natured and approachable; they exhibit presence, meaning they have strong self-awareness and are “present — fully in the moment” with their subject matter and students; they practice preparation, being committed to studying, professional development, and instructional planning for their classes; and finally, they have passion, or, as the author puts it: “they love teaching and love (or at least really like) students.”

It sounds a lot like "educating, inspiring, and supporting," doesn’t it? These are the powerful characteristics that I witness every day among VGCC faculty in classes, labs or clinical sites, office hours, supplemental sessions, and in the countless other ways that our teachers reach our students. And I was energized to live up to this standard during my time in the classroom last fall. There is no doubt that teaching is demanding, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Next week, we will join together to celebrate the success of our students at Commencement. What a rewarding day that will be! Once again this year, when I look out at the crowd of graduates, I will be just as proud of our faculty as I am of those students. So, if you catch me glowing, know that I am just reflecting that light that you all so fervently provide to our VGCC community. For that, I am thankful.

Dr. Stelfanie Williams
Shout Out to Dr. Settles,

Dr. Settles is super cool and has awesome animal stories!

Andrea Stephens
Shout Out to Dr. Settles,

I can honestly say, this has been one of my hardest semesters, if not the hardest. Thank you for pushing us, helping us, teaching us, and making is possible to just pass microbiology! I know I will carry skills and information from your class with me into my nursing career.

Brooke Hursey
Shout Out to Dan Miller,

Honestly , the first time I took Art Appreciation , I was bored of it , mainly because the teacher did not make it interesting enough for me . This time around , I truly loved it ! I learned so much about the different artists and their paintings and it even inspired me to go to the North Carolina Museum of Art as well last weekend . I believe this course was saved because of Mr . Miller and his excellent knowledge of the topic and attitude towards us students when teaching .

Tashayia Busby
Shout Out to Issac Talley,

I thought I was going to be scared of Public Speaking when I first came to Vance-Granville and dreaded even the idea of taking it but Mr. Talley made it all worth while . He constantly made me remeber to always try my best and to realx : I AM YODA ! XD Thank you Mr. Talley for all that you've done !

Tashayia Busby
Shout Out to Jason Byan ,

I do not know where to start. You are truly a wonderful teachers that know his history and literature. I thank you for everything you have done for me.

Devon Suitt
Shout Out to Margaret Chavez Smith,

I really appreciate Mrs. Chavez as an instructor. I will take what I have learned from her far in life. Thank you for your dedication to teaching.

Shout Out to Frankie Frink ,

You are the most wonderful, inspiring, and caring teacher I have ever had.

Devon Suitt
Shout Out to Jilian Davis,

Shout out to you Ms. Davis for being a great instructor. Gonna miss taking your classes but thanks for teaching me what I needed to know. Love Ya

Khailil Brown
Shout Out to Mr. Talley and Mr. Miller,

I had a great time in both of these instructors' classes. Before Mr. Talley's class, I was always afraid of speaking in front of people. Mr. Miller did a great deal in teaching me all about art and art's history.

Shout Out to Mrs. Ruth Holton,

Shoutout to Mrs. Holton, my English instructor. Mrs. Holton has really challenged me to do my best and to not give up. With all the encouragement that I received from Mrs. Holton, I'm sure to succeed in completing my degree. Thanks Mrs. Holton for all that you do for the students at VGCC.

Timothy M. Kearney
Shout Out to Mrs.Kristie Ellenberg,

You are a great instructor! I appreciate your dedication to helping your students succeed! Keep up the good work!!! YOU ROCK!

Crystal Brown
Shout Out to Mrs. Fisher,

You Rock!!!!!

Gabrielle Boyd
Shout Out to Mrs. Boos,

You Rock!!!!!

Gabrielle Boyd
Shout Out to Don Medlin,

Thanks for motivating me to be the best in everything. You ROCK!!!!

Gabrielle Boyd
Shout Out to Mr. Henderson,

Mr. Henderson is very informative and precise on what he expects out of his students. Mr. Henderson also believes in his students and helps them achieve their goal of learning new material and completeing the semester.

Maria Govea
Shout Out to Ms. Craft,

We love you, Ms. Craft! We have learned so much from you! Thank you for being a passionate, involved instructor.

Cassie Sarozavand Lizzie Caulfield
Shout Out to Mr.Henderson,

I really enjoyed having Mr. Henderson's class. He is a very inspiring teacher and he has taught me a lot about writing better papers. I am really going to miss having him because he was always so nice and very intelligent individual!!

Candace Hester
Shout Out to mr. Henderson ,

Mr. Henderson is by far the best teacher on the planet.

Christopher Reams
Shout Out to Victoria Klesmith,

Thank you Ms. Klesmith for being such an awesome teacher. The two classes I have taken with you have been both challenging and stimulating. The way you teach makes me think in new ways and approach problems differently than I would otherwise. During these last two semesters, you have helped me grow, academically and personally, and for that I will always be thankful.

Geoff Arnott
Shout Out to Stewart Lyon,

Mr. (Professor) Lyon is an EXCELLENT instructor! He thoroughly enjoys his work and it is demonstrated through his dedication to his lectures and to the students. He always tries to make the lectures interesting and he encourages us to utilize CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS in an effort to prepare us for a career in Nursing. I have not missed a single class or lab for BIO 168 or BIO 169 and it is because I have truly ENJOYED Mr. Lyon's lectures, the classes and my classmates! He will be greatly missed!!!

Michelle Massie
Shout Out to Ms. Feezor,

Thank you for always putting students first. We will never forget (pounding on nearest item) debit expenses.

Shout Out to Christal Swilley,

Shout Out to Christal Swilley : Christal is the perfect example of an great instructor. She goes above and beyond with her students! She is always available when you need her, and is quick to return questions asked of her. She gives you the needed feed back, to help you along in her classes/courses. She's understanding and compassionate. I have enjoyed taking directions under her study in several classes and look forward to having her teach in my future classes. Salute to you Christal, you exemplify excellent in my book! Thanks Angela M.

Angela D. Moss
Shout Out to Candy Parker,

Shout out to Mrs. Candy Parker for being an outstanding teacher and caring individual. I had fun in her class learning and she always had a smile on her face. We need more teachers like you. You make it easy to learn with a positive attitude.

Tina Hatcher
Shout Out to Yamika Dawes, Wayne Spruill,

Math! Me! After thirty years of being out of high school AND doing Algebra! Wow! Thanks to Ms. Dawes and Mr. Spruill and your expertise. Thanks guys for showing me that "I Can Do ALL Things". y=mx+b (:~)

James Harris
Shout Out to Mr. Dan,

S/o to the computer man! Your daily patience and assistance in the lab is very appreciated. Keep up the wonderful job

Lakeisha Hartsfield
Shout Out to Erica Fleming,

S/ O to the best pharmacist ever, I can call her my teacher! Class of 2015

Lakeisha Hartsfield
Shout Out to Brenda Harvey,

You're Amazing! You're not in it for the income, but for the outcome and I appreciate all you do for your students

Lakeisha Hartsfield
Shout Out to Tammy Ball, Jessica Harvey, Christal Swilley, Peter Metzner,

Thanks for being an AWESOME!!! group of Teachers. Keep up the GREAT WORK and Be Blessed. THANKS

Tiffany Barnes
Shout Out to Benny Overton,

I just want to give a shout-out to Mr. Overton for understanding my obstacles that occurred during the present semester and along with it interrupting my focus. I asked him to not give up on me because I was truly struggling because of my issues. He reached out and told me what I needed to do, and the opportunity presented itself and I re-committed myself to pursuing my degree. I am glad to say that I am doing pretty well with my coursework now. Thanks Mr. Overton.

Shout Out to Greg Hughes,

I loved taking your course this semester. I learned a lot about business that I did not know before. I know that what I have learned I will get to use in the future when I start a business. This course has inspired me to start a business. I do not know what it will be, but it will be awesome. Thanks for being my instructor. It was a blast.

Samantha Dabbs
Shout Out to Jessica L. Harvey,

I love taking your courses! Having you as my teacher for the Fall and the Spring was a lot of fun. I hope that you are my instructor for more courses. Your computer courses are very challenging and fun. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you.

Samantha Dabbs
Shout Out to Maureen Walters,

It was great getting to meet you in person. I enjoyed taking your online English course while also getting to do those presentations at the school. It was a blast!

Samantha Dabbs
Shout Out to Ms.Cozart,

Thank you for helping me in my steps to become a nurse. I really appreciate the extra quality time you have spent helping me.

Nzinga Taliaferro
Shout Out to Mrs.Harris,

Thank you for helping me learn to become a nurse. You have empowered me this semester.

Nzinga Taliaferro
Shout Out to Ms.Radcliffe,

Thank you for helping me fulfill my dreams to becoming a nurse. Thanks for your support and knowledge.

Nzinga Taliaferro
Shout Out to Amy O'Geary,

I love Mrs. O'Geary ! She is such an awesome person and so inspirational to me !

Tashayia Busby
Shout Out to Mrs. Bell,

Thanks for everything. This class has been really enjoyable! :)

John Slaton
Shout Out to Kristi Ellenberg,


Tashayia Busby
Shout Out to Mrs. Klesmith,

Thanks for everything. This has been a really enjoyable class! :)

John Slaton
Shout Out to April Rossi,

Mrs. Rossi ! ! ! You rock ! XD

Tashayia Busby
Shout Out to David Wyche,

I adore Mr. Wyche ! You are an amazing teacher with a great heart !

Tashayia Busby
Shout Out to Tommy Edwards,

You are extremely awesome ! Continue being the rocking teacher you are !

Tashayia Busby
Shout Out to Curtis Henderson,

Mr. Henderson is my favorite English teacher by far. He have such a creative mind to where he can come up with full length story in a matter of seconds. He is the only English teach I am taking while I am at my stay at VGCC.

Francis Scotland
Shout Out to Curtis Henderson,

Mr. Henderson is one of the smartest and most patient instructors I have ever had the pleasure of associating with. He is not just very intelligent, he is very patient, and willing to explain something as many times and as many ways as it takes for the student to understand. He has a great sense of humor and it was a pleasure to be in TWO of his classes.

Leigh Anne Alkins
Shout Out to Mr Brockman,


April Terry
Shout Out to Mrs. Marcom,

This shout out goes to you. Thank you for all the encouraging words. Thank you for listening to me and just being there. Thank you for that smile of yours, that lights up the room. You are a wonderful teacher and person. VGCC is lucky to have you. Love ya!!!!!!!!! Oh PS, Thank you for that call.

wanda burwell
Shout Out to Tommy Edwards,

I really enjoyed having him as my teacher although I didnt have him in the classroom setting. I took Keyboarding with him online and really enjoyed it alot. He gave us plenty of time to work on our assignments and didnt give us too much to do at one time. I hope to have him in the classroom setting in the future.

Shout Out to Candy Parker,

I really enjoyed having her as my teacher this semester. She was super friendly and i learned alot in her class. I hope to have more classes with her in the future.

Shout Out to Tammy Ball,

I really enjoyed having her as my teacher this semester. I learned alot and she was super friendly. I hope to have her for more classes in the future.