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The VGCC Robotics Club is hosting a competitive FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team which is aimed at high school students interested in STEM career fields. The robotics team is called FireHazard (7671). As a member of the team, you can help to design, build, and test a robot each year as part of a competition against other teams in North Carolina while developing your technical and soft skills. In addition, the team maintains social media accounts, engages in marketing, and other business activities that require students with non-technical skill sets too. Because this is a competitive team, please be mindful that it may take up a significant amount of your time and it may be difficult to engage in other extra-curriculars during the competition season (Jan – April).

Safety is of paramount concern. Students most wear close-toed shoes in all campus laboratories and shops. All students working with rotating, soldering, fastening, cutting, drilling, turning, or otherwise dangerous equipment will be required to wear safety glasses. Students working with heavy tools and equipment may also be required to wear steel toed safety shoes. Hearing protection is required when operating loud equipment such as the miter saw. Students who disobey the safety rules or engage in unsafe behavior at these facilities may no longer be allowed in these facilities.

Regular meetings occur weekly at the South Campus (Creedmoor, NC) of the college in Room G1124. Special meetings will be called during competition season when we build nearly every day, when we are working on a project, when we go to a competition event, and when we engage in community outreach. Build sites will include South Campus Room G1124/G1118 and AA Storage in Butner.

If you are interested in being a part of the team, please fill out the form below.

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