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Practical Nursing

Our Practical Nursing Program, which leads to licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse, admits students each Fall. 

The PN program is a selective admission program and therefore has it’s own admission process in addition to the college application.  Students are advised to apply early!

Admissions Procedure

Welcome all students interested in Practical Nursing. Please read the new application process carefully. If you have questions, please reach out to an advisor or the perspective program head.

Our next admission to the LPN Program is Fall 2023: Fall 2023 LPN Admission Requirements (PDF)

Start the communicating with a pre-health advisor today!  Please email our Academic Advisor Mrs. Tonya Waddle at waddlet@vgcc.edu to discuss the admissions process.

Important: All students enrolled in the Nursing programs must have health insurance.  It is recommended that students obtain health insurance prior to acceptance into the program as Open Enrollment dates do not correlate with admission dates.  Students must have health insurance by the start of the program or will be unable to remain enrolled in the program.  Please see the Resources tab for more information.