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Career Outlook

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Program Description

Our Practical Nursing Program, which leads to licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse, admits students each Fall. 

The PN program is a selective admission program and therefore has it’s own admission process in addition to the college application.  Students are advised to apply early!

In order to work as a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in North Carolina, students must complete a nursing educational program and then apply for licensure with the North Carolina Board of Nursing. A component of obtaining a license as an RN or LPN is passing the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX). Graduates of an RN program take the NCLEX-RN and graduates of a PN program take the NCLEX-PN. In addition, graduates must have a background check conducted prior to the North Carolina Board of Nursing issuing a license as an RN or LPN.

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Admissions Procedure

The School of Health Sciences (SHS) strives to provide admission processes that are fair and equitable for all students who have the desire to become healthcare professionals. Additionally, we have an obligation to set our students up for programmatic success and board passage.

The new SHS admission processes for the nursing programs will select students based on the completion of the listed minimum requirements and on a first completion basis. If one of the nursing programs is your desired program of study it is important that you begin the process NOW.

We recognize that no one process is perfect; however, we will continue to monitor our processes to improve and to ensure equitable opportunities for all applicants. Please read the admission requirements very carefully and follow the instructions as directed.

2024 Nursing Program Admission Process Information Session Dates:

January 18th 1pm in person – Main Campus (Room 5212)
February 15th at 6pm – Online via WebEx (Webex link to be available two days before session)
March 7th at 10am in person – Main Campus (Room 5212)

Associate Degree Nursing Program 2024 Requirements ADN Admissions Requirements

Practical Nursing Program 2024 Requirements Practical Nursing Admissions Requirements

LPN to ADN Transition Program 2024 Requirements LPN to ADN Transition Admissions Requirements

RIBN Program 2024 Requirements RIBN Admissions Requirements

Start the communicating with a pre-health advisor today!  Please email our Academic Advisor Kimberly Robertson –  robertsonk@vgcc.edu – 252-738-3526

Important: All students enrolled in the Nursing programs must have health insurance.  It is recommended that students obtain health insurance prior to acceptance into the program as Open Enrollment dates do not correlate with admission dates.  Students must have health insurance by the start of the program or will be unable to remain enrolled in the program.  Please see the Resources tab for more information.

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