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Advising in 3D – QEP

What is the overall goal of Advising in 3D?

We will strive to improve student academic success through an advising culture of student centered learning in which we will educate students on goal setting and academic planning.

What is the definition of Advising in 3D?

DREAM about higher education.

DESIGN a plan to complete it.

DISCOVER the doors of opportunity that will now open.

What are the Learning Outcomes (SLOs) of “Advising in 3D?”

  1. Students will develop a rapport/relationship with their advisor.
  2. Students will know the steps to completion of their career and academic goals.
  3. Students will be responsible, independent, and empowered for their education.

The QEP will guide Vance-Granville Community College as it changes its registration-based advising culture to a culture of educating students about planning and implementing their career and academic goals. The QEP is designed to empower students to take responsibility of their education and its outcomes.

Mission Statement

Vance-Granville Community College educates, inspires, and supports a diverse community of learners to achieve professional and personal success.

Vision Statement

In partnership with our community, Vance-Granville Community College will lead the economic development of our region, be national-recognized for educational excellence, and improve our world through stewardship and sustainability.

QEP cube outside South Campus