Motorcycle Safety (Classes offered April- October)


  • Grab life by the bars! This class was created for students with little or no experience, but even seasoned riders have found this class to be beneficial. Riders of all levels are welcome.  We provide motorcycles for training. Helmets will be provided if necessary. Students need to wear: long pants, a long-sleeve shirt / jacket, boots that cover the ankles, full-fingered gloves, and eye protection such as sunglasses or a face shield on a helmet.
  • This class is physically demanding. You must be able to ride a bicycle and handle a 300lb motorcycle on the range for 6 hours each day. We rarely cancel due to weather, so please factor that into the decision.
  • You will be required to take a 4 hour online class and provide the certificate on Saturday morning. The cost is included in the class.
  • Refunds are not given after the class has started.