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VGCC’s Dean’s List: Spring 1997

Fred H. Wilson, Jr., dean of instruction at Vance-Granville Community College, announced 268 students earned dean’s list status for the spring quarter ending in June.

To qualify for the honor, a student must maintain a 3.25 (B) average while carrying at least 12 credit hours.

A breakdown of the college’s academic divisions showed that technical programs had the highest number of honor students, 162. Fifty-five vocational students earned the status, and 40 college transfer students were among the top achievers. Eleven special students – those enrolled in curriculum classes but who are not seeking a degree or diploma – were also cited.


High-ranking technical students are listed below with their study area:

Accounting: Tammy G. Leary, Bethany E. Mason and Arndre D. Roberts, Henderson; William E. Parrott, Oxford; Timothy P. Twisdale, Bullock; Carolyn G. Cotten, Butner; Jennifer W. Cleaver, Stem; Melba D. Alford, Franklinton; Julie J. Brisson, Anne C. Dubis, and Patricia R. Sato, Louisburg; Patsy N. Ray, Durham: Stephen B. Terry, Hillsborough.

Administrative Office Technology: Regina B. Overby and Beatrice H. Richardson, Henderson; Clementine L. Gaines, Creedmoor; Stephania D. Williams, Warrenton; Darlene P. Bullock and Wendy L. Minich, Louisburg.

Associate Degree Nursing: Deborah M. Barber, Cathy A. Carlock, Amanda F. French, Phyllis L. Heisler, Christie M. Neville and Asa R. Pegram, Jr., Henderson; Cynthia L. Harris, Leigh C. Hughes, Cathy C. Pruitt and and Angela S. Williams, Oxford; Mary H. Monroe, Creedmoor; Sandra O. Evans, Macon; Anna C. Ross, Norlina; Nicole S. Bass and Katherine K. Freeman, Franklinton; Joyce B. Allen, Anthony C. Coley, Anna M. Davis, Tina M. Greco, Donna R. Haynes and Brenda P. Johnson, Louisburg; Kristen C. Henderson and Leona E. Penington-Cotton, Wake Forest; Linda S. Allen, Youngsville; Melissa S. Phillips, Mebane; James G. Mangum and Jennifer R. Melvin, Durham.

Business Administration: Sandra W. Durham, Philip H. Haskins, Jr., Joseph C. Knight, Carolyn M. Moles and Anthony L. Young, Henderson; William G. Ragland, Oxford; Gay M. Hollowell, Butner; Marianne K. Cooper and Heather C. Thomas, Creedmoor; Wanda W. Dodson, Stem; Linda T. Jones, Warrenton; Teresa A. Cash, Franklinton; Scott C. Canipe and Pamela D. Cooper, Wake Forest; Gregory J. Ayscue, Raleigh.

Business Computer Programming: Hollie C. Wilson, Oxford.

Criminal Justice: Tonia E. Ragland, Henderson; Bruce J. Hart, Oxford; Tonya N. Pierce, Manson; Amy S. Cash, Louisburg.

Early Childhood Speciality: Julie F. Ayscue, Pattie B. Gooch, Misty L. Nielsen and Margie W. Rooker, Henderson; Jamie Y. Alexander, Kittrell; Shelley M. Alford and Karen L. Tillotson, Oxford; Ellen M. Wilkinson, Creedmoor; Teresa Gallatin, Franklinton; Margaree P. Johnson, Youngsville.

Electronics Engineering Technology: Chadwick I. Haithcock and Jason L. White, Henderson; Larry T. Medlin and David W. Williams, Jr., Franklinton; Max B. Strickland, Louisburg.

General Office Technology Speciality: Nancy B. Husted, Delphia R. Sams and Pamela G. Sparks, Henderson; Jacqueline S. Seabrook, Oxford.

Medical Office: Erika N. Chavis, Jacquelin Nelson, Tonya Richards and Lisa S. Youngs, Henderson; Latoya N. Hosang, Kittrell. Erica N. Harris, Oxford; Patricia S. Boyd, Stem; Lisa M. Francis, Franklinton.

Microcomputer Systems Technology: Nancy S. Brewer, Marcus L. Davis, John A. Mitchell, James F. Smith, Candace A. Williams and Thomas C. Williams, Henderson; Deborah S. Bawcum and Debra P. Elliott, Kittrell; Emily D. Richardson, Townsville; Jean C. Cornwell, Pamala J. Helsel-Dean, Arlene S. Jonas, Sharon N. O’Geary and Carol W. West, Oxford; Regina B. Harris and Janice E. Stafford, Creedmoor; Amy C. Gooch, Stem; Delores A. Glover, Manson; Linda H. Lester, Charla R. Moran, Copper Rain-Richardson, Warrenton; Jamie E. Carter, Franklinton; Lori A. Strickland, Sheila C. Wester and Lena B. Yarborough, Louisburg; Tammy V. Jacobs and Ethel L. Staley, Wake Forest; Sabrina K. Purcell, Durham.

Occupations Management: Andrew S. Paynter, Wise.

Pre-Technical: Sharie C. Leonard, Henderson; Dimentra D. Rone, Kittrell; Beverly Royster, Oxford; Pamela M. Capps, Norlina; Kimberly K. Goss and Brandi L. Smith, Louisburg; Lillian A. Solomon, Rougemont.

Radiology Technology: Timothy P. Hill, Eric T. Laffman, Stephanie L. Sasser and Travis W. Thompson, Henderson; Paula A. Dixon and Sharon L. Newton, Oxford; Heather J. Bryant, Creedmoor; Tanya J. Person, Norlina; Ginger N. Hayes, Louisburg; Melinda C. Bowes and Trena J. Tingen, Roxboro; Arthur F. Boling, Jr., Durham; Kristin E. Wolf, Raleigh.

Recreation Associate: Sharon N. Cousin, Oxford; Lekisha B. Thorpe, Warrenton.

Recreation Therapy: Dewana P. Banks, Kittrell.

Teacher Aide: Theodora S. Gooch-Smith, Henderson; Wendy S. Davis, Kittrell; Karen M. Hargrove, Middleburg; Nancy Z. Bove, Creedmoor; Sonya K. Oglesby, Warrenton; Kimberly D. Shearin, Franklinton.

Teacher Associate: Daryl R. Carliles, Deborah V. Huff, Rosa C. Lemay, Lisa H. Mitchell, Beverly C. Ranes, Linda A. Vick and Tammy R. Yancey, Henderson; Kathryn D. Bradley and Lillian B. Wilson, Oxford; Karen Orange, Manson; Sallie G. Valentine, Franklinton.


The following vocational students earned honors:

Automotive Mechanics: Christopher L. Curl, Henderson.

Cosmetology: Lucy M. Henderson and Charlotte A. Richardson, Henderson; Renee M. Barksdale and Deborah E. White, Kittrell; Rebecca C. Brogden, Jessica L. Crews, Sharron L. Lamkin, Theresa A. Morton, Ida W. Overby, Angela M. Posey and Geraldine B. Thorpe, Oxford; Paula B. Askew, Bullock; Shinita Harris, Tracy D. Pender and Tarquina R. Tarry, Butner; Lorna P. Buchanan, Shannon P. Lockett and Isabelle A. Tyler, Creedmoor; Tiquea A. Steed, Norlina; Stacie V. Alston, Kimberly O. Boswell; Yoland M. Brown and Angela E. Perry, Warrenton; Tameka M. Sutton, Allison D. Walters, Teresa W. Whaley and Shelia A. Williams, Franklinton; Stacy V. Krzeminski, Tammy H. Myers, Barbara J. Reynolds and Beatrice Sutton, Louisburg; Nettie W. Crudup, Bunn; Karen H. Davis, Fannie B. Harris and Deborah T. Henderson, Durham; Valerie A. West, Hollister; James E. Pope, Raleigh; Vernell T. Mann, Rougemont; Tammy D. Miller, Zebulon.

Electrical Installation: Towyna Bullock, Henderson; Brian W. Harris, Oxford; Casey A. Pernell, Warrenton.

Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration: Michael L. Anderson, Butner; Chad D. Higginbotham and Matthew W. Temple, Creedmoor; George J. Battle and Shawn G. Waite, Franklinton; Osama M. Alattar, Durham.

Industrial Maintenance: Brian T. Pernell, Henderson; Derrick M. Steed, Oxford.
Residential Carpentry: James A. Tunstall, Henderson; Mark K. Davis, Butner.
Welding: Ronald K. Smith, Kittrell; Sheldon R. Englebright, Oxford.


College Transfer: Jennifer K. Brandt, Shannon L. Crews, Michael J. Eaton, Lael T. Etris, Jennifer L. Manning, Daniel W. Orr, Bradford T. Overton, Kimberly M. Pendergrass, Billie D. Pollard, David W. Rutherford, Alesia K. Stevenson, Kelly A. Wheeler and Scott M. Winners, Henderson; Timothy R. Rowland, Kittrell; Maria M. Collins, Jason A. Cummins, David S. Currin, Priscilla T. Gelsinger, Jason B. Stevens and Reina T. Thompson, Oxford; Nicholas Y. Hart, Bullock; Scott White, Butner; Tracy G. Autrey, Kellie M. Baggett, Elizabeth V. Kearney, Alonza L. Neville, Jr.,and Christina L. Neville, Creedmoor; Rebecca J. Martin and Jennifer G. Thompson, Norlina; Tanda S. Collier and Joyce H. Lane, Franklinton; Kristi A. Bailey and Audra L. Taylor, Louisburg; Kimberly A. Byrum, Wake Forest; Renee F. Perez, Youngsville; Flora L. Moorman and Elizabeth M. Veasey, Durham; Jason D. Bryant and Rosanna S. Talavera, Raleigh; Jill N. Miller, Rougemont.


Students taking special study and achieving dean’s list were as follows:

College Transfer special: William J. Trotman, Henderson; Nancy J. Radford and Cynthia L. Royster, Kittrell; Kristy J. Casto, Townsville; Jenny R. McLaurin, Oxford; April B. Franklin; Louisburg; Tara M. Carpenter, Wake Forest; Gary P. Wlodyka, Hampstead.

Technical special: Heather L. Davis, Henderson; Gina W. Champion, Louisburg.

Vocational special: James Debnam, Henderson.