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VGCC’s Dean’s List: Fall 1996

VGCC HAD 269 students achieve dean’s list status for the Fall Quarter ending in December, Fred H. Wilson, Jr., dean of instruction, announced.

A student must maintain a 3.25 (B) average while carrying at least 12 credit hours to qualify for the honor.

Among the college’s academic divisions, technical programs led the others with 156 students recognized. Sixty-one vocational students earned the status, and 42 college transfer students joined the ranks of top achievers. Ten special students – those enrolled in curriculum classes but who are not seeking a degree or diploma – were also cited.


High-ranking technical students and their major areas of study were:

Accounting – Melba D. Alford, Julie J. Brisson, Angela D. Bullock, Jennifer W. Cleaver, Carolyn G. Cotten, Rebecca T. Jeffers, Tammy G. Leary, William E. Parrott, Patsy N. Ray, Kheesha M. Riddick, Arndre D. Roberts, Bethany E. Taylor, and Lisa L. Singleton.

Administrative Office Technology – Tanda S. Collier, Kinita A. Guzman, Barbara L. Paynter, Tara N. Piper, Karmen R. Price, and Shawn T. Slaughter.

Associate Degree Nursing – Cindy J. Abbott, Nicole S. Bass, Jamie W. Bragg, Cathy A. Carlock, Anna M. Davis, Sandra O. Evans, Connie K. Gillmore, Lanny C. Harvey, Donna R. Haynes, Kristen C. Henderson, Linda C. High, Leigh C. Hughes, Mary H. Monroe, Christie M. Neville, Mary D. Pendergrass, Joyce O. Phelps, and Anna C. Ross.

Business Administration – Gregory J. Ayscue, Joy R. Brown, Scott C. Canipe, Sandra W. Durham, Vanessa S. Faircloth, Philip H. Haskins, Jr., Janice B. Jeffreys, Ivy E. Jones, Cynthia D. Kelly, Carolyn D. Koonce, Judy C. Pentex, Heather C. Thomas, and James G. White.

Business Computer Programming – Hollie C. Wilson.

Criminal Justice – Amy S. Cash, Steven Hargrove, Bruce J. Hart, and Joy O. Thompson.

Early Childhood Specialty – Jamie Y. Alexander, Tameson E. Andrews, Julie F. Ayscue, Teresa Gallatin, Guadolupe N. Maldonado, Misty L. Nielsen, Naomi O. Rogers, Marjorie W. Rooker , Brandy N. Smith, Karen L. Tillotson, Ellen M. Wilkinson, and Caprice N. Wilson.

Electronics Engineering Technology – Eugene C. Mustian, Michael L. Nelms, Jennifer L. Rinehart, Max B. Strickland, David W. Williams, Jr.

General Office Technical Specialty – Delta C. Alston and Cheryl C. Wilson.

Industrial Management – Carl D. Germer and Andrew S. Paynter.

Legal Secretarial Science – Krystal L. Cockrell, Jennifer J. Egan, Beverlie R. Holtzman, Kristen M. Lloyd, and Jeannie M. Parks.

Medical Office – Maureen M. Adam, Patricia S. Boyd, Erika N. Chavis, April R. Crudup, Erica N. Harris, Sylvia F. Holding, Jacquelin Nelson, Lisa M. Wood, Lisa S. Young.

Microcomputer Systems Technology – Brook L. Ayscue, Deborah S. Bawcum, Nancy S. Brewer, Brian L. Brooks, Bertha D. Bullock, Jean C. Cornwell, Getena L. Doughty, Debra P. Elliott, Angela W. Eubanks, Delores A. Glover, Amy C. Gooch, Alice C. Green, Susan C. Hilton, Michelle Y. Inscoe, Shirley K. Jiggetts, Arlene S. Jonas, Anthony L. Layton, Domeica S. Leggett, Linda H. Lester, Shirley W. Lewis, Alan J. Martin, John A. Mitchell, Jill L. Mustian, Sharon N. O’Geary, Sabrina K. Purcell, Selena A. Purcell, Ann-Marie E. Spirio, Mary L. Wardrick, and Candace A. Williams.

Pre-Technical – Pamela M. Capps, Dimentra D. Rone, and Lillian A. Solomon.

Radiologic Technology – Estelle W. Alston, Michelle C. Barrett, Melinda C. Bowes, Kelly J. Brogden, Heather J. Bryantf, Tyline R. Church, Paula A. Dixon, April C. Emory, Jennifer V. Hall, Ginger N. Hayes, Brandi S. Lebron, Marcie E. Lester, Kelly D. Long, Laura M. Misiak, Cameron E. Myers, Sharon L. Newton, Tanya J. Person, Christina N. Rigsbee, Stephanie L. Sasser, Travis W. Thompson, Trena J. Tingen, Wendy N. Tucker, and Kristin E. Wolf.

Recreation Associate – Keith A. Aiken, Sharon N. Cousin, Lisa R. Johnson, and Vicki S. Juckett.

Recreation Therapy – Dewana P. Banks.

Teacher Aide – Sabrina M. Bass and Karen M. Hargrove.

Teacher Associate – Sandra A. Bowden, Kathryn D. Bradley, Holly M. Green, Karen Orange, and Lillian B. Wilson.


Vocational students who earned honors were:

Automotive Mechanics – Jason F. Bradsher, Christopher L. Curl, and John H. Jefferson.

Cosmetology – Stacie V. Alston, Brenda L. Autrey, Christy L. Bennett, Rebecca C. Brogden, Kimberly O. Boswell, Lorna P. Buchanan, Brenda E. Bullock, Camekia Bullock, Lucy M. Dunkins, Shinita Harris, Tieria D. Hopkins, Gertrude H. Jefferson, Nancy Jefferson, Bridget L. Johnson, Felicia A. Jones, Shannon P. Lockett, Jasmine D. McCoy, Theresa A. Morton, Renata P. Muwwakkil, Tammy H. Myers, Shawanda L. Neal, Ida W. Overby, Nichole S. Palmer, Angela E. Perry, Abby Rangel, Lisa A. Rice, Linda C. Rodwell, Dona R. Smith, Chandra A. Sneed, Norma S. Spain, Joseph F. Suarez, Maron B. Sutton, Tameka M. Sutton, Tarquina R.Tarry, Tanisha M. Terry, Tina L. Thomerson, and Geraldine B. Thorpe, Wendy C. Tivnan, Ebony M. Tunstall, Allison D. Walters, Teresa W. Wheley, Bettie J. Williams, Shelia A. Williams, Heather R. Wilson, and Amy P. Woods.

Electrical Installation – Brian W. Harris, Casey A. Pernell, and Corteius E. Russell.

Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration – Michael L. Anderson, Michael P. Duprez, and Matthew W. Temple.

Industrial Maintenance – Asher F. Johnson III, Vassie C. Morgan, Brian T. Pernell, and John A. Ragland.

Residential Carpentry – Juan P. Aquilar.

Welding – Sheldon R. Englebright and Daniel R. Oliver.


The following College Transfer students were cited:

James N. Annis, Tracy G. Autrey, Kellie M. Baggett, Jason D. Bryant, Kimberly A. Byrum, Jason A. Cummings, Jennifer M. Dressler, Jerry L. Durden, Lael T. Etris, William S. Fuller, Nicholas Y. Hart, Kelley M. Hightower, Scarlette H. Hoyle, Donna L. Janiga, Clayton T. Kearney, Katherine C. Kiker, Amy M. Lemons, Jill N. Miller, Kisha N. Moore, Flora L. Moorman, Christina L. Neville, Rebecca J. Nyquist, Daniel W. Orr, Bradford T. Overton, Pradip M. Patel, Kimberly M. Pendergrass, Catherine S. Powers, Bennie E. Pulliam III, Jason D. Rodwell, David W. Rutherford, Curtis L. Sherian, Jessica N. Smith, Justin K. Stainback, Alesia K. Stevenson, Audra L. Taylor, James R. Taylor, Riley L. Tuck, April P. Ward, Kelly A. Wheeler, Scott White, Scott M. Winners, and William A. Woltz.


Students taking special study and achieving the list were:

College Transfer Special – Chad T. Canipe, Kristy J. Casto, Joe D. Cooper, Francine L. Hughes, Cynthia L. Royster, Jason B. Stevens, and William J. Trotman.

Technical Special -Lacretia O. Clinkscales and Carolyn Y. Pittard.

Vocational Special – Anthony S. Hudson.