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VGCC recognizes 13 Graduates of EMT-Paramedic Training

Vance-Granville Community College honored nine women and four men who completed the college’s 11-month-long Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic program in November.


Graduates included Ryan Wells of Afton; Tonia Brantley of Creedmoor; Wendy Ferrell and Stephanie Parham, both of Franklinton; Katie Howell of Durham; Elizabeth Campbell, Jenna Kelsey and Robert Minish, all of Henderson; Keshia Daniel of Oxford; Matthew J. Moscar of Stem; Janice Page of Wake Forest; Mike Waite of Wilton; and Patricia Brooks of Youngsville.


Vivian Loyd, a Registered Nurse and Paramedic Level I instructor, was the lead instructor for the group, with Randy Nunn also serving as an instructor.


EMT-P instruction includes 596 hours of didactic (classroom) training and 500 hours of clinical education, or field internship. To be eligible to take the EMT-P course, students had to first complete a 203-hour EMT-Basic course and pass a state exam. An EMT-Paramedic has enhanced skills beyond the EMT-Basic level, including being able to administer additional interventions and medications. The EMT-P delivers the highest level of pre-hospital medical care in North Carolina.


In order to successfully complete the EMT-P course, students had to pass several different exams, including a “scope of practice” exam. This scenario-based evaluation tested the hands-on and critical thinking skills of students, as they delivered the appropriate treatment to multiple trauma patients and dealt with pediatric, environmental, and mental-illness situations. Each student also had to complete an 80-hour Anatomy and Physiology course. Now that students have completed the EMT-P course, they must take the 100-question North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services credentialing exam to become state-certified.


VGCC offers Emergency Medical Services training from the basic to the Paramedic level, in addition to continuing education. EMT-Paramedic and other courses are scheduled upon request and are often taught at the requesting agency’s facility. For more information on enrolling in these courses, call EMS coordinator Randy Owen at (252) 738-3448.


Above: From left, seated: Matthew J. Moscar, Janice Page, Jenna Kelsey, Keshia Daniel, Stephanie Parham, Katie Howell, Wendy Ferrell and Patricia Brooks; from left, standing: EMS coordinator Randy Owen, instructor Randy Nunn, lead instructor Vivian Loyd, Ryan Wells, Tonia Brantley, Mike Waite, Robert Minish and Elizabeth Campbell.