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VGCC Designated As Southern Regional Electronic Campus

What does VGCC have in common with UNC-Chapel Hill, Old Dominion University, The University of Kentucky, Florida State University and dozens of other prestigious Southeastern institutions?

VGCC is the latest member of the Southern Regional Education Board’s Southern Regional Electronic Campus and is among dozens of universities and community colleges throughout the Southeast participating.

The Electronic Campus is a “marketplace” for electronically delivered courses and programs from colleges and universities. It brings college programs and courses from 16 states across the South as close as your computer.

Through the Electronic Campus you can identify programs and courses available electronically, search by college or university, discipline, level and state for more detailed information, including course descriptions and how the programs and courses are delivered. You can also connect directly to the college or university to learn about registration, enrollment and costs.

The sponsoring accredited institution will provide students with detailed information about admissions, credit transfers, delivery procedures, financial aid, prerequisites, refunds, registration, tuition and fees.

Credits earned in programs and courses offered through the Electronic Campus are transferable with acceptance of credits governed by the institution to which the credits are being transferred.

VGCC’s participation in the Electronic Campus is due in large part to Darryl McGraw, director of information technology; Wendy Frandsen, program head for Developmental Studies and instructor of English; Aaron Randall, Social Sciences program head and instructor; and Dr. John Beck, chairman and instructor, College Transfer.