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SSS Celebrates Nontraditional Student Month In November

Due to the downturn in the current job market, many older students are attending Vance-Granville Community College to earn degrees that will hopefully lead to employment. Many of these students have been out of the classroom for many years and view college as a frightening place. Curriculum programs and support services are mindful of this new population of nontraditional students and are tailoring services to meet their many needs.

The term nontraditional refers to students who did not follow the path of entering college after high school, ones over age 25, having dependents, employed full-time or unemployed, and with many other circumstances that may interfere with successful college completion. College adjustment is a major concern for these students.

November is Nontraditional Student Month, and Student Support Services at VGCC encourages its program participants to come by the office to learn of special activities that will take place during the month. The overall goal of these activities is to give these students a better understanding of the college’s culture, help them gain a sense of belonging and developing a “can-do” attitude. If the first year of college is successfully completed, it is very likely that these fragile but determined students will remain in college until graduation. Student Support Services is committed to helping nontraditional students achieve their academic goals.