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For the next few months, this corner of StafFax will be devoted to “SACS/Fax.” It will contain important information to help you prepare for the visit by the Reaffirmation Committee. The visiting team will have just three days to learn a great deal about Vance-Granville Community College, so we will need to be ready to welcome them and show them our beautiful campuses and the great work we do!

Why are they coming?

Every 10 years all colleges that have been accredited by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) must have their accreditation reaffirmed.

Each college must conduct a Self-Study (ours is almost completed) and host a visiting team that decides if the college still meets all the requirements for accreditation.

When are they coming?

April 7-10, 2003.

Monday, April 7 — Arrival in Henderson

Tuesday and Wednesday, April 8 & 9 — On campuses

all day interviewing faculty, staff, administrators and students

Thursday, April 10 — Exit interview and report of


Who are they?

• Twelve administrators and faculty members from community colleges in the Southern states outside of North Carolina. They volunteer to serve on visiting committees, and they work very hard during their visits to accomplish a lot in a short time. Each one will be assigned to study a function of the college with which they have experience.

• Dr. Tom Benberg, Associate Executive Director of the SACS Commission on Colleges, will accompany them to provide assistance.

• The chairman of the committee will make a preliminary visit to VGCC in mid-January to make final arrangements for the April visit by the whole committee.

We will continue to keep you informed about what to expect and what your responsibilities will be as we prepare to host the visiting committee. This is a great opportunity to show our visitors how proud we all are to be part of the VGCC team!

Questions about the visit should be directed to Roxanne Fleming, ext. 3338.