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Registration Underway For Spring Curriculum Classes

The start of Spring Semester at Vance-Granville Community College on Jan. 10 may have seemed like a long time away, but the time to register for those classes is here. (Click here to link to the Spring Semester schedule of curriculum classes, registration information, mini-semester classes and distance learning classes.)

Open registration for students who plan to enroll in Spring Semester will run weekdays Monday, Nov. 29, through Wednesday, Dec. 15, according to the schedule listed above. Students currently enrolled will receive a postcard with special dates and times for registration.

Students should make appointments with their advisors to arrange their schedules, and then they can enter their schedules into the computer, either at the advisor’s office, in Building 8 on the main campus, or at one of the three satellite campuses.

To begin the registration process for Spring Semester curriculum classes, new students should complete the following:

  • An Application for Admission
  • A Placement Test (may be waived)

New and returning students should then plan to complete these steps:

  • Meet with their advisor;
  • Fill out a Registration Form;
  • Have their schedule input into the computers (by advisors or staff in Building 6 or 8);
  • Have ID updated (Building 8);
  • Make payment; approve payment at Business Office if they have a Pell Grant; verify payment at Business Office if another organization or scholarship is paying tuition; pay with cash or credit card at Business Office; or wait to receive a bill or pay by mail.

Complete details on the registration process are available by calling the Admissions Office at Main Campus ((252) 492-2061) or by contacting one of the satellite campuses (South Campus: 919-528-4737; Franklin Campus: 919-496-1567; Warren Campus: (252) 257-1900).

Advisors are assigned when new students attend orientation, which will be held for new students at the Civic Center on Main Campus at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 29.

The Business Office will be open to make payments or to charge tuition and fees, and to pick up official schedules Nov. 29 through Dec. 15.

Final registration will be held Jan. 4 through Jan. 7.

An eight-week mini-semester will be held Feb. 21-April 20. Seven courses will be held on the Main Campus, and one each will be held at the Franklin County and Warren County campuses. Registration for these mini-semester classes will be held Feb. 17-18 (see page 10B).

Maria Bailey, dean of student services, asks that returning students keep their VGCC identification cards with them at all times on campus. New students will have I.D.s made during registration.

FINANCIAL AID: Persons who need financial aid to attend spring classes should visit the Financial Aid Office in Building 4, Room 4245, on Main Campus for information on types of assistance available.

Frank A. Clark, financial aid coordinator, said all students seeking assistance must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible. It takes two to four weeks to process applications.

The maximum annual Pell Grant available has been increased to $3,125, Clark said. Not every qualified student will get the maximum, Clark noted, but the increase indicates there are more grant funds available. In order to charge tuition and fees to a Pell Grant, processing of the application must be completed prior to the registration period.

“It is also not too early to consider applying for financial aid now for the 2000-2001 school year,” Clark said. Applications for that year will be taken as soon as Jan. 2, with a “priority deadline” of March 15.

SCHOLARSHIPS: In addition to financial aid recipients, current-year scholarship recipients need to reapply for scholarships for the 2000-2001 school year. The “priority deadline” is April 3 for students to apply for scholarships for next year.

CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE: Students with preschool age children may be eligible for child care assistance, and applications for this are available at the Financial Aid Office.

Assistance is awarded based on the greatest need of applicants as determined by the FAFSA, which must be completed before a student can be considered for child care assistance. For more details regarding assistance for single parents or child care assistance, contact Glenda Bowman in Room 4254 (call (252) 492-2061, ext. 3308).

VETERANS: Military veterans who wish to use their Veterans Administration benefits may contact Jerry Rose, veterans affairs coordinator ((252) 492-2061, ext. 3224), in the Financial Aid Office. College costs cannot be charged to the VA. Veterans will receive monthly VA checks if approved for study.

The VA does not approve some courses for payment, and veterans should check with Rose to see if programs they are interested in are covered.