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Parking Violation Fines To Increase Jan. 1

In an effort to cut down on parking violations on campus, the VGCC Board of Trustees voted Nov. 17 to increase the fine for such violations to $5, effective Jan. 1.

Students are reminded they are allowed to park only in areas specifically designated for student parking. These areas are marked by appropriate signs. All vehicles on campus must be registered and a parking permit displayed on the rear bumper, rear window or clear space on the front dashboard.

Legally identified handicap vehicles may park in any designated handicapped parking space. Students are not allowed to park in the lower parking lot areas on Main Campus between or beside Buildings 3, 4 or 5. However, they may park in the front and back Staff parking lots only after 5 p.m. (Exception: Staff only in small lot behind Building 5).

Parking violations that may result in a $5 fine include: unregistered vehicle, parking permit not displayed, expired parking sticker/permit, parking in a driveway, loading or fire zone, unlawful parking in a handicap space, parking in a Staff lot at unauthorized times, parking on or across a parking space line, and parking on the grass.

Failure to pay parking fines may result in additional action by the college.