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Pair of Students show appreciation to VGCC Franklin Campus faculty and staff

As the faculty and staff at Vance-Granville Community College’s Franklin County Campus rushed to finalize grades and wrap up their work before the holiday break, they received a welcome gift. Two students in the VGCC Entrepreneurship degree program, Laura Hurley and Nancy Ianniello, both of Youngsville, prepared and served lunch on Dec. 16 to the employees at the campus where they have been studying.


Both students are set to graduate in May 2015. Hurley is Ianniello’s daughter, and there are now three generations of the family now enrolled at VGCC, since Hurley’s son, Brendan, just completed his first semester.


Laura Hurley explained that she and Ianniello wanted to show their appreciation and gratitude to the instructors and support staff at Franklin Campus . Her efforts were also related to why she is enrolled in Entrepreneurship. Next year, Hurley plans to open up her own business, a restaurant named Angelo’s in memory of her grandfather. “Once I have a restaurant, I would like to continue to treat the VGCC faculty and staff,” Hurley said. “They work hard and they deserve more appreciation, especially at end of the semester, when they’re getting everything graded.”


Hurley has been working in restaurants for 25 years, since she was a teenager. She currently works at a Wake Forest eatery full-time, while she is also a full-time student and a full-time single mom. Hurley called the recently-concluded fall semester “one of the best semesters I have had — challenging and invigorating, with some great teachers.” She also readily admits that the semester was “really hard,” as she took a heavy 20-credit-hour course load.


About 25 employees enjoyed the lunch that the mother and daughter prepared. It was an “Italian feast,” as Hurley described it, with favorites such as lasagna and eggplant Parmesan, all based on family recipes. Homemade holiday-themed cookies and cupcakes were also included.


“This is all about the people at VGCC, because they deserve it,” Hurley said. “My passion is making people happy. I like to be social and talk to people. That’s why I look forward to running a restaurant.”


Bobbie Jo May, dean of Franklin Campus, reported that the lunch was superb, and it warmed the hearts of the employees to see that the students had had such a positive experience. “Laura could not say enough about the education and support she has received from the dedicated, helpful folks at our campus,” May said.


For more information on the Franklin County Campus, call Bobbie Jo May at (919) 496-1567.


For more information on the Entrepreneurship program, call Carl Hann at (252) 738-3295.


Above: VGCC Franklin Campus Dean Bobbie Jo May (left) is served lunch by student Laura Hurley (right). (VGCC photo)